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Medium koloa gold rum

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I've been really impressed by Koloa rums. They make my favorite coffee rum, my favorite coconut rum, and my favorite dark rum. But their gold rum is about average to me.

It's really smooth for a 40%abv rum. That's the good part. Tastes and smells of honey, caramelized sugar, caramel, a light spice, and possibly some toasted macadamia nuts. A tad artificial tasting, but decent.

A fine gold rum, but for gold rums I prefer others, such as the Banks 7 Golden.

The aroma in the bottle is subtle, almost plain but is indicative of the mild flavor and understated sweetness found within. It is a bright amber color and has slight hints of vanilla and sugar...almost a buttery sugar toast flavor. Not overly sweet. Just enough to make it interesting. I find it a fairly unique rum worth trying. A little expensive for a gold rum but worth trying.

Had a rum tasting on a sunny afternoon, because why not. Koloa Kaua'i Gold Rum bottle and label design looks very nice and artsy. Light amber color. There is some unmatured alcohol to the nose and palate with a hint of sweetness most likely from honey. Some burn at the end. Mix it with your favorite soda and down it goes. Not a neat sipper really.

Nothing special here. A bit medicinal, slightly artificial-tasting. OK for mixed drinks, but not a great value.

Beautiful golden color and nice aroma. Very taste and smooth for a golden rum. Would have rated it higher but it is a little pricy. For the same money can get a nice 5 - 12 year rum. The dark koloa rum is worth trying and I am trying to get my hands on the koloa coffee rum to try.

This rum is fairly expensive, being more than twice as costly as a good Caribbean / Central American rum, so I was expecting something good. Instead... this rum is colourless, odourless and flavourless. It is very "thin", and while i's fine in a Rum and Cola, it adds no flavour / character.

Decent gold rum, a mixer only, for me. Good with coke.

Nice and smooth for daily drinks