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Appleton Estate Special Gold rum

Appleton Estate Special Gold

Jamaica | Gold

Appleton Estate Special Gold rum is made using column and pot stills. The rum is then aged in Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels and hand-blended.

The Special Gold Appleton brand is said to have been first blended during World War II as a substitute for whiskey, which was at the time difficult to find.

5.2/10 (84 ratings)
Easily consumable in a bind


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84 Appleton Estate Special Gold ratings

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Posted 24 days ago by Greenmachine from Netherlands with 1 rating

I tasted this years and years ago in Jamaica. Perfect to mix but sipped neat there are way better rums. If the price is right just buy it

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Posted 1 month ago by StevesSpirits from Canada with 17 ratings

While I know this rum isn't really meant as a sipper, I'm giving it a go neat.

On the nose there is banana, pepper, salt, caramel, cloves and some sourness. The palate is caramel, light oak and pepper. Very thin and watery; simple flavours. The finish is coffee and very short.

Overall a very thin and simple rum, but there also isn't anything very off-putting.

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Posted 4 months ago by Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) from United States with 237 ratings

Maybe as a well brand but nothing great going on here, so save it for mixers, don’t torture for me to drink neat.


Posted 5 months ago by Jason from United States with 50 ratings

Was enjoying this as a mixer in a delish tiki drink. Then the end of the night came and I decided to try this on its own. Felt the burn for sure. Will leave it for the mixer world at best.


Posted 5 months ago by Supreme from Canada with 35 ratings

This one goes down like water lol if your in a pinch and on a budget this is an okay choice!


Posted 7 months ago by CaptainGreen (PREMIUM) from United States with 54 ratings

Aye, this rum dances the line between heaven and hell. Decent aroma! The flavor be spicy, with hints of vanilla and... raisin? This be not an overly sweet rum, but definitely not for sippin'... not without a lot of better rum in you first! There be worse rum to be had. Still not sure? Flip a doubloon. Heads, you try a better rum. Tails, you try a better rum.


Posted 7 months ago by felix31x from Chile with 33 ratings

This is ok with ok but nothing more, would not sip


Posted 7 months ago by Michael Loggies from Netherlands with 52 ratings

Not my favourite. The rum is sharp and without any body.


Posted 7 months ago by Nathan345 from United Kingdom with 27 ratings

This introduces people into the world of funky rums this has enough funk so people to get used to it, this is a favorite of mine. It's a rummy rum


Posted 12 months ago by JeffBuck from United States with 80 ratings

There's not really anything else to do with this other than mix it.