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Havana Club Selección de Maestros rum

Havana Club Selección de Maestros

Puerto Rico | Aged

7.5/10 (330 ratings)
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330 Havana Club Selección de Maestros ratings

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Rene Rum from Switzerland with 357 ratings

Schönes klares Bernstein im Glas.
In der Nase kräftige Holznoten mit Leder, Tabak und Karamell Tönen.
Im Gaumen lecker ausgewogen, etwas bitteres Karamell, etwas zähes Leder und etwas hartes Holz bilden einen soliden Körper. Firlefanz sucht man vergebens.
Im Abgang recht schroff, etwas Karamell bleibt.
Ein handwerklich gut gemachter Ron und dennoch sehr auswechselbar und lieblos. In dieser Preisklasse gibt's Bessere, sorry. 7+

Beautiful clear amber in a glass.
In the nose strong wood notes with leather, tobacco and caramel tones.
In the palate deliciously balanced, some bitter caramel, some stiff leather and some hard wood form a solid body. One searches in vain for frippery.
In the aftertaste quite rugged, some caramel remains.
A handcrafted well made Ron and yet very interchangeable and loveless. In this price range there's better, sorry. 7+


Posted over 4 years ago by Rum Runner from Canada with 8 ratings

One of the tastiest rums I've had. Very smooth and wonderful aftertaste. Easy to drink straight up.


Posted over 4 years ago by Pascal from Canada with 189 ratings

J adore suffisamment complexe et bien balancer plusieurs saveurs vient au nez et au papille. Acheté à cuba pour moins cher qu au Canada. Il est fort en alcool,45%, un petit gout de cannelle, tabac, de poivre et épice.


Posted almost 5 years ago by jake from New Zealand with 23 ratings

With some of the cheaper Havana clubs being some of my favs I expected way more at 3 times the price. $150 here.
The canister is pretty crappy for a bottle in this price range. Very cheaply made.
The bottle looks ok, but the cork on mine is very loose.
Smell, smells like diluted isopropyl alcohol & looks the same when swirled in the glass with an oily residue left clinging to the sides. Not a bad thing. Just means a longer aftertaste.
Taste. Was a shock to me at 1st. BITTER! yuck. Even after adding copious amounts of coke the bitterness stood out like dogs balls. Still I have to add it was pretty smooth & drinks very easy. Have given it a couple of weeks to oxidise & the results are pretty much similar to when 1st opened except to a lesser degree now. + I've gotten used to the bitterness.
Won't buy again, but would, if it was 3 times cheaper, just to have something different occasionally. But at the current price I'd rather grab 3 bottles of the reservea or 7 yr old. Or even better yet, try something totally new to me.

Update: Got used to the bitterness now & started to enjoy it, so moved it up 1 place


Posted over 5 years ago by kempola from United Kingdom with 2 ratings

It has sweet cherry undertones, deep golden almost brown colours and will stay with you till the next time you can find it. Rare as Bigfoot this one, I've only found it in one bar and the proprietor used to travel to Cuba for a month every year so knows his rum. Expensive but worth it.


Posted about 6 years ago by Jens Thomsen from Denmark with 97 ratings

Havana Club Selección de Maestros Rum skuffede mig virkelig meget, jeg er lige ved at sige - skrive, at den burde drikkes med cola, men efter at have gensmagt den, har den vundet meget - eller min smag ændret sig.


Posted 13 days ago by Aldoholic666 from Belgium with 21 ratings

Normally never a big fan of havana club but this has a really balanced taste and the maturity a rum needs. Nice surprise!


Posted 9 months ago by Dirk from Canada with 39 ratings

Absolutely love this rum if you are going to Cuba this is a must have to add to your collection.


Posted about 2 years ago by Tom from United States with 231 ratings

Cuban rum has a Spanish style to it meaning shorter fermentation period and column still use creating a lighter rum as opposed to say, British rum with its longer fermentation process and pot still distilling technique creating a heavier more robust rum.
A classic Cuban rum that should be included in all rum connoisseurs-collection or house staple. A better representation than its younger sibling, the 7 year old, but without the steep price associated with its older 15 year old, this NAS rum is very smooth and with a drop of water tends to bring out flavors and aromas on a different level than by drinking it straight up.
Fruit, citrus, wood, tobacco combined with some vanilla and treacle sweetness. Makes for a fine sipper straight up or with a splash of water. Use the Reserva, 3 or 7 year old to make your Cuba Libre’s or other mixed drinks...


Posted almost 3 years ago by Daniel Lether from Netherlands with 65 ratings

Had this one on my wishlist for a long time. And this rum does not let you down. A beautifull havana fruity palette of aged vanilla sweetness. Got to admit that i binged most part of this smooth goodness on great party with dear friends. I saved a couple of glasses for a more intimate tasting with a good cigar. Hail to the havana rum makers this was the best havana i drank to date!


Posted almost 3 years ago by Adam from Poland with 91 ratings

I was waiting to drink that rum many months....always I choose something different. But that's on my list. Last days I tried it....what a disappointment.... :/ ok maybe it's good balanced... but taste, aroma, colour - everything is maximum avarage. Nothing to recommend.