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Havana Club Selección de Maestros rum

Havana Club Selección de Maestros

Cuba | Aged

7.4/10 (337 ratings)
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337 Havana Club Selección de Maestros ratings

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Posted over 3 years ago by Martin Kennedy from Australia with 208 ratings

Ive noticed how few comments describe the flavours in this rum , its very difficult to find them.. maybe wood , leather and that's about it ? Lovely gold/straw colour , strong ethanol smell upon opening . An ice cube makes it creamier. A really well made not sweetened enjoyable rum. For a longer drink this makes an outstanding (expensive) cuba libre... 7.5 overall.


Posted 1 year ago by Dennis66 from Netherlands with 16 ratings

Drunk this rum just before i went into a dance event were they were only selling captain morgan. It was Nice to have one of these


Posted 1 year ago by laurent from France with 42 ratings

I read some good rating on WF few years ago. I don't know is the blend has been changed since or maybe sweetened but I found it tasteless and uninteresting. Light rums are sometimes subtle and complex, this one was just "empty".

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Posted 1 year ago by Spidey-P from Netherlands with 70 ratings

This havana has a little of maestro for real. It is not great but it ain't bad either. I would say, try it yourself to make an opinion.


Posted 1 year ago by Dennis Cufone from United States with 12 ratings

Really liked this one. It is dry and a little sharp. Smoke it with a big fat cuban and you'll feel like you are in Havana.


Posted 1 year ago by Freek Lambrechts from Belgium with 40 ratings

Stings from the start at your tongue. Even after a couple of minutes. Not what I had ik mind for a bottle in this price range.


Posted 1 year ago by verny94 from Czech Republic with 10 ratings

Nic spicy nut on the nose. Palate is little bit of coca and wood. Really long finish.


Posted 1 year ago by 5691Aa (PREMIUM) from United States with 28 ratings

Great for everything. Neat, rocks, mixer. Aroma is molasses. Taste is Carmel and molasses with some heat. While the taste is smooth, the Carmel, molasses, oak are not shy. So it makes a great rum and coke, dark and stormy, you name it. It's like the 7 just smoother, yet the Cuban profile shines none the less. Yummy, great buy. Make sure to buy the Cuban one.


Posted 1 year ago by Leo K from Canada with 54 ratings

Can't ask for more in a rum. The fact that it is priced decent is irrelevant, just a bonus.
Year in and out, this is the one that comes home with me from Cuba. Don't mix this.


Posted 1 year ago by Peterpanrha from Belgium with 29 ratings

i taste it on mine holidays this year in Cuba.For this price there a a lot of better rums.After more and more tasting rums mine decision is that Havana Club is a very expensive brand.


Posted 1 year ago by M.R.J. from Finland with 203 ratings

It is not bad, but not great either. Sherrywined, a bit more character due to higher %. Blended & filtered too much, looses character.