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Appleton Estate Reserve rum

Appleton Estate Reserve Rum is a blend of 20 different rums of varying ages, the youngest of which is aged eight years in used Jack Daniels whiskey barrels.

This rum is produced in the Nassau Valley of Jamaica on the Appleton Estate from locally sourced sugar cane and limestone-filtered water.

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101 Appleton Estate Reserve ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Pascal from Canada with 181 ratings

commentaire a venir

Posted about 4 years ago by Igor from Netherlands with 5 ratings

Not the best rum in the Appleton family... The scent is nice but the taste en finish do not keep up to the promising scent. Therefore good in the mix with coke

Posted over 6 years ago by Arowbal from United States with 31 ratings

Been to Jamaica 3 times, they always serve Appleton and I usually bring a bottle or 2 home. It is a fine rum and makes me think of the island.

Posted over 2 years ago by Tim from Canada with 55 ratings

Disclaimer: I love Jamaican rums... you may or may not. This is the middle of the road Appleton mass market offering and it is a middle of the road. Regardless, versatile and worthy in any cocktail calling for Jamaican rum; hell, you’ll blow your friends’ minds. No Smith & Cross tho...

Posted about 4 years ago by Edward Martens from Canada with 30 ratings

A nice amber colour on the darker side. Notes of citrus and carmel. A step up from VX. Great over ice without mix so one can enjoy the complexity of flavour.

Posted over 4 years ago by romy from United States with 2 ratings

I bought this bottle because i could not find Saint James rhum after moving from Texas to another state.
Spicy, peppery, burned carbonized onion taste. I wanted to throw the whole bottle away on first taste. I kept the bottle a few months disliking it each time. It has a coarse and chemical taste. I ended throwing the whole bottle in the trash.

Posted over 4 years ago by Nicoakr from France with 99 ratings

Good nose for a mild spicy rum. Not bad in mouth, a bit too peppery for me. Some good notes of honey and cinnamon. Hot smoky ending.

Posted almost 5 years ago by inkognito from Switzerland with 3 ratings

Very nice in the nose. round nice taste, use it pure or mixed always a pleasure

Posted about 5 years ago by Earl Elliott from Canada with 190 ratings

This is what I would consider as the mainstay of Appleton bar rums. Good for mixing, but I would not try this as a sipping rum. I had no regrets using this in mixed drinks. It's a dry rum that blends well with whatever you put in the glass.

Posted about 6 years ago by Andy from United Kingdom with 136 ratings

Very fruity, almost overwhelming nose. Smoky taste takes over all others, with a lingering slightly unpleasant spice. Better when Coke is added, but still not great.

Posted about 1 month ago by JGiralt from United States with 42 ratings

A very smooth blend. No surprise there. Nice caramel, brine, and oak notes.

Posted 3 months ago by Sancho from Poland with 8 ratings

As a cocktail manager i can recomend this one for cocktails and as well for sipping without anything. Good product.

Posted 3 months ago by Loud from Canada with 13 ratings

In my 20’s I drank the Appleton Signature (cheapest Appleton) so this is reminiscent of those days but with a bit more flavour and a bit less burn.
Very nice with soda water.
Side note, I popped over to read the reviews of the Appleton Signature and read a bunch of people complaining that it’s not a good sipping rum! What are they thinking? It’s the cheapest offering, why do they think it’s a sipping rum? Too funny.

Posted 3 months ago by Ormondefg from Ireland with 7 ratings

Very good rum for mixing, but not one I would choose to drink neat or on the rocks.

Posted 4 months ago by JeffBuck from United States with 80 ratings

I use this the Signature and Reserve as an entry level tasting to hogo flavors. While this is definitely hogo in training wheels, it's delicious as a mixer or even on ice.

Posted 4 months ago by darren from Canada with 8 ratings

Appleton for me under excites and find it hard to distinguish a premium from the regular blends and not sure if they have an ultra available for the masses

Posted 4 months ago by Paul from Australia with 104 ratings

i really enjoyed this as much as i do their rare blend 12 year old and the signature blend

Posted 4 months ago by mrakoplas from Slovakia with 35 ratings

Velmi chutny, melasa, banany, vanilka, hutny, za mna 7 1/2.

Posted 5 months ago by SaltySailor69 from United States with 18 ratings

Not my favorite and definitely not a sipping Rum. It’s nose is much better than the taste and you can definitely taste the alcohol. Mild Vanilla and caramel flavors, goes decent in your favorite Coke like Soda.

Posted 5 months ago by ZTrain1177 from Canada with 22 ratings

An excellent rum that is sweet and smooth. Can be sipped on or mixed with your favorite beverage. Highly recommend!

Posted 5 months ago by MarioRonson from Peru with 38 ratings

Ron de media gamma, bueno para mezclar, solo con mucho alcohol, buen aroma.

Posted 6 months ago by Jeff beales from United Kingdom with 22 ratings

Go to rum when you're fed up drinking spiced and need to get back to basics

Posted 6 months ago by apaniagua from Spain with 40 ratings

Ron de calidad, pero no ofrece nada distinto a lo que otros.

Posted 9 months ago by Tommyo from United States with 10 ratings

Make any mixed rum drink better with this more than solid choice.

Posted 10 months ago by Tomog107 from United Kingdom with 10 ratings

Slightly disappointed, no real flavour coves to the fore with a harsh, slightly astringent finish.