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Medium havana club anejo reserva rum

Havana Club Añejo Reserva Rum is aged five to six years. This rum was not originally intended for public consumption but reserved for Don Navarro, the head master rum-maker for Havana Club.

This rum is one of eight produced by Havana Club in Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba.

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Hope this becomes available in the United States soon. Too bad it will have to be renamed due to copyright issues. However this is a very good rum with some sweetness to it and a nice flavor. A little harsh and quite the immediate burn. Awesome in mixed drinks, especially frozen ones with a little 151 floater on top. Also makes wonderful rum punches on the fly.

Its a good rum for the cubas libres, but I could be a better rum.

Nope, this need serious improvement.
But still hopefull.
Too bitter and less taste for my kind.

The best mixer of all the Havana range. Had an xMas party and we had this, the 7, especial, ritual and barrel proof. The Reserva is the one the we all went back to and was finished off in no time. Crazy cheap in Cuba as well at about £4 a bottle. Not a great sipper which is why it probably scores low on here but there's nothing better than this with a splash of cola.

Nice dark rum for cocktails or even as a ”shot” Price difference to 7 years old is so small that I would rather got for the 7.

Not for sipping, but makes a very addition to a punch or mixed with ginger ale

This is a decent mixer and perfect for Coke and a slice of lime over ice.

Like its 3 years brother this one this one shines as a mixing rum. If you sip it you will notice complex tastes. Its not too spicy.

Sugar: 0 to 5 gpl. Strong oak taste and heat. Not smooth at all. Works okay as a mixer, but definitely not a sipping rum. There are better Cuban Rums available.

Like a Martiniquan friend told me: “you don’t need to add syrup or juice/coke to a good rum”. This is how this rum is, it’s needs coke and a lot of lime to support it. It can be upgraded to a 7-8 star level rum in a mojito if you add home-grown raspberries and a tiny bit of apple juice and sparkled water.

Nice sipping, good mixed with cold or a little warm water.

Tomarlo puro imposible...pero probablemente la mejor opción para un sabroso Cuba Libre.


Only for mixing & tastes like oil. Dont try it neat.

Bon à boire avec du coke sinon siroter avec de la glace.

Bu souvent avec du coke, rhum pour les débutants ou qui n'ont pas de standard élevé!

Un ron que resulta agradable. Tampoco se puede pedir mucho por lo que se paga por él. Queda bien en los cuba libre y otros cócteles. Eso sí, ni hablar para tomarlo en las rocas.

I like all HC rums, so I naturally tried this one as well. It's a small step up from the Anejo Especial that comes/came with a higher price. I like mixing with this one. Maybe even on the rocks - but not as my first drink.

Not too bad everyday rum. Clearly a mixer rum. Base one, when the party is at his final and all other better rums bottles are empty.

Difficult to rate this...I enjoyed it, but the more drink of this, the less I taste the unique flavour.

This rum is full of flavor and one of my favorites. The aroma is what draws you in, but it’s the woody flavor when mixed with a cola that keeps me coming back.

Good Price good taste. Perfect for for mixing and straight. This one and the 3 years old are the Beast for mixing R&Coke. Thanks Cuba !

I find very little, if any, difference between this and the 7 year version. A fantastic mixer and even holds up well on its own.Definitely one of my "go to" standbys as it is also a good value and consistent from batch to batch. The brand is very well marketed and is available for purchase almost everywhere except USA. (although it is now perfectly legal to bring it back from wherever you can find it)

Ближе к 6 балам, но принципиально не поставлю.
Ром очень даже нормальный для типичных компанейских посиделок, без изысков.
Пьётся легко, можно пить чистым. Но главное что бы был прохладным.
Как только ром будет комнатной температуры пить становится трудней )


Pour la préparation de cocktail il fait très bien l'affaire, permet de donner un goût de rhum marqué sans être agressif lorsqu'il est bien dosé.

In my opinion, this is just a worse version of the Añejo 7 Años with less taste. It can be drunk neat and has a smooth taste.