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Havana Club Anejo Especial rum

Havana Club Anejo Especial

Cuba | Gold

Havana Club Añejo Especial is a blend of rums aged for up to five years produced from the fermented molasses of sugar cane harvested in Cuba. The molasses is combined with yeast and water, distilled using column stills, and aged in white oak barrels.

Havana Club was founded in 1878 by Jose Arechabala and later nationalized after the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

6.0/10 (343 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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343 Havana Club Anejo Especial ratings

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Posted over 5 years ago by ManFly from Sweden with 19 ratings

This rom is really good for mixers or cakes.The aftertaste is to alkoholic for a sipping rum, I think.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Jpotocki from Hungary with 26 ratings

Walk, do not run to get this European barroom standard. It serves a specific purpose of simplicity and that is the brand offers standard fare at accessible prices. This barely reaches the standard fare level. Simply too boozy tasting for 80 proof. It can be non offensive in a drink if it is well masked by other ingredients but ultimately the question must be asked, why buy this? Answer: If there is only more commercial crap available. My estimation is this is trumped by dozens of others...
Hampden Estate Gold
Isla de Canas
Abuelo Anejo
Cubanacan 5-year
Malteco 8-yr
and so on...


Posted almost 2 years ago by Havanafan from Gibraltar with 17 ratings

The Havana Club Anejo Especial si the one that got me into rum. It has such a distinctive flavor, that if you would put a blind on my eyes, I could guess it from any other rum. It's simply unique. It might not be a top rum, but for me, personally, it will always have a special spot. Not really for sipping, in my opinion, but very good for cocktails and mixing. I do believe that this is what it has always meant to be anyway. I am a bit sad that they have changed the design of the bottle now. As a price / quality ratio, you can't go wrong with it.


Posted almost 2 years ago by MichielV from Netherlands with 25 ratings

Really sweet rum with a harsh alcohol taste. Best served on the rocks or in a mixed drink


Posted almost 2 years ago by Wilburo from United Kingdom with 3 ratings

A great mixing rum with a gentle, Cuban smell. I found it to be more flexible and less overpowering than the cigar-ish Havana Club 7. It makes a stunning Cuba Libre (or plain rum and coke), and is an excellent staple for the drinks cabinet.


Posted almost 2 years ago by Andero from Estonia with 95 ratings

Rum and coke. Not too much to say about it. Average and a bit better than the blanc.


Posted almost 2 years ago by jingis from Slovakia with 20 ratings

Kostovka priamo z cuby. Táto Havana a moc neoslovila, ale piť sa dá.


Posted almost 2 years ago by René from Netherlands with 32 ratings

Just the rum to get you into Havana Club rums. Medium dark, for me a perfect mixer.


Posted 2 years ago by dejvix from Slovakia with 31 ratings

Rum nemá príliš príjemnú vôňu...silný alkoholový dozvuk. Málo sladký. Chuť mi pripomína až whisky. Nič extra na vychutnanie....skôr do miešaných nápojov.


Posted 2 years ago by Matje from Netherlands with 23 ratings

Met de (hele redelijke) prijs in het achterhoofd blijft dit een favoriet voor een lekker glas rum, gewoon doordeweeks zonder franje. Kan eventueel nog heel goed in de mix maar ook lekker na opwarmen in de hand met wat drupjes water.


Posted 2 years ago by Samuelsbay from United Kingdom with 12 ratings

Probably my favourite session rum so far. I look forward to discovering an alternative that can eclipse this beauty. Value for money assured.