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Havana Club Anejo Especial rum

Havana Club Añejo Especial is a blend of rums aged for up to five years produced from the fermented molasses of sugar cane harvested in Cuba. The molasses is combined with yeast and water, distilled using column stills, and aged in white oak barrels.

Havana Club was founded in 1878 by Jose Arechabala and later nationalized after the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

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313 Havana Club Anejo Especial ratings

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Posted 11 days ago by L_w_123678 from United Kingdom with 3 ratings

Definitely so far the best rum I've had. Perfect with coke. Recommend to anyone

Posted 12 days ago by Uniboy1979 from United Kingdom with 3 ratings

One of my favourite rums. Will be buying this again. Nice and sweet just how I like it

Posted 13 days ago by Dark Waters from United Kingdom with 5 ratings

One of our favourite rum to drink neat in Cuba. It’s smooth, sweet & easy going. There is body here but it’s not too heavy. Defo was our go go out there.

Posted 14 days ago by Hotvw1 from Canada with 37 ratings

I had bought a few bottles of this at an auction. Didn’t know what to expect but the price I bought it at it didn’t matter. It was a great drink mixed with coke. A little to harsh to drink on its own but to have a few mixed drinks on a weekend perfect.

Posted 18 days ago by VascoF from Portugal with 5 ratings

Nice quality versus price.

Good to have at home!

Posted 19 days ago by Kodanik from Estonia with 5 ratings

Best price and taste ratio.
I love this rum with cola and lime!

Posted 22 days ago by Vlad from United Kingdom with 9 ratings

Its just ok, okish rum if you dont want to pay much

Posted 24 days ago by gigi_marca from United Kingdom with 13 ratings

Smooth beginning, with a slight warm bite on the back of the mouth. Almost a warm cinnamon note. Enjoyable sipping neat or with coke.

Posted 25 days ago by klaasfrans from Netherlands with 11 ratings

There are better rums for sale but still if this is in discount I sometimes buy it to mix it. Nothing special.

Posted 26 days ago by Pricky55 from Australia with 6 ratings

Today’s rum is Havana Club Especial Añejo. I tried this rum with just soda water and ice, and it was very nice and smooth. It was not too sweet and had a very nice after taste. Being Caribbean it tastes much like Mount Gay but not quite as sweet. I haven’t tried this rum with coke, but I think it would be a good mixer. If making a rum based cocktail Havana Especial would be ideal. A nice aged rum

Rating 6/10

Havana Club Especial Añejo is a product of Cuba and is available at First Choice at $47.00 for a 700ml bottle.

Posted 29 days ago by Lucas1997 from Netherlands with 7 ratings

This is a rum I have to keep me away from my quality bottles. That being said, this is not a bad rum at all. It is very cheap however can still be drank neat and is still quite delicious. For the price, you cannot complain about this rum.

Posted about 1 month ago by TempleOfSunset from Italy with 32 ratings

I think this is intended for a strictly mixing use, even if the cuban one is nicer than the one sold in extra cuban terroir. Average at best.

Posted about 1 month ago by MerMama from United States with 21 ratings

This mixes well, but tastes good on its' own. Sweet and floral. Enjoyable. Kind of a nice change.

Posted about 2 months ago by Pollux from Canada with 116 ratings

À boire avec accompagnement, beau rhum brun rapport qualité/prix.

Posted 2 months ago by JGiralt from United States with 42 ratings

Good strong tobacco and molasses notes. A little hot but makes a fine daiquiri.

Posted 3 months ago by JoeyKistemaker from Netherlands with 6 ratings

Fair priced rum.
I never understand what they mean with "double oaked" but the taste is alright! Not the best for sipping but really good for mixing and your not rum loving friends.

Posted 3 months ago by Dave from United Kingdom with 8 ratings

As smooth as silk a lovely little rum very flavoursome

Posted 3 months ago by Dan from United Kingdom with 32 ratings

It may not be my favourite rum, but it's pretty good for the price range it finds itself. Easy enough to drink and easy to pick up without spending a fortune, but that's as far as it goes for me.

Posted 3 months ago by RichPotter from United Kingdom with 17 ratings

Prefer Havana Club 7 but this is a decent rum at a reasonable price

Posted 3 months ago by Jonbee56 from United Kingdom with 11 ratings

Quite average, nothing to write home about, on par with Morgan spiced, just a little bit sharper.

Posted 3 months ago by Bob from United States with 72 ratings

Even more sugar, lighter tasting vanilla, more caramel, and still tobacco dominates.

Posted 4 months ago by chris009 from Poland with 20 ratings

Very tasty in cuba libre. Solid value for this price.
50pln/0,7 Lidl PL

Posted 4 months ago by JeffBuck from United States with 80 ratings

Typical Cuban light carmel flavor and to be used as a mixer

Posted 4 months ago by Inshore from Poland with 51 ratings

This is what HC is, best quality for best price, This rum is well balanced, could be sip, but much better for drinks and cocktails. Tt is really underrated. Thats good rum for beginners.