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Havana Club 3-Year rum

Havana Club 3-Year

Cuba | Light | 40.0% ABV

Havana Club 3-Year rum is produced from molasses and aged for 3 years in white oak barrels before filtering and bottling.

Havana Club rum is produced in Cuba, where the company was founded in 1878 by José Arechabala. The company was nationalized in 1959 after the Cuban Revolution and now jointly owned by Pernod Ricard and the Cuban government.

498 ratings
Easily consumable in a bind


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498 Havana Club 3-Year ratings

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Posted over 5 years ago by Greg from Finland with 5 ratings

You'll NEVER use Bacardi again after trying this rum. Smooth and balanced with just the right amount of kick. It's content to be the rum in a cocktail without taking over the other flavors, or being vodka-like in neutrality. Straight up it isn't very impressive, but if that's how you drink rum, then you should be buying far more expensive products anyway.


Posted 4 years ago by Julio from Mexico with 2 ratings

Un ron perfecto para mezclar, muy bien balanceado lo cual ayudará a realzar los sabores de tu cóctel sin añadirle notas picantes.

No es un ron complejo por lo que tomarlo solo no te sorprenderá sin embargo de gran calidad. Le pongo un 9 por su calidad/precio


Posted almost 8 years ago by BerodeQuentin from France with 40 ratings

Color : Clear
Flavour : Fresh tropical fruits with crispy citrussy notes. Light grassy flavour at the end. Some light vanilla touch
Palate : Fresh, clean.

The reference for a Mojito...


Posted over 3 years ago by Caolan Doherty from United Kingdom with 9 ratings

This rum is suited to any white rum based cocktail. I swear by Havana club and you can't beat a classic daiquiri with this one!


Posted 3 years ago by Raphael from United States with 19 ratings

Finally got a chance to try this, while out of the US, and found out what I was missing out on. It is so aromatic. It is so much better than all those neutral Puerto Rican light rums that we try to use as a substitute for this.


Posted over 4 years ago by Chris from United States with 12 ratings

And I love it. Tried it straight and it was good. In a Mojito, Daiquiri and Cuba Libre it is fantastic. Lime and mint make this rum is very smooth and fresh...I like it! Thank you, Cuba.


Posted 2 years ago by Eoin sweeney from Ireland with 10 ratings

Not a sipper obviously but as mixer it is perfect. It has flavour unlike bacardi and far superior in my opinion.


Posted 2 years ago by Kamamura from Czech Republic with 31 ratings

When you buy a bottle of this excellent white rum, you will notice it actually as a slight yellow tinge (something on the line of reposado tequilas), because it has been aged for three years in oak barrels before bottling, but unlike other brands, the color has not been charcoal filtered out. I commend this, because the filtration takes away part of the flavor, and why pretend something that's not true (both coloring aged rums with caramel and filtering so called white rum is a form of deception. Let the color stay natural!). Some may complain that it can affect color of cocktails that call for perfectly white rum, I say let them complain.

On the nose, you will get a faint, warming, pleasant fruity.

The taste is where this rum shines, though. Clean, round, smooth, creamy, with just a hint of molasses sweetness, it is actually sippable. Compare it to the kerosene and metallic notes of Bacardi so called, erhm, erhm "Superior", and you will soon find out which rum is actually superior.

There is actually a short, pleasant, warming finish. For a white, briefly aged rum, this humble fellow clearly outperforms.

By the way, it's the original, Cuban version of the rum, manufactured in Cuba, not the version stolen by a mafia family backed by the US government (for that one, google "Bacardi, hooch, petrol, disgusting"). This original version is unavailable in the USA due to a self-inflicted American embargo, so if you whether you are a progressive Yank, or bible-thumping, Trump-electing redneck from the south, and you are holding a bottle of this, please contact your nearest NSA operated secret torture chamber to make an appointment where a highly trained information extraction professional will find out all about how you obtained this illegal and clearly peace-endangering substance. Shame on you, citizen!


Posted 1 year ago by Diego from Australia with 20 ratings

This just elevates any cocktail when white rum is needed. It's the go to for Authentic Mojitos and even great with coke and lime (Cuba Libre). It's the best at it's price point and beyond. Highly Recommended!


Posted 7 months ago by RumLover from Finland with 1 rating

So far this has been the best white rum that i have used in coctails and it's perfect with Coca Cola. I found it drinkable on it's own too if you want to get drunk fast but mostly i use it to mixing. I find this white rum much better than Bacardi and other similary priced white rums. It has nice fruity and smooth taste without strong ethanol taste which others cheaper white rums have. Maybe i would get even more taste if i pay more to buy another more expensive brand but no thanks, this is fine for me in mixing purposes what comes to using white rum on them drinks. However, after getting used to this i kinda would it want to have more aroma so probably i would need to buy older rums to have more aroma.