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Sweet on the nose. Pretty balanced without being overly sweet. It's nice but nothing special

Very interesting.
Was wondering how exclusiva would taste if only you could somehow remove the extra sweetness...
Now I know and I can confirm it's good.
Missing the complexity as well...
Overall decent.


It still has an intense alcohol flavour. Probably it needs some time to settle down a bit. But in this price range it is reasonable.

Powerful rum, more sour tones than f.e. zacapa 23. Much stronger mouthfeeling, darker tones here than zacapa or Don Q gran Anejo. Still nice for me personally

Almost as good as the reserve, but I like the reserva a little bit more

Sweet but not too much, strong alcohol sensation on the nose. Cheap.

Nice spicy caramel nose. Mouth has almost none of that initial alcohol bite, but to me has a negatively over spiced flavor. For drinking neat, it's my least favorite of all the Diplomatico offerings. However, that spiciness peeks through the Coke flavor for a respectable Rum and Coke. Now that statement needs some clarification. I've been lucky enough to have had three bottles of Roble Viejo Ultra Añejo Rum delivered to me by Family traveling from Venezuela. This ROBLEY offering has a wonderful spicy woody caramel flavor profile that busts through the Coke flavor for an unbelievably exceptional Rum and Coke. This Diplomatico offering has the exact flavor profile, but to a lessor strength. With the Diplomatico Mantauno this flavor profile is precieved to break through by varying amounts in different seatings, where with the Roble there's never a question of it busting through. This still makes this Diplomatico offering my go to for Rum and Coke since the Roble Viejo Ultra Añejo Rum is only available at a duty free shop in the Venezuelan Airport.
As a sipping Rum I would have rated this Diplomatico offering lower, but gave it the 9 for it's value in a Rum and Coke

Diplomatico Mantuano is a new item in the US. It makes a decent rum-and-coke drink for you, but this rum is too harsh for neat sipping experience. Go straight to the Reserva Exclusiva and be blown away with how good that rum really is.


Not as good as the reserva exclusiva, but for its price its a steal.

This is simply a great rum and has a smooth richness to it, but there are many alternatives that already nail this classification that are cheaper. Sure this one certainly has a smooth finish to it which gives that air of refinement to it, which may make the difference for some.


A beautiful deep color.

Very strong caramel and molasses aroma. Sweet. Nice balanced. It seems more like candy. And again molasses.

Strong taste. Deep. Oak and molasses.
It loves to stay in your mouth for little bit longer...

A bit too harsh to be drank neat, but works really well as a rum & coke with the caramel really coming out. Very decent.

Way to sharp, but a good blender in drinks and cocktails.

Starts with sweet taste, ends dry, feeling oak wood, spicy, bit plum. Maybe to mix within some drinks...

It is a bit sharp, bit has Good flavours. It is Young and you Will notice that.

I've been waiting to taste this rum for a long time and I was a little disapointed with the first taste. The alcohool is pretty strong so it's a little hard to sip by itself. I also tried it with ice and I thought it was better.

Not something Special! Not something Special! Not something Special! Not something Special! Not something Special! Not something Special! Not something Special! Not something Special! Not something Special! Not something Special! Not something Special! Not something Special!

Very good. Nice. Spicy. Solid. Bong. Tresbien. Si. Senor

Bueno para compartir con amigos, agradables aroma y dorado intenso!!!
Sin hielo va bien.

Nice to start, not really bad but not really good. The sweety taste helps if you don't like dry and strong rum.

Heavy on the nose with caramel and molasses and a light fruitiness behind it. The first sip has a thin mouth feel, but a lot of flavor. It leads with a light sweetness followed by rum with a medium finish that leaves behind the taste of a honey-crisp apple with a little heat. Not as sweet as the Exclusiva, but a tasty flavor. A decent sipper, but at the price point would feature well in a premium cocktail.


Light bodied rum wtith hints of brown sugar, caramel and litghtly oak. Boring finish

Scheint die Ablösung des Anejo und Reserva zu sein, eigentlich schade.
In Glas schönes helles Bernstein.
In der Nase zeigen sich zarte Nuancen von Vanille, Karamell und etwas Holz.
Im Gaumen nicht sehr aufregend, etwas Karamellbonbon mit Vanillesauce, dafür viel weniger süss als der Reserva oder Reserva Exclusiva.
Im Abgang leider zu schnell weg.
Sicherlich ein super Ron zum mixen, kann aber auch pur getrunken werden. Ein Ron für den anspruchslosen Rumtrinker.

Seems to be the replacement of the Anejo and Reserva, actually a pity.
In glass beautiful bright amber.
The nose shows delicate nuances of vanilla, caramel and some wood.
Not very exciting on the palate, some caramel candy with vanilla sauce, but much less sweet than the Reserva or Reserva Exclusiva.
In the finish, unfortunately away quickly.
Certainly a great Ron to mix, but can also be drunk straight. A Ron for the undemanding Rum drinker.

Rum nemá vůni ani chuť, která by zaujala. Rozhodně doporučuji bratra v podobě Reserva Exclusiva.