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Captain Morgan Jamaica rum

Captain Morgan Jamaica

Puerto Rico | Dark

3.7/10 (31 ratings)
Serious improvement needed


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31 Captain Morgan Jamaica ratings

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Posted over 2 years ago by Handsome Alex (PREMIUM) from United States with 88 ratings

This isn't the spiced rum that you buy by the gallon in the US. I wonder if that's what a lot of the other reviewers were looking for. This is a Jamaican Rum made by Wray & Nephew. A bit young, but drinkable. It has a light and creamy nose, a crisp, dry mouth feel with a bit of oakiness, but not much funk (which I was expecting, even hoping for). It has long finish with just a little heat, this would mix well in punches and tiki drinks.


Posted 2 months ago by Eric O from Canada with 10 ratings

Better than a poke it the eye but not my favorite.


Posted 3 months ago by ezioaudit from Greece with 26 ratings

An entry level but below level rum.Not recommended


Posted 4 months ago by Kieron wood (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 434 ratings

How to do a Jamaican rum badly , yes I thought I would never type that sentence . Awful stuff but genuinely better than normal production rubbish from the captain ... Where's the god dam funk!


Posted 5 months ago by MatejHantabal from Slovakia with 9 ratings

So what to say about this one. I usually talk about the bottle, colour and taste, but here, all I can say is this: the bottle looks like a captain morgan bottle. The colour is nicely dark, but the taste is horrible. Very flat, no real flavours and the scent is very disappointing as well. I don't recommend to anyone, as is the tradition with all captain morgan "rums". Pretty much just weakly flavored alcohol, won't drink again.


Posted 5 months ago by Jussi from Finland with 5 ratings

If there is nothing else at hand, then sure... But the taste is not smooth at all. The sweet taste of pleasantly mild rhum is not there, but more a strong alcohol. Even with cola, it leaves a bit of a shit taste in your mouth


Posted 5 months ago by Alejandro F. from Germany with 31 ratings

Ron industrial, dulce, aceptable para tomarlo con coca cola


Posted 5 months ago by ccclara from Sweden with 6 ratings

Strong and not suitable for sipping. It has a sharp alcoholic smell and if you’re using this rum in a cocktail: use a small amount or else it will ruin the drink!


Posted 6 months ago by Markmoz (PREMIUM) from Mozambique with 14 ratings

With coke and ice and as a last resort when the bartender looks at you stunned when you ask if they have any other rum behind the counter ... good for duty free and lighting a fire


Posted 7 months ago by Fozzie500 from United Kingdom with 18 ratings

The second rum i ever tried after Lambs Navy rum, bit harsh but not unpleasant, i mix it with coke and it goes down easy enough.