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OK, big sweeping statement there. But it's like that - ubiquitous with the landscape. It's also in most liquor stores stateside as an aguardiente for the US market. Very common and popular swill, although the less sugary, the better.

The stuff is for revelers, it's a standard bearer for shots and other hardness that goes along with drinking beers. It's not something you search for - It seeks you out. I once drank this out of a goat's leg... still have both my legs.

Un Aguardiente joven anisado que invita a conocer como si fuera una grappa italiana pero con características totalmente del campo

Aguardiente (literally, “fire water”), is Colombia's favorite alcoholic beverage. It's made from sugar cane and flavored with anise and bottled at only 58 proof – far short of the 80 proof mark to officially qualify as rum - but there are a few aguardientes on this site nevertheless. Anyway, this brand, Antioqueno, is the most popular in all of Colombia. It's best enjoyed as straight shots. The taste is pleasant, very dry and not very strong...which is deceiving because you'll think nothing of guzzling several shots before you realize that you are here and your pants are over there. Oops.