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Gosling's Family Reserve Old rum

Gosling's Family Reserve Old

Bermuda | Aged

Gosling's Family Reserve Old rum is crafted in Bermuda from the same blend as Gosling Black Seal but is aged longer in dark barrels. Each bottle is hand-labelled and numbered.

198 ratings
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198 Gosling's Family Reserve Old ratings

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Posted over 2 years ago by piratejabez from United States with 324 ratings

40%. Don't let the packaging fool you... there's no age statement (NAS), so could be 2yo (or unaged) with a drop of 16. Also no additives disclosures. Notes: whoa, big chocolate chip cookie rum. Loads of brown sugar. Very rich and sweet. Very sweet. Slightly bitter, molasses-y finish, with a good bite.

A very strange experience, for this price point. I tried it at the house of a friend who is also into rum, and had been given a bottle by another friend. We all tried it, and praised certain qualities, but when the gifter left the room, my friend and I exchanged knowing looks. We were both pretty disappointed. There may only be 15g/L of added sugar, but the whole package is just sweet and messy. I'm really not impressed, and I don't want more. I don't drink rum for dessert. This is kind of an insult. And it just saddens me that so many people are willing to shell out so much cash for a mediocre rum when so many better ones are available for far less!

6-, 5+


Posted almost 4 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2841 ratings

Tried the Gosling's Black Seal and Family Reserve back-to-back and I was very surprised how big the difference is between these two rums. The Family Reserve tastes like a proper aged dark rum. It reminds me quite a lot about the El Dorado 12 year old rum in flavor profile. There is a hint of raisin flavor to bring in just a bit of sweetness, but overall the Family Reserve is very dry rum.


Posted over 2 years ago by Cyruz from Denmark with 21 ratings

anbefalet af en ven

kan absolut ikke anbefale den

vil man have smag og fylde er det ikke denne rom der kommer på din hylde


Posted 1 year ago by Mark Ogilvie from United States with 20 ratings

Very familiar aroma to folks who know their way around Black Seal. This is Gosling's premium rum and I was expecting a sort of upscale version of Black Seal, but was still disappointed to find that was kind of just what I got.

It starts of quite syrupy and sweet, almost as if someone had made a mixed drink with Dr. Pepper and let it sit long enough to go flat. The flavor quickly matures, though, and while it keeps that pepperiness, the straight sweetness mellows down into that characteristic molasses richness of Gosling's, giving way to vanilla, oak (really quite heavy on the bitter oak to cut through that sweetness), and maybe raisins or dates. Considering how sweet it opens up, the finish is very long, dry and woody. The texture of the drink is very smooth; another commenter described it as buttery, and that feels very accurate. It has a pleasant mouthfeel, though it finishes syrupy in the back of the palate.

Overall, it's nice, but there are many much nicer rums that are half this price. I don't regret revisiting Gosling's after all these years, and this would probably make an excellent mixer, but for the price, no one's going to want to get this just to make rum n' cokes. Get two bottles of something like R.L Seale's instead.


Posted almost 2 years ago by xCorporalx from Germany with 96 ratings

...the bottle is the best about it, like the champagne bottle look, even though there are far fancier and more costly looking bottles.

Well, the rum did not smell good at all, meaning so lush and boring...unfortunately the taste as well...I did not even wanted to finish the nosing glass,...

So happy I did not buy a bottle before a tasting.

Due to the fact, that it is a nice bottle and premium rum from Gosling's I rate it a 5.0.

Small jessica for rum ratings

Posted over 3 years ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 420 ratings

I tried this as one sample neat in a well stocked bar. Wise decision! As usual with Gosling's, there is a heavy molasses flavor. There is also a burn on the tongue, but with no after taste. I could not wait for this shot to be finished so that I could move onto my second rum out of three trials. It is definitely not worth the hefty price tag of $70 per bottle or $15 per shot.. With each sip, my rating just kept going down from it's initial one of 6. This one also takes my prize for being the absolute worst rum that I could spend money on, due to it's very high price and fairly low rating.


Posted 4 years ago by Neville Midwood from United Kingdom with 11 ratings

I started with a sample. Towards sweet, a prune and raisin xmas cake, vanilla flavours with a light oaky after-aroma. Hardly any alcohol burn and does seem to benefit from a short rest in the glass. Slightly sweetened.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Giovanni Bomoll from Italy with 37 ratings

Orange marmalade and molasses, bitter dark chocolate, cooked apples and black pepper. A little cedar.
Definitely a particular rum,
not sweet,
bitter, strong, alcoholic.
It is not delicate, it is not aromatic.
For me it is not a good rum.