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Medium goslings 151 rum

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That's the dark to the stormy. 151 is the right kick for the classic cocktail

Great mixing rum for Mai Tai or Dark and Stormy, recommended as a floater in similar drinks. Of course not a typical sipping rum although I like carefully sipping on rums like these eg Lemon Hart 151, Pusser's etc, the corner where this one belongs to stand amongst other dark overproofs. Dark and very aromatic it reminds a bit of the stronger Demeraras. You'll miss it once it's empty!

Nose of sweet flavor yet with a hidden kick, tastes of dark licorice, anise and spice,

This is some strong stuff. Needless to say, the 151 proof is very apparent on the nose. However, on the palate, in a dark and stormy, this gives the ginger a spicy dimension and allows you to taste the other flavors that are normally masked by the strong ginger and lime tastes. An excellent addition to a collection which already has the original Black Seal.

This rum is not something I would heartily recommend as a sipper. Add it to some coke in reasonable amounts and it will hit you like a sack of tatters right upside the noggin. Good mixer and that about says it all.
I can say one thing very positive about this rum and that is for being 151 its one of the less harsh high proof rums out there.

still the king of dark and stormy. i have both goslings and this is the start of the night king .... a kicker but still deep palette full of brown sugar and caramel.. delicious

Don't be afraid of the 151 on the label. This is actually a delicious sipper, with the same chocolate and port wine flavors as its 80 proof sibling. It also works wonders in Zombies and Jet Pilots. I like this rum.

Pretty much rehash the earlier reviews. If you like the regular Gosling's in your mixed drinks but want some extra kick, use this.

This one is the one to use for a dark 'n stormy.. It has quite the same taste as the normal black seal.. But with a kick.

Color : Dark brown
Flavour : Rich rummy flavour with a caramel and citrus note
Palate : Powerfull, medium length, rich

A good overproof rum to use in Tiki drinks

For the rare times i need an overproof rum, this isnt a bad choice at all and is quite rich and full bodied (not that im going to sip it straight up...)
Makes for a mean Dark 'n' Stormy, the drink is coincedentally trademarked by the Gosling's brothers in Bermuda!

Run away from Gosling's 151 Black Seal Rum. It is nasty! Rubber and glue hits you straight to the nose and palate with a super strong burn over powering everything else. Just awful.


The magic of this rum it’s its strength and its diversity. This makes a cracking mojito or is nice just over ice.

Not overly sweet and even some bitter notes in places, that helps keep it fairly neutral.

This would make an amazing after supper tipple by the fire !!

Dunkles Mahagoni im Glas.
In der Nase sehr heftig, die 75.5% Vol. brennen einem schon fast in den Augen. Düfte von stark gebranntem Karamell, angekohltem Holz, dunkle Früchte und Spuren der dunklen Seite.
Im Gaumen sehr angenehm warm und mundfüllend. Viel Karamell, etwas Lakritze und ein hauch bitteres Holz.
Im Abgang trocknet die Zunge völlig aus, zurück bleibt etwas wie bitteres Karamell.
Zum pur geniessen zu wenig Körper in der Stärke, aber super in einen Dark 'n Stormy für Erwachsene.

Dark mahogany in the glass.
In the nose very violent, the 75.5% Vol. burn already almost in the eyes. Fragrances of strongly burnt caramel, charred wood, dark fruits and traces of the dark side.
In the palate very pleasantly warm and mouth filling. Lots of caramel, some liquorice and a hint of bitter wood.
In the finish the tongue dries out completely, something like bitter caramel remains.
For straight up too little body by this strength, but perfect in a Dark 'n Stormy for adults.

Had occasion to sample Gosling’s 151 rum from the Bahamas. This 70% ABV rum is definitely not intended to be a sipper and is most often used in Dark & Stormy but since I drink all of my rums neat I thought I would give it a try.

Nose: Sweet and flavourful but anticipating harshness due to high ABV.
Palate: Strong stuff, anise flavours (which I don’t particularly like) along with sweetness is present and way too strong to enjoy neat.

I then mixed an equal amount of Gosling’s 151 with Newfoundland Screech (40% ABV) but did not enjoy the resulting blend (~ 55% ABV).

Glad I tried it but much prefer Plantation OFTD (69%)

Overproof rum is the best way to kick up a tropical cocktail. Float this on a Chief Lapu Lapu and you’ll taste what this can bring to a mix. It’s not going to bring the spice of Lemon Heart but it’s extremely friendly and a bargain. Completely worthy of holding a spot in your cabinet.

This has a very sweet smell of molasses and treacle and both of those elements are found prominently in the taste - as is spice, caramel, burny suagr and fennel.

Overproofs tend to make truly awful sippers, but this is passable, albeit with one hell of an alcoholic kick!
In mixers, this is great.

An overwhelming burning sensation that makes it hard to think about flavour.

Its sole purpose is to be used in a dark n stormy.

This gosling’s has a strong orange and burnt molasses taste with it high alcoholic level making it hard to sip but mellows in a mix but still holds the molasses and orange flavours

Har inte testat den än, men ska tydligen vara supper i drinkar.

As others have said, if you like regular Gosling's, this is a high octane version. Definitely a mixer. And even then only for certain drinks. A strong, but not sugary sweetness. Neat, there is an oily texture or feel to it. But what doesn't agree with me is the strong anise (black licorice) finish. Anise, fennel, these flavors of spices just don't get along with my pallet. One of the reasons I hate Italian sausage. And it's strong with this rum. But if you like those taste, or if you enjoy Jaeger shots, this might be a rum you'll enjoy. Glad I tried it, but won't purchase again.

This is meant for mixing, not straight drinking. Much like the Black Seal but with the fire of a higher proof you'd expect. Still, not as bad as bacardi151.

Goslings is my go to for Dark & Stormies. Over proof is sometimes hard to find but I grab it when I see it.