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13 Barcelo Imperial onyx ratings

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availabe in NL since last month. i like the regular imperial so was looking forward to try. put simply, it's well worth the additional money over the imperial. (36 eur vs 22 eur in NL). where the regular has it's flaws you take for granted due to price, the onyx has more to prove. the sweetness in the aftertaste remains but the taste overall is much more in balance. the additional time it spent on the heavily charred whiskey and bourbon barrels makes me think off flor de cana. which is also made of cane juice and matured on Jack Daniels barrels.

Ron dulce excelente para tomarlo en la rocas! Lo recomiendo.


Aromes vanille, amende et un epu se réglisse dans un second temps.
Manque de longueur en bouche.


Beautiful amber color going on the mohagany. This rum from Barcelo is a new version of the imperial with a filtration made through onyx stones (hence its name) and an aging in three types of barrel containing three types of different whisky or bourbon including Jack Daniel's. The aging in the three types of barrels seems to be the same but I have no more information and also the name of other bourbon. Otherwise, on the nose, we're on classic Barcelo, it's very pastry, caramel, coconut, almond, vanilla, toasted, cherry. In the mouth, the woody arrives with the spices the finish is present but not significant. It's not very long. A classic revisited.

Als ich diesen Rum in der Dominikanischen Republik im Supermarkt gefunden habe, war ich natürlich sofort neugierig. Der "normale" Barcelo Imperial ist ja ausreichend bekannt. Was soll ich sagen, ich wurde nicht enttäuscht. Der Geschmack des Onyx ist ein wenig weicher als der des normalen Imperials. Mann muss allerdings klar sagen: Es gibt bessere. Für den Preis allerdings (umgerechnet EUR 20 im Supermarkt in Santo Domingo) ist er ein klarer Kauf.

Enjoyed a glass of Barcelo Imperial Onyx while chilling out in Dominican Republic. Strong alcohol to the nose and palate. Very dry rum. Close to a high end cognac. No typical sweet rums flavors or taste. Long burn at the end.

Den har meget at byde på end den 'normale' Barcelo Imperial. Det er dog ikke en rom, som er noget specielt.

If youre looking for a more oak-like taste and a smoother drink, Onyx exceeds regular Imperial by all means. Perfect on the rocks.

Great. Smoky with notes of caramel, spices, wood, and tobacco, alongside vegetal flavors from fresh sugarcane juice

I’m a fan of the Barceló rums, so I was excited to see the Onyx for sale everywhere I went in DR. Picked up a bottle and enjoyed it. No complaints. It’s not as good as other “onyx/black” offerings out there though, IMO, so I think a 7 is fair.

En mycket lättdrucken men smakrik rom. Tydligen ska faten den lagras i vara extra tjärade och därmed ge en lite mer whiskeyinfluerad smak. Jag kan urskilja en del vanilj men inte så mycket wirre! Klart plus för den snygga flaskan. Inte ev av de bästa i skåpet men klart god!

I just returned from a trip to La Rommona, and a tour of the Barcelo factory. And discovered his wonderful rum. The extra char in he barrels gives this rum whiskey flavor, with hints of vanilla. Great on the rocks, or with a splash of coke.


I bought this at the Punta Cana airport, following a week of heavy Barcelo Imperial drinking. The product is mysterious, at the time of this writing, the official Barcelo website doesn't have any information on this rum. With the price I expected a lot more. Think Barcelo Imperial tries to 'Diplomatico', but doesn't quite get it.

(57 USD Mar 2017)