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Foursquare Spiced rum

Foursquare Spiced

Barbados | Spiced

6.8/10 (64 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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64 Foursquare Spiced ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Kieron wood (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 426 ratings

The finest rum to mix with coke.... Wow such a delight


Posted 3 months ago by LostSoul from Greece with 18 ratings

An interesting choice, especially for those who like spiced rum. Great value for money and decent for standard choice. Some may find it not to their liking, since it isn't sweet like other rums, but others will think of that as an advantage. Its brand takes pride in avoiding additives, artificial flavoring and sugar. It is crisp, rough, burns a little and packs a punch, leaving a strong but pleasant and lingering aftertaste, behind. I didn't mix it with anything at all, only sipped. People who hate the spiced category can also like this specific product, since it has about it the qualities they desire.


Posted 8 months ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 331 ratings

Since this spiced rum with no added sugar is not rated so highly here, I never went out of my way to find it until I stumbled across it a few days ago in Las Vegas. It was only $14, and I will stock up on it the next time I see it!!!

This is a very smooth rum at 70 proof with flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and a few of their proprietary seasonings. Because it has no added sugar, there are no ill after effects the next day. It is now my second favorite spiced rum behind Blackwell's Reserve. It was also the best of the three rums from Foursquare that I tried on this trip. Doorly's XO was not too far behind, but Doorly's 12 Year was a major disappointment.


Posted 9 months ago by Andy Tee from Malaysia with 148 ratings

N- Calamansi and Guinness treacle aspic, cola. Despite spiced and diluted.... stylish and nice earthy characters still leading the pack. Well spiced flavoured coming along with juicy candy, sweet floral, tea-ish with nutty pistachio and coconut jelly. (86/20)

P- Frankly, this does not comes along as a good commercial spiced rum at all. But instead as an excellent sipping rum, cocoa powder, naturally oak-y and funky, creamy with bitter-ish spiciness for mouth coat of mineral, salts and unoffensive clean new make. (87/21)

F- Medium long, warming and waxy. Full at shamefully 37.5%, spiced with elegant utterly finesse. (87/21)

B/B- 87/21

Weighted Rate- 85pt
— at Kill Devil KL.


Posted 9 months ago by Pamponiros from Greece with 14 ratings

This is not your typical mass-produced sweetened spiced rum, no, this stuff is so good you can drink it neat. Natural flavors and sweetness get it to another level. Greatest mixer for spiced rum cocktails for me. If on the other hand you like some other more popular rums out there, you might not want to try this one.


Posted about 2 years ago by Samurdavidov from Latvia with 60 ratings

Its good one. High qualitative product from foursquare. But it’s tottaly “empty”. No individuality.

If we look on the price, I’ll can give 8. But I always give characteristics for Rum no matter what price it was.

And if you won’t you don’t need to mix it. This Rum is smooth enough. And plus for me - this Rum looks like is no sugar added.


Posted over 2 years ago by Handsome Alex (PREMIUM) from United States with 88 ratings

This is a tasty all-around rum, great for a rum & coke. I gave it an extra point because there are NO sugars added after distillation, which is a plus for someone on a low carb diet.

I started by pouring it neat. It's light in color, like an aged gold rum. The bouquet is very light with hints of vanilla and spice cake. The first sip hits you mid-tongue, and fills the back with a peppery flavor and just a little burn. It leaves behind just a little warmth and just a hint of spice cake.

In the end, this is a nice gold rum with hints of spice. It's great with cola, and without the sugar it will be my go-to for a Rum & Diet Coke.


Posted almost 3 years ago by Snookerman from United Kingdom with 121 ratings

I was disappointed with this. It's pretty uninspiring and, well....rough.... in fact I'd go as far as to say that is does taste a bit like petrol might - yuk. So sharp and harsh it makes you shudder.
As a spiced rum, it's dull; as a rum it's harsh, sharp and tastes foul. It has the traditional spice taste but not in any persuasive or inspiring way. The spices are neither subtle not strong, but kind of wishy-washy. I found nothing special in it at all, and think that the others I have tried - Red Leg, Chairman's Reserve, Rebellion and Dark Matter - are all way more interesting.
Frankly I found it undrinkable neat. You'd think that it would work as a mixer....but I still found it awful then.
The first rum I have not been able to finish a glass of neat.


Posted about 3 years ago by Tom from United States with 231 ratings

I like this rum a lot. I normally do not drink spiced or flavored rums except for a few occasions when I want a change from the ordinary. This rum has a nice aroma and sweetness brought out by the warm baking spices, vanilla, toffee and some dried fruit notes. I enjoy this neat as you would. I guess you could mix it with coke but I feel the sweetness would be overwhelming.


Posted over 3 years ago by Threepwood from United Kingdom with 86 ratings

Excellent rum! Very good flavour, a nice level of spice, and very smooth. Easy to drink neat and enjoy the taste. I only bought a small 25cl sampl bottle, so I definitely need to buy a full bottle soon. Hard to rate correctly after such a small taste, but I'm gonna go with an 8 for now until I try more.


Posted over 3 years ago by nomad from United States with 126 ratings

Not over-spiced or sugared. It is a fine subtle spiced rum for most mixed drinks.