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Foursquare Spiced rum

Foursquare Spiced

Barbados | Spiced

6.5/10(68 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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68 Foursquare Spiced ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by Claudio from Italy with 30 ratings

If you don't know that this is a spiced rum, there is a chance that you wouldn't notice.
This is a spirit with a very good body, spiced but not sweet, very good on the rocks or to mix great cocktails.
Try it in a spiced daiquiri, straight up.

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Posted over 4 years ago by filovo from Czech Republic with 189 ratings

rum dle vune lehce ostrejsi koreneny, vune svetle zlatave, stiplavy a lehce alkoholovy.
neni to muj salek. verim ze kdo rad korenene a vyraznejsi typicke rumy tak doceni vice.


Posted over 4 years ago by IGT from United Kingdom with 20 ratings

I didn't really get to experiment fully with this rum as a mixer but it made a great sipper. I wouldn't go out of my way to find it, but if you stumble across a bottle, I'd recommend buying one.


Posted over 4 years ago by Ellis from United Kingdom with 19 ratings

A mediocre rum which is too expensive considering there are better options at similar or cheaper price points. Spices don't mix too well and are underwhelming and is not for drinking straight,mixed only. Even then, I'd prefer to spend less and buy captain Morgan to mix with coke than this.


Posted over 4 years ago by TaraBeth from United Kingdom with 8 ratings

So smooth you'd expect a much higher price tag. A hit of spiced flavour the moment you drink it with no unpleasant after taste. Would happily drink this straight up or with a bit of coke


Posted almost 5 years ago by Pielor from Canada with 25 ratings

J'aime bien un rhum épicé de temps à autre et j'ai essayé celui-ci chez un ami qui en a rapporté de la Barbade. Je l'ai trouvé très bon, un nez de vanille très présent, une longueur en bouche et ça en fait un rhum délicat avec ses 37,5 degrés en alcool.
Ça change des rhums épicés que l'on peut trouvé chez nous au Québec.
Je l'aime sec, sans glace.


Posted almost 5 years ago by Mark from Canada with 59 ratings

If it didn't say 'spiced rum' on the label, I wouldn't know it was... The colour of this rum is a decent light amber. I found that it was fairly odourless, although because was looking for it, I sensed a faint, maybe vanilla, scent. While I didn't taste any spice in the rum when mixed with cola, it did have an amazing "mellowing" effect on the drink. One of the most mild aged rums I've ever tasted. I'd score it a 6 or a 7...


Posted 5 years ago by Chet from United States with 193 ratings

Ok this is a decent rum, nothing to bragg about but you gotta try their whiskey and port barrel aged stuff. Now were talking, very original an unique right there. But hey for a rum under $20 decent libation!!


Posted 5 years ago by Chris L from United Kingdom with 77 ratings

Goes down smooth but spices could be better, goes well with coke


Posted 5 years ago by Rob from Ireland with 92 ratings

Nice mixed with coke.
Well made product, but not good enough to sip straight.