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I use this to make the Zombie and other tiki drinks that call fir Lemon Hart 151 and Jamaican/demerara blends. I recently made a simple mix with fresh lime juice and sugar syrup and I swear there was cinnamon in the mix but that’s because the lime, ice and sugar mellows out the high proof and lets those notes stand out. Sipping it is only good if you are Gene Simmons and plan to breathe fire!

Honestly I'm not really into overproof rums. I've tried several and most of them are like extremely potent hot sauces (something else of which I am a connoisseur)...all burn and little to no flavor.

So normally I stay away from them.

I started reading about this rum several months ago and it intrigued me. Especially since it comes from one of my favorite brands. So when I came across it at a store in Jacksonville (can't get it locally) I decided to get a bottle to try.

I was not disappointed.

Let me summarized thusly....excellent flavor but kicks like a bionic mule.

This is a dark rum. Deep, deep toffee amber. Nothing light about this. Of course the O.F.T.D. stands for "old fashioned traditional dark". Definitely a dark rum. No doubt about it.

Has an excellent aroma with a little sting...forewarning of what is to come.

Took me a few sips to get some of a flavor profile because in each sip, once the taste buds detected something, my throat and tongue got a sound thrashing from the 69% ABV (138 proof).

However some of what came across is an initial sweetness...a marked molasses sweetness. It almost was a fiery syrup. Although an overproof, it has a surprising smoothness to it even though there is a strong...not exactly a "burn" per se...but a marked extreme warmth that stays with you for quite a while. I think this would be a sipping rum for the hardcore but for the rest of us this rum would work well in boat drinks. If I remember, I will come back to this later on in my usual Coke Zero & rum combo (which is my normal concoction at home) and amend my review (see below). There is also a creaminess to it as well as a brief cinnamon and vanilla taste to it as well. Some caramel seems to be present as an undertone.

Overall, I have to say this is a recommendable overproof best suited for those rum punches that need a little extra punch. Definitely a good go-to rum for cocktails. Also, reading the label is entertaining as well (although I honestly cannot figure out how they manage to come up with all those intricate flavor profiles...oh, well...I am, at best, an amateur offering my personal measly opinion).

ADDENDUM 4/4/2017: This works exceedingly well in Coke Zero. One must be a little more cautious in how much one adds to the Coke Zero but the flavors mesh quite well. Delicious.

To be honest, I bought this to make kick ass Cuba libras but found out it stands up on its own, although drinking it neat is on a par with going into an Indian restaurant and ordering the hottest curry on the menu.
Neat, it kicks like a mule, but has a surprising depth and complexity that comes through the alcoholic assault.
Over ice, this rum becomes much easier to drink, letting the oak and molasses shine.
Enjoyable, but handle with care!

I am quickly learning that the fine folks at Plantation never disappoint!! Nose is like cherry cola on steroids, mellowed out by a bit of butterscotch. High octane aroma, but nothing particularly profound. Palate has plenty of molasses, and some dried fruit character too (we're talking real dried fruit, not your sugar-loaded craisins). Again, all there from the get go, very good, rather one-dimensional. But you know what? This rum OWNS that one dimension!! And besides, you probably won't be sipping your overproof rums, you'll be mixing them, so that bumps this rum up to top notch! Surprise, another winner from Plantation!

This rum is the best rum I have had in the Planation collection and the most useful overproof I have had the chance to work with. While I do not recommend sipping this rum straight, it is a powerhouse in just about any rum cocktail. Sub in half an ounce (or a whole one if you ain't afraid of some booziness) of this for your next daiquiri and watch your ordinary drink transform into something amazing.

I can't sipping this but in a Mia Tia or an old fashion this baby shined.. it has a unique after taste I can't seem to figure out.. pair with artisan 3 star plantation rum and simple sugar with a citrus fruit and a splash of cola it really gets you where you're going.

Unlike Plantation's 73% ABV Original Dark Overproof comprised solely of Trinidad rums, O.F.T.D. (Old Fashioned Traditional Dark) is a new 69% ABV blend of rums from Jamaica, Guayana and Barbados. It tastes of burnt caramel, dark molasses and has a smokiness not usually found in rums. While this wouldn't be my first choice for a sipper, I think it will become an indispensable staple for the tiki repertoire.


To me, this felt like the target was a traditional navy rum, in flavor profile, not just ABV. However, it does differ in a couple of respects. I get butterscotch on the nose. A touch of pineapple, buttery and fruity notes, plus that Navy rum twang. This will work very well in a number of cocktails where a strong rum profile is required. A very nice effort, and a good addition to the Plantation line.


Oh Fxxk That's Delicious!

Funky/ hogo flavour of Jamaican rum, chocolate fudge and fruity dried fruits along with cooked banana.
2 drops of water, less funky while it enhance the notes of chocolate fudge, coffee, cloves, raisins and woody in the glass.

Funky sour cherry and chocolate with caramel while sipping. Slight burning sensation due to alcohol but acceptable.
2 drops of water, enhance the flavour of caramel, banana and chocolate. Unsweetened banoffee pie.

End with dry finishing and dried fruits. Length was shorter than expectation yet it does provide balance finishing.


Little funk, overproof, and value. My only complaint is i find myself want to drink this one neat (i have tried much to my throat's dismay). This one is fun to play around with in cocktails. Its potent enough to do the trick, but has an excellent funky flavor that can enhance your cocktail in more ways than just strength. If you find a bottle, buy it.

I had been told this was one of the better rums out there, so I grabbed a bottle. It is a good pour - a lot of heat that melts away into tobacco and molasses with a hint of a sweet finish that has a lingering spice to it.

I would not say it is one of the best rums I have had, but it is a very good pour that I will definitely pick up on occasion. Does not drink like an overproof, and I found it best after letting it air out for a few minutes.

With some water, it opened up and revealed a nice palet of fruit

Burnt sugar, molasses and pure spirit.
That is all but not enough for great rum.

So smooth for being overproof. It has a great funk. Love this in cocktails. It also has a great story behind it. If you're into Tiki drinks this is a must have.

Beautiful dark amber color. This very round and hot rum with aromas of dried fruit and vanilla is a superb blend created by experts in rum for bartenders for the creation of exotic cocktails. This version at 69% is a beautiful success. If you search for the definition of this acronym O.F.T.D, look at some comments below ;-)

What happens when you take seven rum experts (Jeff "Beachbum" Berry, Martin Cate, Alexandre Gabriel, Paul McFadyen, Paul McGee, Scotty Schuder, and David Wondrich), put them in the same room, grant them access to everything Plantation has available, and ask them to re-invent their Original Dark Overproof? As the legend goes, upon tasting a near-final blend, Wondrich exclaimed, "Oh f***, that's delicious!"—to which the others readily assented. Wanting that to be the name (remember, it had been a long day of rum tasting) but realizing it probably wouldn't fly, they borrowed the acronym and re-applied it to the somewhat redundant "Old Fashioned Traditional Dark".

Fortunately, it's all of those things—old-fashioned, dark, delicious... The nose bursts forth with strong, sweet, creamy butterscotch and brown sugar. (I usually dislike butterscotch, but it's just perfect here.) There's also a hint of baking spices. It hits your tongue at full force, with a pleasant burn.

Most of the rum in this blend hails from Guyana, but is expertly complemented by funky Jamaican and rich pot-still Bajan rums (unlike the Original Dark Overproof, which was Trinidadian). With its great complexity, sweetness, and high-octane kick, OFTD is just begging to be shaken or blended into something tasty. Try subbing it in for recipes that call for overproof, navy-style, or Jamaican rums; you may encounter—as the creators of this masterful blend did—something unexpected and wonderful.

True to Plantation form, the bottle is elegantly presented, with heaps of enjoyable literature adorning the label. (Kudos to Plantation's marketing and design team!)

What amazes me is the value at which Plantation has brought this to market—~$30 for a liter of high-quality, 138-proof booze? What are they drinking?! (Oh, yeah...) Here's to hoping they keep this accessible as a bar mixer for the masses. Like Stiggin's Fancy, I do see this as becoming a mainstay of the Plantation lineup for years to come.


Overproof rum is a world on its own, and it is certainly not for the faint of heart. With that being said, if you enjoy the burn, then you will probably love this edition from Plantation.

Nose: Plum, caramel and a light funk infused with banana bread
Taste: Very rich taste of maple, overripe fruit and a nice smoky body. Long warm aftertaste that spreads from the mouth, not only to the throat, but the whole body.
Overall: This rum is really something special. The 69% abv is something, that will scare of some people, and that is understandable, but if you are up for it you will get a tasting experience like no other.

Didn't know what to expect when I tried this one, but after tasting it, definitely more than I expected. Great flavor profile, amazing after taste, hardly any burn. I will for sure keep this on hand for parties.

I think I will not get myself on this boat again, but that was a nice experience. Pirates would definitily kill for its power and taste, and strong influence on body;)

Toller overproof. Explosion im Mund!
Nur pur zu genießen.

Really has a punch... After the initial burn I was very pleasantly surprised by the good and full taste.

Very interesting overproof blend consisting of Jamaica, Guyana and Barbados rums.
Nose: strong cinnamon, nutmeg, sweet tropical fruit.
Taste: Strong cinnamon clove and nutmeg, vanilla and good amount of oak. I can taste the Jamaica and Gyuana rum characteristics, but not the Barbados ones that much.
Finish: spicy, quite dry and bit oaky.
I had to add some water to be able to taste it properly, otherwise it kicks like a mule.
It can be sipped on its own even though it isnt aged, has just enough character for that but it really shines in cocktails.

Some sweetness, spiciness, fruits, thin taste, maybe little dry & after that a huge burn make you say Mexican drink or what?.... Stop read coments dont buy it you drink & pay pure alcohol a marketing fraud....

It hits those Jamaican ester notes, but doesn't go overboard with them. It's overproof but drinks like it has a fiery spice instead of like jet fuel. The overripe banana transitions perfectly into those almost dusty dried fruit flavors. There's some interesting tobacco and coffee flavors in there that, when mixed, bloom into a soft chocolatey-ness.

Neat is almost too dense of a flavor, but splash some water in there and you have a wonderful drink. Mix it and it will do wonders.

What a rum.

Cette bouteille est a mon sens la réponse, en toute simplicité, a la question "qu'est ce que le rhum".
Une attaque franche et fraîche , des notes épicées et légèrement caramel.
Une grande réussite a mon sens