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Medium appleton estate exclusive rum

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8 Appleton Estate Exclusive ratings

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Not if but when you tour the Appleton rum factory in Jamaica be sure to budget to buy this bottle before they are all gone !
A great rum to be warmed up !

We endured temperatures above 45 degrees + our little shuttle bus had to make numerous stops along the way to let people out to puke due to the bumpy hot conditions.
But it was all worth it though. I managed to acquire two bottles (one signed by Joy Spence).
In terms of taste; this is not overly sweet and not as much oak as the 30 year old. Very smooth but at $250 dollars a pop, it is a little bit expensive for what it is.

When in Jamaica visit the Appleton destillery - the only place you can buy this rum. It's really good and complex. Not especially sweet, so if you are a sugar lover, it might not be your thing.

I purchased a bottle in the case from Appleton when there in 2013. Learning now that it's no longer being offered, I'm hesitant to open the bottle, diminishing the value.
I've not yet found a quality Appleton rum that I enjoy, but this being the best I've had my hands on really teeters me on the "do I or don't I" fence.
Perhaps I'll put it to the forum for feedback.

Too bad it's in limited quantities (AND only available at the estate, AND Incredibly expensive when you factor in the travel cost to get it) or it would be my "GO TO" rum (instead of my "There is NO WAY you've been THAT nice to me" rum)

PS. Considering the cost of traveling to the Appleton estate from Canada to be able to get a bottle of this one, it makes the 50 year old at $5000.00 a bottle (Available at a liquor store near here) seem almost "Affordable",,,LOL

This is so smooth. It's worth the trip to Appleton's in Jamaica to get a bottle.

I found this rum a more flavorful taste, I have used this in a few recipes and it has given them a most wonderful taste, along with compliments.

sip dont gulp