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Medium flor de cana gran reserve 7 rum

Flor De Cana Gran Reserve 7 is produced in Nicaragua using a three-column still process. Distilled according to a precise recipe, the rum is aged for seven years in charred oak barrels that previously held Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.

Flor De Cana is part of the Grupo Pellas, Compañia Licorera de Nicaragua, SA. The name, Flor De Cana, means “flower of the sugarcane.

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Starts off with some nice caramel overtones, but the alcohol aftertaste is pretty unpleasant. Not enough going on here to make it a compelling sipper, yet it mixes well enough. And it's cheap. I won't ever need to buy a second bottle, because there are much better rums in this middle-shelf category.

Does not seem to be sweetened like so many "aged" rums, so might not appeal to fans of Zacapa and the like. Subtle flavors of smoke, tobacco, leather, dark fruits. It can often be found for under $20 at which price it is a good bargain.

This is my go to rum. No tricks or gimmicks here. Inexpensive. Good to drink straight up. I prefer with a little ice and lime. Rum to ya!

While not as complex as the 12 & 18 yr, FdC 7 yr is smooth enough to drink neat. This dry rum may not suit those who prefer artificially sugared rums but for me the notes of caramel, vanilla and oak blend well enough to make this a decent sipping rum.


This rum has a nice color. The nose has some caramel, hints of vanilla and some charred oak. Tasting provides nice caramel, vanilla, oak and liquorice. The alcohol afterburn is really nice and enjoyable. A good rum for any collection!


I first found the 7 year several years ago when I was returning from Aruba. I've since limited myself to the 18 year and mixed with the Extra Dry 4 year. I just found a bottle of this in Kentucky and I realized how much I liked it as an every day sipper. Good middle of the road sipper.

The first rum I tasted on it's own, and still one of my favourites. Good enough to drink straight, but you wouldn't feel bad about putting in some ice, a slice of lemon or, why not, a dash of coca cola (but only a dash). Flor de Caña always keeps its distinct molasses-taste, also in this younger brother of the family.

This is my standard rum of choice. Oddly enough, I found it mixed best with sweet tea.

Aged for 7 years, Flor de Cana Gran Reserve offers the option of drinking it neat or mixing it in a cocktail or with coke. With a price tag of about $20, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a satisfactory rum either.
Think about trying the other fine rums in the Flor de Cana family as well! You can't go wrong...CHEERS!

Light to medium color. Delicate honey nose, very pleasant. This is a really nice, fairly light bodies sipper. A friend gave this to me, and having had the 12 (not wildly impressed) I expected little. Needless to say I'm surprised at how pleasant it is. A nice caramel touch up front, with a short fruit finish. I actually wouldn't recommend this for mixing as its charms would be buried. Not a world calss sipper, but for the money, you can't miss.

Natural tasting rum with a grassy Agricole-like base flavor and some mild aged flavors like vanilla and oak over the top. I do mean mild when I say mild. This has a little more bite than the 12 yr and maybe a little more flavor as well but it's still a light simple tasting rum without much sweetness or any particular flavor popping out at you. I can say that it tastes like rum and not a bourbon or sweet wine finish. Ok to sip and excellent mixer.Update: i had some again recently and the flavor is kind of blah to me at thia point, i taste predominantly charcoal and a bit of sweetness. Im now calling this the vodka of rums cuz thats what it tastes like.

Having first familiarized myself with Havana Club 7, I assumed FdC 7 would be similar (direct competitors, even). Tasting this one, and then both side by side, I was surprised to find that they are remarkably different! While the HC is rich, oaky, and smokey, this FdC is rather lighter-bodied... off-sweet, with notes of vanilla and caramel. To me, the Flor de Caña is like a dryer version of the candy-like Plantation Barbados 5! (Which can only be a good thing.) However, it also has some off-putting high-notes at first pour.

So, although I'm a little disappointed not to have found a HC doppelgänger state-side, and am no longer sure quite what flavor profile to look for when a classic recipe calls for Spanish-style/Puerto Rican rum, I'm satisfied with my purchase and enjoying mixing with it very much.

Kudos for FdC for not adulterating their rums with gobs of sugar! I may decide to use this as my go-to Gold/Spanish-style column-distilled aged rum, with Mt. Gay Eclipse (which is blended) as a budget back-up.

Very appealing 's a sipper. Mixes very well and is a good rum to have in the cabinet. It's quality belies the price point it is at.

On the rocks this is a winner, without ice its a bit rough.
Very good as a drink mixer!

I hate this rum because anytime I open a bottle it just gone! Magic.

This my favorite rum and my friends have the same oppinion, it is good sipping and just exploited with mixing; cubata, floridita, punch, maitai all of them are special with this single state rum

Very similar to the 12yo, but with a comparatively needed lack of smoothness. A steal of a price too.

edited to add sugar test results- 0g

Sugar: 0 gpl. This is a very good rum for mixed drinks. I tried this several times which means I drank several bottles of this for mixed drinks. It's good value for the money and as a Gold Rum it is my go to for mixing.

Decent rum for the price. its a good mixer although it could def use some improvement, to smooth out the alcohol taste. its a good everyday rum and better than most others for the price. Dont know if I want to keep buying this one might switch to Appleton V/X

Very smooth and deep taste for a very reasonable price, one of the finest aged rums to date for me!

While you can enjoy this rum on the rocks, it's not complex enough to justify sipping on it's own. But it will clearly make your Cuba Libres better than your standard Bacardi or Havana Club.

This was my go-to for budget mixing rum for many years. Smooth flavor that goes great in coke or other mixers, and just couple dollars more than captain. I still get a bottle every once in a while, amazing rum for the price! It's acceptable on the rocks, but I feel it really shines as a mixer.

Very similar to other aged. Great with darl cola for an all night drink. Smooth with creamy Oak flavors.

Not as nice as the 12 or 18 but still a really nice rum on the rocks or with coke

Available full time in Ontario, this is my “usual”. Poured on an ice cube is good, but a little cola or OJ is better.

Picked up a bottle of this at airport duty free and I am rumming while reviewing! Mixing with a little slash of coke and a slice of lemon. Not too sweet, not harsh at all. Recommended as an affordable cabinet rum.