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J. Wray Silver rum

J. Wray Silver

Jamaica | Light

5.6/10(11 ratings)
Easily consumable in a bind


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11 J. Wray Silver ratings

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Posted 10 months ago by xrodriguez from United States with 21 ratings

Definitely a mixer. But a very good one. Way better than Bacardi.


Posted 10 days ago by MatLen from Greece with 15 ratings

White, light rums are mixers. I see people ratting white, light rums very low mentioning the "sipping" factor. Nobody said that this kind is good for sipping. These are party, mixing, cocktail rums and should be rated as such. J Wray is an absolutely fine, fruity and tasteful rum. Far better than average found in grocery stores, got the funk and really enjoyable either with fruit juice or classic coke. Had it with sparkling pink grapefruit and a few grains of cinnamon. Fantastic. J Wray silver is Jamaica in the mix!


Posted over 1 year ago by Tikiducks from United States with 54 ratings

I can't really tell you why I like this rum. I could not get any real flavors from it, but to me it just tasted good.


Posted 3 years ago by neatonly from Hungary with 3 ratings

Has a lot of alcohol smell and bite, so not the smoothest to drink neat. Despite this I keep finishing and buying bottles. Ofcourse the price is great and it has a happy taste that I haven't found elsewhere: the taste of marshmallows. Notes: alcohol, candy, tropical fruits, sugar, vanilla.

(I think this is the same as Appleton White)


Posted over 3 years ago by Larry Meek from United States with 7 ratings

Really good mixer for just about anything. Good flavor that is present but not overpowering. Good value too. Don't need to overthink this one if u wanna mix. Just grab it and go.


Posted 1 year ago by coolkayaker from United States with 16 ratings

Good quality white rum with a good price. I always drink on ice or in my Pina Coladas. On the rocks, I get a smoky, smooth almost earthy and kind of roasted marshmallow taste. Not too bad!


Posted 1 year ago by Paul B (PREMIUM) from United States with 365 ratings

I had already tried their horrible overproof as well as their gold rum, so I was hesitant to try this one. At only $16 in the hopes of finding hogo funk in a white rum, it was worth a try. Well, as I sip this one neat, all of the hogo has been filtered out. It is not offensive, but cannot quite compare to my top white rums. The back of the label recommends mixing it with fruit juices or using it in mojitos, and I agree on both counts. However, the fruit juices need to be more assertive than guava. This one is simply Appleton Silver in a new bottle and label. Much better than Bacardi Superior or anything from Captain Morgan.


Posted 1 year ago by scallywagg444 from United States with 20 ratings

Solid, but nothing special. Plain, but smooth, very little burn. I did read someone else say it is oily - I would need to sip again, but that sounds accurate. Not syrupy, no real flavors to detect (ultra-filtered?), but I drink my rum neat and this will do. No complaints, you could do worse. This rum at least has no added sugars or flavors (per the law in Jamaica).


Posted 2 years ago by whyisalltherumgone from United States with 6 ratings

It's an ok rum, and just that. The smell, somewhat tropical, is more pleasing than the taste. Poor for sipping, bad for shots, okay for mixing.


Posted over 2 years ago by IceMan from United States with 12 ratings

There is nothing remarkable here. Not that there pretends to be, but this is a somewhat bland, oily, and rather pedestrian rum priced to compete with Bacardi. It is smoother than Bacardi, with slightly more flavor, but for only a few dollars more you can get a vastly superior rum somewhere else on the shelf. It has an aged note with some vanilla, and a fleeting bit of funk, but this is a rum you buy when you want to make a drink with rum but not taste rum. Sold for $16 at a local liquor store at the time of my purchase a year ago, but now selling for $20. At $16 it's okay. At $20, keep looking.