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Flor de Caña Extra Lite 4 rum

Flor de Caña Extra Lite 4

Nicaragua | Light

5.9/10 (15 ratings)
Easily consumable in a bind


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15 Flor de Caña Extra Lite 4 ratings

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Posted 3 months ago by Krille_8000 from Sweden with 20 ratings

It's ok too drink as sipper with ice and some lime. But it's most def better to use for drinks as Mojitos and such.

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Posted 6 months ago by eddieo from United States with 92 ratings

This is a filtered 4 yr rum with the body of a light rum and higher abv than FdC’s aged companions. It’s harsh on the after taste, and has little flavor carried over from the aging process - just a touch of molasses on the nose - so it’s really unpleasant to sip, but better as a shooter and best suited as a mixer with fresh juices or other other applications that mask its overall straight alcohol flavor.

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Posted 7 months ago by Erik Marum from United States with 29 ratings

Rating it this high because it is really smooth. But not much flavor and probably only good for a mixer. Since flavor profile is so neutral and it is damn smooth, this would go well in pretty much anything. Consuming any other way, besides just to get drunk, is not advisable.

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Posted 8 months ago by IME24322 from Costa Rica with 7 ratings

Sirve bastante bien para mesclar, de lo contrario su sabor quema bastante!!

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Posted almost 2 years ago by Joola69 from United States with 2651 ratings

Enjoyed a bottle of Flor de Cana Ultra Lite 4y old rum while vacationing in Costa Rica. Easily available at most local grocery stores for $14 a bottle. Mediocre bottle and label design. Pure alcohol to the nose and palate. This is a dry light rum. Strong burn at the end, so better mix this one with your favorite soda.

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Posted almost 3 years ago by Dante De Rubin from Mexico with 42 ratings

Its a good option to drink in a night club, its a good rum for the Cubas libres.

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Posted over 3 years ago by Tony Lindo from Panama with 133 ratings

este ron excelente para preparar mojitos de paladar fuerte y como todo ron blanco excelente para mezclar

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Posted over 3 years ago by Mo McGurk from United States with 174 ratings

One of my early rums as I ventured away from Bacardi. It mixed well for me at the time, but I don't know if my tastes have changed enough to change the rating.

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Posted about 4 years ago by Unai from Spain with 45 ratings

Un ron que sirve para combinados como su hermano el extra Dry

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Posted about 4 years ago by Jakotech from Norway with 43 ratings

Got served this in a drink in Nicaragua. Good times.