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Based on people's ratings, I didn't have high hopes, but I think it's pretty not bad. Drinking it right now and it's an easy sipper, pretty smooth, not much burn. Worth a try, depending on how much you pay for it.

I resent the trash that is Bacardi, that said this is closer to tolerable then most of their bilge

I've never been a big Bacardi fan but a friend of mine got a bottle of this so I gave it a try. I drink my rum neat so that is the way I tried this one. It is not the worst I have ever tried, in fact it wasn't that bad. Fairly smooth and not bad taste. I don't know what he paid but there are better choices out there.

Po celou dobu velmi ovocne - ovocna zavarenina, tropicke plody. V chuti na pozadi smetanove kremove a zaroven intenzivne korenite. Korenitost pretrvava az do konce dozvuku. Nijak komplexni, nicmene velmi prijemna zalezitost

Anejo rums are starting to gain a greater level of traction in the marketplace, and Bacardi has come to understand this. The 8 years spent in cask has allowed for a beautiful sipping spirit, as well as serious mixer to develop.
It has a thicker mouthfeel than many other rums, and it may be from added sugar, though nothing is cloying at all with the sweetness. I find much of the flavor to be smooth, and teasing. Molasses, toffee, spices, and pleasant, smokey dark chocolate that opens into a touch more sweetness and nuttiness with water. Coconut water is a real winner for mixing, otherwise its quite nice on its own, or over ice. Picked this bottle up for $18.

The only Bacardi Rum that I used to drink was the Anejo, which was about 20 years ago, until I found better rums in other brands. Everyone likes to berate Bacardi, which is so easy to do, but I went searching through these reviews to see if I could find their top of the line rum without having to take the expensive distillery tour and pouring one's own bottle. This one fit the bill at an affordable price.

I happened to pick up a bottle of this for about $28 on the way to an out of town concert. It was in one of those fancy canisters usually found for single malt scotches. When I got to the counter, the clerk praised me for choosing "top shelf". Then I went online to search for the difference between bottles labeled as "Gran Reserva" like mine as opposed to those bottles of a slightly different shape without that phrase. I could not find much at all other than Gran Reserva is from the Bahamas and the other version may be from Puerto Rico or the Bahamas. Yes, it's just like Bacardi to keep the drinking public confused.

Since my goal is to add to my collection of neat sippers, this was one of my first tastes. I was unimpressed to say the least. It has a strange smell and a rather bitter aftertaste. Compared to my ultimate favorite of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva (and for only $7 more), this Bacardi 8 is left behind in the dirt. Adding a few drops of water did not help. Adding ice cubes did not help. If this is what dry rums taste like, then I want no more. I did not even bother to waste lime juice and simple syrup as mixers because this won't even cut it as a mixer rum. There are many other better mixers than this one and they are also cheaper. I have basically fallen for Bacardi's marketing schemes. So go ahead and berate Bacardi because they have earned those low ratings. I tried to avoid this trend, but they will never get any more of my money. As for the empty bottle being used to store complex pre-mixed Tiki drinks, others such as Papas Pilar and Pyrat XO work better and you also don't have to keep looking at the Bacardi bat every time you open it up.

There are only a few other rums that I found to be worse than this one and none are from Bacardi. When a rum collector takes risks, eventually they wind up with some horrible stuff that is even worse than Bacardi or Captain Morgan. I will not lower myself by adding ratings from those crappy rums just to boost up my number of reviews. After all, this site is here to help us all into avoiding buying such crap in the first place. This site has saved me lots of money in my experimenting with rums that fit my flavor profile. For less than three grand, I now have a damn fine rum collection with very few failures after only 8 weeks.

Es un ron suave, dulce, fácil de mezclar o tomarlo sólo, cuando no te des cuenta te dará una patada y te dejará feliz. Es uno de mis rones favoritos para ir de fiesta o estar con los amigos en la casa. Yo lo mezclo con Coca Cola.

Kupoval jsem pro přítelkyni čistě kvůli labelu (a literární reminiscenci na něj) a čekal něco jako trochu lepší Havana Club Anejo Especial (tedy nic moc). Překvapivě to ale nebylo špatné ani simplexní. Na hypermarketový rum této cenové kategorie (platil jsem pod 600 Kč za litrovku - "product of Bahamas") dokonce velmi uspokojivé.
Přišlo mi to jako "light" verze Presidente 15-Year, který mě nijak nenadchnul, zatímco takto zjemněná podoba mi přišla výrazně snesitelnějsí, jak chuťově, tak čichově.
Na druhé straně pokud je pravdivý reklamní blábol "původně určen pouze pro členy rodiny Bacardi a jejich nejbližší přátele", musela to být poměrně nevybíravá famílie. Nicméně běžného konzumenta tohle pití určitě neurazí, ač samozřejmě asi ani neuchvátí. Láhev s četnými lisovanými ochrannými prvky a dřevěným špuntem s natištěným netopýrem rovněž nepůsobí nijak lacině.
Úhrnem - i "major" značka se někdy utne a vyrobí něco poživatelného. Ale Plantation Barbados Grande Reserve mi za stejné (respektive levnější) peníze pořád přijde mnohem lepší.

what else to say. When in supermarket looking for some quick gift and there is no other fine rum, bacardi 8 will do the job.

This rum surprised me, when after my first bottle ,I noticed that I have not rated it. At $32can this is a smooth sipper, sweet and uncomplicated. I am glad to have sipped my second bottle to realize this is no ordinary Bacardi.

Tried the Bacardi 8 Gran Reserva rum at the Bacardi distillery in San Juan last year and it's just ok with a strong burn at the end and the traditional mish-mash flavor profile and very close to the Bacardi 8 year old.


Der Bacardi 8 años Gran Reserva ist ein sehr leckerer Rum in einer stilvollen Flasche und einer edel aussehenden Geschenkdose. Der Geschmack ist süßlich, angenehm und komplex. Im Vergleich zu anderen, günstigeren Rums von Bacardi schon sehr lecker.

Am not the best person to ask for advise when buying rum, but here is one I really enjoy. On its own I had to get used to a rather sweet rum, leaving a tone of caramel on my pallet. Almost too sweet for me.
But with Coke, this one is a joy to drink!
Would definately buy again.

Dried fruit, spice, cinnamon, oak and smoke aroma. Taste, smooth and pretty much the same from the nose plus hints of vainilla and caramel with more lingering smoke. A few drops of water makes it sweeter and a bit more spicy. Since, the aroma and the aftertaste are so similar having it neat becomes...kind off.. boring. But makes a great rum for an Old Fashioned cocktail.


My review is for the new bottling "Carta Ocho", which is the 8-year rum of the new line.
I bought it because i read a very good review on a blog and i am very satisfied by this underestimated rum.
It is a balanced rum that goes well on the rocks, in simple spirit-driven cocktails and is even drinkable neat.
I think that at 20€ (i paid my bottle 16) you will hardly find something better.

The initial alcohol aroma and taste is overpowering. As a result I don't find this rum particularly flavourful, but after breathing for a few minutes the hint of caramel lends smoothness to an otherwise harsh spirit. I would not recommend this as a sipping rum, but I would highly recommend it for mixing.


I have only heard bad things about Bacardi, but this was suprisingly nice. However, it does not have much depth to it and serves much better in a rum sour than neat.

The best from all Bacardi line. Good with coke and ice.


I think the difference is that this one is from the Bahamas, while all the others are from Puerto Rico.
A little bit smokey and not too sweet. The taste itself is quite average.