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I think the "bat device" took a massive guano in this barrel.... every year for 8 years. Serious gut rot. Serious water trots.

What a mistake this one was! I thought possibly Bacardi could make a good product if it was aged long enough... Wrong! this still taste like low tier shitty old standard bacardi gold! Don't waste your money on this.. Hangover waiting to happen, and adds nothing to a mix drinks flavor profile other than nastiness.

I’ve had worst Bacardi rum. I was expecting more from this one. Still not a very good rum. I come to the conclusion that Bacardi rums are not for me.


- Please take my review as a particular issue, I do not want to generalize. - I've bought this bottle of Bacardi with very high hopes, but I had to face my biggest disappointment in rums so far. The price is average for an 8 year old rum, maybe even a little less. The bottle looks especially appealing, classy, creates the impression of quality in the buyer. But let's check what's in it. After opening, I have to say, I encountered with the strangest smell of rum ever. It smelled totally like plastic, mixed with a bit of alcohol. Similar to when you buy new shoes with that stinky rubber sole... I tried to taste it, but this chemical scent was unfortunately present in the flavor as well. After taking another look at the bottle that's when I realized what has happened. It has a plastic corking - and the bottle I assume must have been stored somewhere for ages - and this plastic got interacted with the alcohol somehow, and started to release the penetrating chemical smell. Tasting was over. I've poured the rum into a clean scentless glass bottle and leave it for a while, just to give it another chance. Two weeks later, the smell improved a bit but the taste is still awful. So I decided to contact Bacardi about this, I'll try to update my review after receiving their reply. I wonder if this issue with the 'cork' affects all their product range, and whether some fellow rum fans had the same issue.


So, take this with a lot of salt, as this is my first rum review.
I gotta say, having drank Bacardi all my life (with coke) this was a major disappointment. I tried this neat, to experience all the flavors, and couldn’t discern anything good. There was just bitterness. I couldn’t finish the shot, dumped a bit of coke in it, and still tasted paint thinner. I preceded it with another rum neat, so I know I can enjoy rum, just this isn’t one to do it with.

Well now, I expected a bit more from an 8 year rum particularly when the 12 - year Eldorado was priced a good 8 dollars less and was a much fuller, smoother taste. Not my favorite by any means. Is this a blended rum?

Sure, bacardi might be very commercial but they do have some good/very good additions! This is one of them, very drinkable, straight or with coke. Pretty decent rum imo

This one is as bad or worse than the 8 years. I dont know what all of you that give this rum a high rating have been drinkig lately but this is nowhere near a decent rum.

De sabores fuertes a alcohol. Me recordo un mount gay pero de peor calidad

Pour on some ice and it's not terrible but definitely not what one might hope for.

N- Dust of wood shaves with inviting dried orange and hint of coffee underlay, started well but nosedive to hollowness. (80/17)

P- Some nice cocoa and orange peel with mellow coat of oak. But way too light and diluted for serious sipping enjoyment. (80/17)

F- Short, touch of nice dryness but lacking overall. (78/16)

Body / Balance- Waste of aging time with hefty dilution, what is the point of aging it at all? (78/16)

Weighted Rate- 66pt
— at The Rum Bar KL.


Nice amber colour. My first rum. The nose - I get notes of sweetness like caramel and also a smokeyness. The palate - Something fruity. Very smooth but with a sharp after taste. I give it a six because I think it's good but it's my first rum.

From what i remember i was surprised by smoothness of this rum, but what u would expect when u switch from bozkov and captain morgan. But i cant recall the taste, so its obviously not memorable.

it’s all about managing your expectations. At this price point (approx $35 Canadian) it’s rare to find a Rum that one can sip without grimacing. It competes with the Planation Grand Reserve 5 yr old for a value priced sipping rum and may actually come out ahead although there’s more than a $5 price difference between the two. It’s not as smooth as the higher priced sippers but you can’t expect it to be at this price. What it lacks in refinement is more than compensated for by its complexity and pleasant taste.

well done, typical bacardi flavour and aftertaste in premium service, good for fish and meat meal

Recommend Aircraft companies replace there current rage of the white Bacardi rum with this one ....easy drinking ....will buy again

This was smooth from start to finish. We sampled this over and over for quality control. We shared this on the rocks and will definitely keep some in the rum cupboard. This was preferred over the 10 year.

Smell is ok.
Taste is ok.
Aftertaste is ok.
Tasted in Billund ap

I quite enjoy the smell and the colour of Bacardi 8 Reserva Ocho. The oak prevails in the overall taste. I enjoy drinking that rum on the rocks, since it makes the overall flavour more balanced, less oaky taste.


I'd probably prefer Havana Club 7 to this as it has a little more richness, but this one is good.

Po pricichnuti, lehce ovocny nadech. Chut po napiti prijemne sladka, ale zavet bohuzel trochu ostrejsi.

Nice step up from the normal Bacardi rums. This one can be sipped and is quite nice. Just not great. A solid every day rum sipped or mixed.

I never tried the earlier version of this. My rating of 7 puts it on par with Diplo Reserva and El Dorado 8 in my ratings, which feels right. In fact I prefer it to the El Dorado for a less extreme oak finish. And it's price is a lot less than the Diplomatico. So it earns a permanent spot on my shelf. I enjoy it as a sipper, and it's bold enough I'm sure it would shine with almost any mixer.

Not much for a rich rum smell, only slight sweetness on the nose. Taste is little to no sweetness, very woody and oak, some slight dried fruit. Drinks almost closer to a whiskey. Finish is very smooth though and is fantastic for sipping. If you are not a fun of overtly sweet rums or syrupy rums, this is a fantastic choice. Great for its price point as well.