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Medium flor de cana extra dry 4 rum

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52 Flor de Cana Extra Dry 4 ratings

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A good entry-level light rum. At this price, most light rums have been filtered into a bland sameness, a little better than vodka. But this one actually has some spicy character. Certainly an improvement over Bacardi.

Flor De Cana doesn't really strike my fancy, they are drier rums that even with age are still harsh so I don't prefer them. I bought this bottle just because I figured it couldn't be a bad white rum, white's usually run harsh and drier so this was right up Flor De Cana's lane. I didn't give this a really fair test I figured it was gonna be like drinking the sun so I skipped out on the glacrain glass and opted for a 1 hit in the tumbler glass. Popping the top off it's a really good aroma for a white, vanilla oak (usual's) and it has a agricole kind of body. In the glass it is much the same with (surprisingly) no strong alcohol fumes, okay? weird. Drinking it straight I half expected Satan to spit in my mouth BUT WAIT A SECOND, it's actually really good, in fact really good straight. No harsh upfront burn or even afterburn, pleasant oak and vanilla with a unique tasting sugar cane, mildly dry with some spice that is very balanced. Honestly I am dumbfounded at how good of a white rum this is for it's price. I've paid much more for something of this quality. I think a lot of people are interpreting the price to be a factor of it's quality and rating it such. The Rum and Coke it makes is very similar to an aged rum and coke (15 year old rums). It has that same type of mellow rum character along with a dry fart of the cask that a lot of aged rums make. Definitely a must have staple for those that seek not only quality but bargain hunters as well. Why not a 9 or a 10? Well it's really not that complex, an 8 rum is a solid rum that can be enjoyed as a sipper but they are ultimately the B+ students, smart but still nothing standoutish. 9's and 10's do something very unique, they have a personality, they are bold, deep, rich and enticing. This doesn't have that appeal to it that those offer however it is still a fantastic choice.

This is my go to for mojitos and blender drinks. Great value, easy to find. Nothing stands out in this rum, which is good. Provides a nice neutral rum base to mixed drinks.

This solid mixing rum stands some steps above most light rums you see at the grocery/liquor store. Simple, clean. Sure, you can do better for special occasions, but at $10-15 per bottle, this flor is a no-brainer!

Update 5/18: Well, my source for this bottle jacked up the price, so now I can put my rating where it really ought to be. And considering the labor conditions associated with this brand, this bottle is best avoided.

6, 6+

I got this to use for mixing in Tiki drinks and it is the best for this role. Great price, perfect flavor, mixes perfect with fruit, so much better then any other white rum in this price range.

First off, the bottle I have reads "Flor de Caña Extra Seco" so it's the same thing, right? Anyway, this is a rum best suited as a mixer. A bit too rough for sipping IMHO but still has some nice flavors and not much sweet. Has distinct sugar cane flavor right off the bat but then that bat hits you in the throat...hard. Can catch the novice off-guard quite easily. However that sugar cane molasses flavor lends itself greatly in a number of mixed drinks especially fruit-based drinks IMHO. A few ounces of this with some good orange juice is a must. Very versatile in this respect. Good to have onhand for mixers.

The go-to "well" white rum for the home bar. Enough flavor to mix with, drinkable neat in a pinch. Very affordable and better than most at this price. Perfect for that hefty pour to make your night a little Tiki.

I compared this white rum side by side neat against my top ranked white rum that is easily available. Of course, this one had no contest against Selvarey White, but it is still way better than anything from Bacardi or Captain Morgan. It also has a bit more taste than Don Q Cristal, which has the ultimate penalty free drunk. Being that this one is extra dry, don't expect a hang over the next day. It is a good value mixer and that is all. However, don't even think of mixing it with grapefruit juice, since this is the mixture from hell.

Great value and my go to for mojitos, or just with lime and lots of ice in the summer. A good alternative to the bigger brands. Not much to say about it as it lack body and complexity. A good clear spirit though.

Not much of a nose. White rum. As sipper, thou I wouldn’t think it’s intended for that has definite alcohol to tongue. Definitely better with coke or as mixer. Helps cover flaws but not much more than adding alcohol to another drink

Go to daily rum, lends itself well to a variety of cocktails, favorite for its price, and better than many that are priced higher.

This white is nice, a good cocktail base spirit clean and crisp with underlying coconut flavours. I find it comparable to the el dorado 3 year old expression. I find it much more palatable than the flor de cana 5 year old gold rum also, and at £23 on Amazon it's a steal. Perfect if your a fan of whites, equally perfect if your a fan of daiquiris and mai tais. But not a sipper by a long stretch. I'm yet to find a white I can sip and keep on sipping.

This white rum is a little spicy, and has the dryest flavour profile, it also has the most flavour it doesn’t really burn but has a peppery finish. It doesn’t work in all cocktails but perhaps I wasn’t ready for all that flavour?

Один из лучших светлых ромов. Запоминающийся. Мягкий на вкус и даже в аромате. Опьянение без дури и потери сил. Я не любитель ванили, иначе дал бы 8/10.

I think this blows Bacardi out of the water for use in classic rum cocktails calling for white or Blanco rums.

As others might point out, this style of rum is particularly suited for mixing with fruit and citrus. I use it, along with its brothers and sisters, for fruit macerations to make Rhum Arrange. Always very pleased with the results, and often preferring this style of rum over others when mixing with fruits.

This is my go-to blanco. It is just complex enough to be interesting but also not too much so to be a turnoff. Grassy notes....makes a great daiquiri or Cuba libre

It's a smooth, decent rum. Unlike Don Q Cristal, it doesn't smell or taste like vodka. You can tell it's a rum. However, it still doesn't have very much flavor.

Perfecto para los tragos la piscina. un sabor dinámico y atrevido por conservar la dulzura del ron.

Grassy but firm white that works well in -surprise- anything seco.

Its a good option for the Cubas Libres and Mojitos!

Ok rum for mixers but not for sipping,too much alcohol

My rum tasting began 15 years ago with Flor de Cana 4, 5 and 7 year old bottles purchased from a gas station while road tripping in Central America. Great memories, but the fact is that these are not neat sipping rums. They will however make a very good rum-and-coke, and especially if enjoyed in its natural habitat.

As with most white rums, I don't really get it. It's clean and alcoholic, like what you remember vodka as being like from high school parties but with the tiniest bit of ester-y funk and without feeling like you just drank rocket fuel. I suppose you could say it's good for what it is, if by "good" we mean "doesn't make you question what you are doing with your life." It would make a very admirable well rum, but that's about it.

Admittedly it's really only being marketed as a mixer, but there are better choices out there. I've tried it in a mai tai along with a high-quality Spanish style column still rum (in my case, Ron del Barrilito 3-Star), and in that context it's pretty good. It doesn't really add anything to the flavor profile, though; it just extends the length of time until you have to buy another bottle of the column still. It's like adding sawdust to hamburger meat.

I suppose at a $20 price point it's decent, but for the same price you could get a fantastic bottle of Plantation 3 Star that fulfills the same purpose as this but with a ton more individuality and character.

I love all of the Flor de Cana line! Not to dry or sweet with a little astringent quality to it. Young aged rum that has developed a flavor portfolio that works well from nose to back of throat. Much better than Bacardi for sure.