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7 Cane Mill 8-Year ratings

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This rum is a bit difficult on which to obtain information. The label itself, a nice eyecatching design reminiscent of the late 19th century, does not give much information other than it comes from Barbados and is a blend of rums aged in charred white oak barrels for 8 years.. Online all I could find out is that it is a rum sold exclusively by the Total Wines & More chain (which is where I discovered it in Jacksonville, Florida) for $15 a bottle.

It has a mild yet pleasant odor in my snifter. A nice deep amber color yet a bit thin on legs. It is rather smooth with only a slight tannin bitterness. It seems a bit watery at the outset but a mild vanilla and brown sugar flavors become evident along with a slight pepperiness. It really is not very complex yet remains rather tasty. Not quite a sipping rum for me, but might be for the budget-minded rum connoisseur. IMHO this would make a very good mixing rum and at the price. In fact this rum can be considered a good bargain.


Strong flavors but not complex like many aged rums. I also like the strong alcohol taste but it is not mature (ie aged Scotch) or “anejo” like many of the rums I prefer (eg Flor De Cana). I prefer many others, especially at this price point, since I am on a budget.

A nice Bajan rum with a mild flavor and nice dark amber color. Great rum to mix with cocktails or enjoyed neat. The charred white oak barrels give this rum its distinct flavor and color and smoothness to boot. Only sold at Total Wines and More, I believe.

Solid Bajan with a little more bite than others I've tried. It has some mild funky dried fruit flavors that you would expect in an English style rum but they are faint. Some brown sugar is present with a dominant vanilla/coconut finish that stands out. Good rum and even better price. Kinda harsh and could be really great if it was smoother. sweet tasting and almost taste like sugar is added. Good with ice or water.

Drink mixed or or good enough neat. Dark brown color. Faint vanilla notes, quick finish. It's a respectable daily rum.

Appearance: Amber
Aroma: wood rosin, turpentine
Taste: slightly bitter, oaky, alcohol
Flavor: hint of molassess
Texture: light body, alcohol bite
Finish: short, bite

This rum, like the Doorly's XO, is quite smooth from the oak aging, but with higher toned floral accents and fig flavors. Deep amber in color, it looks great in the glass, enjoy it neat for its subtle complexity.