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J. Wray Gold rum

J. Wray Gold

Jamaica | Gold

25 ratings
Easily consumable in a bind


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25 J. Wray Gold ratings

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Posted almost 3 years ago by JackOrion from United States with 61 ratings

Nothing of great interest here. Useful for the party well when making inexpensive drinks. Only the slightest hint of funk and pretty neutral. Nothing offensive so not a bad choice for making non rummies a tropical drink.


Posted 6 months ago by iedalgic from United States with 2 ratings

I was pleasantly surprised by this rum. It has a little bit of the Jamaican funk, slight sweetness and oak. Not much burn for a rum that doesn't appear to be aged for too long, and very easy sipper. Not overly complex but the finish has a decent length, and the flavor is really nice.
Light in color but decent amount body. In my opinion this is better (and cheaper) than Appleton Signature blend.


Posted 3 years ago by RumGuy from United States with 22 ratings

At $15 I doubt this is for sipping but let's give it a go...

Very nice little funkiness going on. Very mellow on the nose, you really have to inhale deeply to get even a burn. Tropical fruits, honey, mango nectar, cooked banana is really strong.
Surprisingly bland as it hits the tongue but develops as it goes down. The funkiness comes through really nicely. I would almost describe it as tangy.

Overall, this is a great cheap bottle to mix with or to sip on if thats your style. Very good example of a funky Jamaican rum with not too many frills. Very nice value for the price range.


Posted over 3 years ago by Tim from Canada with 67 ratings

Decent enough as a Jamaican mixer, but lord have mercy bumboclaat, there is so much better.


Posted over 4 years ago by Kurt Lauerman from United States with 41 ratings

No idea why Appleton Special renamed to this. Standard Jamaica rum, got that funk and probably not a sipper. Still an authentic Jamaica rum. Ya mon


Posted 18 days ago by Wo1fpacker from United States with 13 ratings

The nose is a very unobtrusive banana and light ginger. Taste is a subtle honeysuckle and clove but ultimately is anemic compared to other Appleton expressions. Would recommend as a mixer to stretch more expensive rums or to sip of you're not feeling up to the headier stuff.


Posted 6 months ago by DougDoesNotCare from United States with 38 ratings

Nothing fancy here, just a decent Jamaican rum with just the tiniest hint of funk.


Posted 7 months ago by El Cap from United States with 62 ratings

Not great on its own but mixes in with some other rums and some fruit juice, citrus and bitters, and you will not complain.

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Posted 11 months ago by MerMama from United States with 30 ratings

I had low expectations due to some of the reviews on this site and the low cost of this rum, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It's not a bad sipper - not great - but not bad. It adds a nice layer to cocktails, but it doesn't shine through like one of my Plantation offerings. I have so many better rums that I won't waste much time drinking it. I think its' best use will be for guests at my home tiki bar who are not big rum drinkers.


Posted 11 months ago by aforbesbiz from United States with 2 ratings

I think this rum is the quintessential Jamaican style rum. Of course it is not a fine sipping rum, but contrary to other reviews, I actually think this one is fine to drink neat. It has just a touch of funk and isn’t overly harsh compared with other rums in its price range. I think it is far superior to something like Bacardi Gold. It’s my go-to Jamaican rum for punches and goes great with cola.


Posted over 1 year ago by DerMassi from Germany with 20 ratings

Appleton special with a new badge, Jamaican funk, not my friend but a nice neighbor to party with.