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Medium flor de cana centenario 21 rum

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Well... I am surprised this site rates the new 25 FdC higher than this one. To me the 25 is great and a logical step up from the 18 within FdC's regular product range, but the 21 centenario is a one off, with a very distinct character, and even better. I was lucky enough to stumble upon one of the very last of those gorgeous blue ceramic bottles in a liquor store in Honduras. It stayed on my shelf for a couple of years until I had a special occasion to open it. I wasn't dissapointed. This rum makes me want to sing, it is simply vibrant. Alive. Predominantly I get a lot of apple, or candied apple, raisins, pears and other ripe fruits. But it doesn't taste as sugary jam/jelly like the Zacapa 23. It's much more adult in taste. I have yet to encounter a better bottle.

Flor de Cana 21 year old was initially tasted at the Flor de Cana distillery in Chichigalpa Nicaragua and the initial feeling was much more closer to a high end cognac instead of a sweet and flavorful aged rum. It is very smooth and has hardly any afterburn, but it is very dry for an aged rum. If you like cognac, you will absolutely fall in love with this rum. This rum is nearly impossible to find in the US and comes in a fancy looking purple velvet pouch.

This really is a great rum !
Not too sweet and very complex.
I'm so happy i found 3 bottles in a local liquor store.

este ron de suave sabor y con notas dulces me hizo recordar lo hermosa que es la vida de cuerpo aterciopelado uno de los grandes de mi cava

its content, however, leaves a little more to be desired. Flor de cana produces fine rums so the expectations were quite high and perhaps that was the reason why I was a bit disappointed. Still a very fine rum albeit a bit overpriced (perhaps because of the very nice looking bottle).

Disclaimer: I am not a scotch drinker.
I saved this rum for several years, returning from Roatan with it in my travel bag after an outstanding dive trip. This is where (in 2010) I was first introduced to the Flor de Cana brand, truly enjoying the 12 yr with the shop owner. I was quite excited to have this limited edition bottle and 21 yr blended rum, but alas was a little disappointed in the tasting. Lighter in body colour than the 12, there are strong barrel notes with definite peat and straw characters. Found the alcohol levels higher than others as well. Now that its' been opened, but only slightly tasted, I'll be looking for other comments from local rum associates.
The limited bottle and pouch (throw back to Crown sacks) are a nice piece to the collection.

Lo bebí bastantes veces cuando vivía en Nicaragua y me pareció excelente.

Le Flor de Caña Centenario 21 est d'une douceur exquise. Un rhum qui semble sans ajout d'arôme. Idéal pour une soirée sans fin. Il serait facile d'en abuser.


Great earthenware bottle in a nice velvet bag. Drank it strakgetrokken. Fairly liquid in the glass. Taste is ok but alcohol smell and taste are too strong for my liking. Prefer my rum a lot smoother. A bit expensive for mixers but not god enough for sipping.


Kann man empfehlen - ggf. etwas überteuert - Flasche schöner als der Inhalt.

Velké zklamání. Velmi jemný, možná až delikátní, ale také málo výrazný.

Bei der Flasche hab ich mir mehr erwartet. Aber ich kauf den Rum eigentlich wegen des Geschmacks.........

With great expectations towards this rum, I found myself a bit disappointed after tasting, as it's not that different than the 12yr Flor de Caña, even slightly harsher I think...

this one used to be favorite ...until i found Zaya... aside form that it will still be on my prefered list of rums... nice flavor good boquete a bit of sweet caramel and wood flavours...still a nice rum to savor straight or with a single ice cube...and yes as others have mentioned...the bottle is a selling point too

The 21 is 15years old.
Nose : light , fruits,little bit alcoholic ,sweet ,wood , smoke
taste: sweet ,butterscotch ,fruit ,caramel , alcoholic ,smoke ,wood .
Bottle : 10/10
It´s Ok not the best , the 25 is a little bit better for me (8/10).

Awsome bottle and have never opened it, prolly won't.

Good stuff

Decent flavor, I prefer the 12yr old

It's for the 21st century, I believe the rum is 16 yo. The regular 18 is better, IMO, and definitely cheaper.