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30 Angostura 1919 Deluxe Aged Blend ratings

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I did really enjoy this drop, one of my favourites. Please try

Nice golden color. Some initial harshness in the nose, that dissipates with some breathing. Fruity wood sents.
Véry smooth in the mouth, nice round bitterness of oak with fruit flavours and a hint of vanilla. Has a little kick when swallowing and a distant but nice aftertaste.

The rum is a very light pour.
The nose is unimpressive.
The mouth feel is thin.
There is a very distinct alcohol burn and limited flavours.
The rum is smooth.
The after taste is subtle and may actually be better than the taste in the mouth.
Definitely drinkable, however probably better suited as a mixer.
As a mixer it would be contributing very little in flavour profile so it would be used as a base rum or alcohol source. If all you are really using it for is as an alcohol source there are numerous less expensive choices out there.

I just got a tasting box, 6 rums under 30 euros.
Angostura 1919 was the lightest one, light smell of spiritus, not much in the mouth.
And not long lasting, but an easy sipping rum.

N- Not often rum improve with breathing, but this one an exceptional. Initially with white fruit and condensed milk + black tea, very local 'teh-xi'. Watery, mineral in the middle and molasses syrup at tail, masked with sugar on each sniff. Then ice cream soda, root beer with charred peels emerged, capped with delicious vanilla ice cream and balanced subtle wood and solvent floral notes. (87/21)

P- Sweet and subdue initially, then get whiff of medicinal along fresh pine and antiseptic nuance, sounds like detergent I know, but don't taste like it, so no worry. Semi dry, peppery and waxy, the medicinal part works well with the creamy coat. (87/21)

F- Medium, vanilla fudge, plenty of tart fruits linger, broad with good depth. (86/20)

Body/Balance:- Ordinary at the beginning, but body builds up overtimes make every subsequent sips taste better then the earlier. (87/21)

Weighted Rate:- 83pt
— at The Rum Bar KL.


This was a really good drink to start a good rum tasting evening. It went down smooth, but no special taste afterwards!

The rum from Trinidad. Smells good, taste good, and its like a smooth rumslide in your mouth

Its an easy to drink rum. There is not a specific taste but a little sweet.

The taste is very smooth and yummie. Just like the host said, an angel is pissing in your mouth. Cheers

It is nothing special, but does not offend you. It is smooth enough, sweet enough but not too much.

Last drink for tonight was a glass of Angostura 1919 Deluxe Age Blend at La Bodequita del Medio in Ciudad de Mexico. Very nice high end bottle and label design. Unfortunately such a nasty flavor profile and what a burn at the end. What a massive disappointment this rum was.

Goût léger de vanille, moyennement sucré, goût d'alcool persistant.


Une couleur très légère, un nez caramel, une attaque douce mais une longueur en bouche qui tire vers l'alcool.
Peu mieux faire.

Härlig doft och med en fin smak som ger valuta för pengarna.

The best smell of any Rum I've tried, the taste does not quite follow up, but it's very delicous albeit a little sharp after taste.

Nice to sip, with a touch of vanilla. Not as complex as top end stuff but pleasant enough for me. Didn't try it with a mixer so can't comment too far. Worth a try.

Príjemná žlto-zlatá farba, rum pekne zaiskrí v pohári. Tento rum je z kategórie mladších rumov, o čom hovorí aj svetlejšia farba. Myslím, že je 8 ročný. Vo vôni dominujú ovocné, priam citrusové tóny, pomaranče, mandarinky. V pozadí je sladká vanilková aróma. Na druhý nádych cítim višne v čokoláde...=) Celkovo veľmi pekná štruktúrovaná vôňa rumu. Chuť je nevšedná, stopy po dubovom sude, trochu vanilky. Rum je suchší na prvý dojem, v zápätí cítiť trochu cukru. Na záver sa vynárajú drevité tóny, ktoré dlho doznievajú. Je to príjemný a veľmi zaujímavý rum, ktorý odporúčam každému vyskúšať.


Not my taste, to sharp taste of alcohol, to little sweetness, in this price range i expected something better, smell ok


Απλά πίνεται αλλά ...... Δε σε ενθουσιάζει ...... δατσ ολ
* επειδή συγκρίνουμε (αναπόφευκτα) ....... πολλά καλλίτερα ρούμια σε αυτήν την τιμή ...........

Smells very nice. Pure it has a sharp alcohol taste. With coke its quite alright. Nothing special.

Notmy cup of coffe. It has an alcohol taste after.

Which is nice. But it has a flavor at the end I just don't like.


Som sådan en fin rom med blomsterduft og smagstoner af fersken, men for min smag er det for meget agricole rom som ikke raler til mig. Men den er ikke dårlig.

Je pro mne až překvapující, jak může být rum ovocný. Ono to snad zrálo vedle ovocných kompotů. :) . Ale jinak skvělý kousek pro povzbuzení chuťových pohárků.