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5 Royal Jamaican Blackstrap Dark ratings

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VERY strong flavours and very complex. The nose offers a convoluted mess of sweet and sour. Would even like it to sweet and sour sauce. The flavour is something completely unlike anything I've experienced in a rum. Syrupy texture, rich banana, cocoa, and nouget come through prominently for myself. It tastes like liquid dessert. Call it a sour port. I was introduced to this rum as a cooking rum by the kitchen at the restaurant. Given the complexity and overpowering prominence of the flavours, I can see why. That being said, as a drinking rum this is such a unique journey. I don't want to give it a poor rating because it's complexity is unlike anything I've encountered. That being said, as a drink, it's not something to be stomached solo. As such, I'm giving a very confused 6. Strictly for detail and morbid interest into what could possibly have been going on with this. I'd assume this would be best with mixed drinks.

EDIT: I don't want to tamper with my original review, as I like the rawness of it. Reading about black strap rums, this embodies the basic characteristics of the genre, therefore I am upping my rating to a 7. Something different that threw me for a loop, but better understanding reveals a new appreciation. This does what it's meant to do exactly as its meant to do.

This rum has a thick smell of molasses and treacle, and is very dark in colour - Looked like a rum and coke in the glass. Sipping it straight was, wow - heavy sweet sticky molasses with a bit of an afterburn! I happen to like my rum sweet with molasses flavour, and this is by far is the strongest molasses flavour of any dark/navy (or any other obviously) rum I've tried. Great with Ginger beer!

I think this is a really nice blackstrap rum, though blackstrap isn't my favorite style.

Has a very classic 'blackstrap' flavor. Smells and tastes of burnt molasses, and tastes better than the Cruzan black strap to me, as others have also noted. If you like black strap rums, definitely give this one a try.

I'd almost rate it higher, but again, blackstrap isn't my favorite style.

Black strap has a heavy molasses flavour and is quite sweet and thick.
This rum is very dark and like to mix this with seven up or in a blended drink.

This rum is so new that it's not even mentioned on the Royal website yet. I picked up a bottle at Liquorland (best name ever for a boozatorium) in Boston for a mere US $20, and I'm glad we met. This is a 90-proof pot still confection from the Monymusk Distillery in Jamaica. It fills the nose with a uniquely funky, ester-laden molasses and treacle bouquet. It looks like black coffee in the glass, and it tastes exactly as advertised...high-proof, sweet and rich. It is positively supreme in a Corn 'n' Oil cocktail, and it will no doubt find many uses in Tiki recipes. This rum is so much better than Cruzan's version. It's a mixing rum to be sure, definitely not an elegant sipping rum...but it's a nice change of pace when you need to try something out of the ordinary.