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13 Opthimus XO ratings

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A bit of sticky alcohol in the beginning but after a while you can smell nice sweet aromas of toffee and vanilla. You also get some almond and oak.

In mouth you can taste fruit, spice and oak. Too much oak for my taste. The aftertaste is long with lot´s of oak.

This is my favorite Opthimus to date. Kind of similar to the 25 year, but with more oak and spice. Also has a nice hint of whisky, which is not overpowering. Very nicely sweet.

Has a sweet honey nose, with caramel, oak, spice, and whisky.

Easy drinking at only 38%abv. A GREAT rum!


it's realy the best of all Opthimus-Rums and the Best i ever had !!

opthimus xo es el que tengo
color caoba oscura en nariz aroma de madera, frutas y especias,vainilla y algo de presencia de nuez moscada.
boca ligero dulzón tabaco,cuero,nuez muy persistente en una palabra increible

Poured down the hatch the entire bottle of Opthimus XO while in Santo Domingo. This is a whisky lovers rum. If you are a whisky fanboy, add 2 points to the score. To me, there's too much oakiness to the nose and to the palate. Very nice aged dark rum flavors are unfortunately masked behind the overpowering oak. Nice standard Opthimus styled bottle design with a numbering. Very dark mahogany color, almost reddish. Mild afterburn, but even oakiness at that stage.


Aroma is beautiful, sweet and oaky. Molasses and vanilla stand out. Tastes smooth and warm. There is plenty of oak but I like that. Tried it with and without a chunk of ice. Great either way. This is a generous 9 but it's way too good for an 8.

This very smooth and drinkable rum cost me the fortune of 50 USD... a true bargain which I shared with my brother-in-law in a hottub overlooking the Atlantic from the rth coast of the DR. It is slightly sweet, wit vanilla and oak as it's main flavours. Absolutely no burn.

Mellow and round, with pleasant sweetness and rich fruit

Nothing else to say - great taste. Enjoy it after a hard day at work.


The color is awesome.. The scent is great. Dark, folowing the color.. Hints of oak and honey.. In the mouth it´s thick and starts to jolt the buds.. The finish is strong and hits you like a brick with different notes.. It takes a few sips to figure them out,, It´s a great rum. But not for me.. Someone who like the oaks notes will probably love it..

A very long taste and a broad and slow fading bouquet. Sweet at the beginning, but not too much. Wineberry flavor, but not too much. Rank 2-6 in my current collection in direct comparison.

I must collect something, else i get crazy, so why not Rum?

molasses. sweet candy.
i smell orangepeel, almond, toffee and caramel.
i taste much less wood than in the 25. a low amount of spiciness overall. smooth, creamy, soft. raisins. and grape.
9/10 if you like it sweet.
in the base it is an opthimus, in the end it is softer, than the range.