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3 Brugal Dry Spiced ratings

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Quite a unique spiced taste, and its good! Decent smooth drink. Probably worth buying a full bottle if I can find for a reasonable price.

Most spiced rums are heavy on vanilla aroma and spices ... Brugal has tried something different here which is unique ... Lacks a depth of flavour but a dry rum tasters dream ...I had it how it was intended which was on the rocks which is lovely ... Again different for a spiced rum as they useally taste disgusting on the rocks

Tried the Brugal XV, Dry Spiced, Extra Viejo and Anejo back-to-back and I have to say they are all quite horrendous. The XV and Dry Spiced have a nice dark color, whereas the Extra Viejo and Anejo are quite weak on color. The Dry Spiced has a strong artificial smell to it, but the taste is not that bad for a spiced rum. Struggles for a 6 score, but still better than the XV.