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Appleton Estate 8-Year rum

Appleton Estate 8-Year

Jamaica | Aged

6.4/10 (76 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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76 Appleton Estate 8-Year ratings

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Posted almost 6 years ago by fifonlaideur from France with 25 ratings

A défaut du 12 ans, je me suis rabattu sur le 8 ans. Un peu déçu par rapport à l'attente, trop agressif en bouche à mon goût mais c'est semble-t-il le style jamaïcain.


Posted 2 months ago by El Cap from United States with 62 ratings

This is a good standby rum.
It’s not spectacular but it is not dreck.
Jamaica knows how to make rum.
Available everywhere.
However, worth dropping the extra $ for the 12 year.


Posted 3 months ago by Supreme from Canada with 34 ratings

Island flavour! Drank a lot of this one in particular while visiting Jamaica !


Posted over 3 years ago by Václav from Czech Republic with 74 ratings

Appletons have that strange distinctive odour. Hard to smell anything beside that. The taste is alcoholic fiery, dry but sweet anyhow. There is also afterburn, but decent one. For 8 yrs, it should be better rounded and mellowed, more refined. 8 years or not, this one has qualities to be rather mixer than sipper. Altrough I very liek 12yrs and V/X Appletons, this one is little bit of dissapoitment for sipping. So better mix it up or mellow it down with ice/water.


Posted over 3 years ago by Adam from Poland with 91 ratings

like in title....not bad...but definetly nothing special.


Posted almost 6 years ago by Eanousa from United States with 54 ratings

Just not quite good enough for sipping in my humble opinion.


Posted 1 month ago by jbuckhead from United States with 11 ratings

Medium amber in color. Bright caramel in the nose with some funkiness typical of Jamaican rums, perhaps a hint of leather. First taste is sweet, which then brings out a sweet aroma that wasn’t present before tasting. The aroma of leather also gets stronger after a while. A little thin with not much mouthfeel. Definitely some funkiness in the flavor (though not as much as the aroma would suggest), along with vanilla and caramel. I love this rum in a true Mai Tai, though I have to say it’s a little underwhelming on its own.


Posted 3 months ago by Mo McGurk from United States with 182 ratings

Flavorful oak. A little strong afterburn. Mixed not quite there.


Posted 3 months ago by Michal Micko (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 333 ratings

You can find the Appletone character here, but the taste is missing the complexity and smoothness of older brothers. Finish is short and harsh. 12y is better for only a bit higher price.


Posted 3 months ago by Kieron wood (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 434 ratings

This is the old blend which was pretty good until joy decided to change it for the better


Posted 5 months ago by Lanier from Belgium with 37 ratings

like in title....not bad...but definetly nothing special.