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Flor de Caña Añejo Clásico 5-Year rum

Flor de Caña Añejo Clásico 5-Year

Nicaragua | Gold

A sugar-free 5-year old premium rum that is sustainably produced (Carbon Neutral & Fair Trade certified). From a 5th generation family estate, it is naturally aged without artificial ingredients, distilled 100% with renewable energy and KOSHER certified. A medium-bodied rum with a long and smooth finish that lingers in the palate. Best enjoyed with tropical fruit juices or sodas.

5.3/10 (57 ratings)
Easily consumable in a bind


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57 Flor de Caña Añejo Clásico 5-Year ratings

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Posted over 2 years ago by Rumbaleivable from United Kingdom with 2 ratings

This is the best rum I've ever had, my brother brought it back from Niquagua, so so good.


Posted over 6 years ago by terry simpson from United States with 4 ratings

A friend bought me a bottle from Niccaragua when she was on vacation and the best rum i ever drank


Posted almost 8 years ago by Skulman from United States with 117 ratings

Very nice and smooth for daily drinks


Posted almost 2 years ago by gdtrfb from United States with 30 ratings

Perhaps the best value out there in a reasonably aged rum for a good price.

Reasonable rum overall. Will work with mixers, or over rocks, etc. Far superior to other options in the same class. Not overly complex, but a rock or two mellow it out and removes any burn. I've had the 7 as well and didn't feel the need to go that route. (albeit not side by side)


Posted 11 months ago by FerPaard from Netherlands with 13 ratings

Not a bad one in my opinion. Smooth. Not very outspoken, but enjoyable. Light. Easy to sip. Some tones of sweet spices. Apparently my taste differs from the crowd. This was no bad buy at all.


Posted 1 year ago by Reiwa from Japan with 142 ratings

Of course, FDC 12 is better thank this 5 year. However, this has almost same aroma and taste, a little thin. Not bad.


Posted 6 months ago by David from Spain with 15 ratings

I do not perceive too many flavours, jist clean and elegant rum. I mean it in a very positive sense. A rum for everybody in my opinion.


Posted 5 months ago by nezn4my from United Kingdom with 6 ratings

Have soft spot for Flor de Caña so I am probably overrating this rum but I really like it. It’s definitely better for mixing than drinking neat but still good value for money esp. if you can get it on sale.


Posted over 5 years ago by Edward Martens from Canada with 30 ratings

New label for a rm thats been around for a while. Hint of carmel, medium legs, light amber colour. Carried in most BCLCB stores.


Posted 2 years ago by Regan from Canada with 70 ratings

Hey let’s be honest if you love sipping rum this one might not make your short list but this entry level rum from the Flor De Cana group hits it out of the park for being an honest low budget smooth rum easy mixed without crying and great taste to boot
I could drink this one all day just like I like it 1 shot rum 2 shots coke 2 shots water with 2-3 cubes
Two thumbs up 👍