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A bit milder than traditional Caronis, this 16yo rum from Trinidad (the distillery isn't named) offers some of the familiar flavors...fresh wood, lacquer, smoke and tobacco...but all in polite, manageable proportions. The finish is somewhat fruity, and black liquorice lingers long after your last sip. Very tasty.


Tapped at a strength of 57.5%. The storage has been done in Trinidad and Scotland in part, so the room has got both the hot / fast maturation and the cool / slow maturation. Notes: vanilla, liquorice, nuts and dried fruit. It is a very limited release of Demark only.


What a big disappointment the Samaroli Trinidad 1999 rum really was. My bottle was super hard to find and it came from the Cask No 11. Maybe one of the locals made a little joke by putting glue to the barrel. The smell from the bottle was just awful, pouring it to the glass did not help the matter at all, the actual rum was so bad that I was seriously considering giving it a 1 score, but in reality there are so many worst aged rums which deserve the 1 score. Anyhoo, it struggles to earn a 2 score!

With a beautiful straw or light gold color, this Trinidad rum has the first nose markers typical of a Caroni (wood, varnish) while being very discreet. After a while, one finds vegetable notes, floral, it is very fresh. On the palate, the white fruits arrive with the green apple and always this floral side. With a final not very long, we detect some notes of vanilla, licorice and tobacco.