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El Pasador de Oro XO rum

El Pasador de Oro XO

France | Aged

Les Bienheureux El Pasador de Oro XO is a made from a combination of Guatemalan rums, which are aged anywhere from 6 to 15 years in oak barrels. Additional aging takes place in France in Cognac casks.

142 ratings
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142 El Pasador de Oro XO ratings

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Small 2020 05 01

Posted 10 months ago by m keating from United States with 34 ratings

I admit to being partially biased to sweet Rums, and this is one. But only just. Maybe butterscotch or carmel. Yes, oak but so mellow. And so smooth, aged in French cognac casks. Warm finish that maybe does not last quite long enough. Love the thick bottomed bottle, hate the lable. This Rum tied for me with another of my favorites, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. Not that they are the same but both are my go-to for a quiet sip, ice or not, both are my best affordables so far.


Posted 4 years ago by Don from Canada with 156 ratings

An exceptionally smooth and aromatic XO rum finished in ex-Cognac casks. Similar to Plantation 20th , this is a wonderful sipping rum and will be on my top shelf.


Posted over 4 years ago by Gerome from United States with 40 ratings

The nose was sweet, the body was thin and wasn't full.. it was to smooth, like that of lil to no after taste, disappearing like a scotch into the back of the throat. For the price of $33 it was right and better then most at the price range.. I can't figure out the flavors even when I continued to clear my pallet.. I will pair it with different items to see what flavors I can pull out.. it's sweet though.

Update: I revisited this after tasting Cartavio XO and getting my Glencairn glasses. It's Eve better, smooth as can be. Definitely deserves a purchase and a try, more than once.


Posted 2 months ago by Kevin from United States with 26 ratings

OK, it has caracter and a nice vanilla flavor, but it needs to sit in the glass for a while. I believe they've got their work cut out to get into the mainstream. At $50 a bottle it will be years before I give it another try. I'm not cheap but there's alot more out there that can definitely give this rum a run for the money. Glad I tried it but not going on my list anytime soon.


Posted 6 months ago by Thefruithunter from United States with 8 ratings

Selected three rums around a similar price point. The El Pasador, Papas Pilar Dark Rum, and Santa Theresa 1796. This was our favorite.

A mature rum that’s had time to develop character. Hints of something floral, like plumeria, though not perfumy.

Lightly sweet, which we like. A rich mouthfeel, that stuck to the tongue, in a good way.

Ends with a little spice and heat.


Posted 8 months ago by Alex Fisher from Czech Republic with 12 ratings

Rum is in beautiful white box, bottle is fantastically shaped, rum is very smooth, no burn at all and contains plenty of exciting flavors, for great money it offers a lot of flavours and aromas!


Posted 9 months ago by Jannino from United States with 25 ratings

Hints of chocolate and caramel on the nose and palette. Smooth


Posted 9 months ago by davevr from United States with 5 ratings

A great drink for shipping. Wonderful full flavor. And so mellow! Really love it.


Posted 10 months ago by Bezdyk from Russian Federation with 1 rating

Perhaps when I try a rum from a more expensive price category, I will change my attitude to this rum, but so far it is the best.


Posted 11 months ago by louis12 from Canada with 2 ratings

You can taste the différent style of rum inside and the french ending! I love it!!


Posted 11 months ago by pgrace (PREMIUM) from United States with 33 ratings

This one is full of butterscotch.
Both on the nose and on the pallet.

Nice light oily texture

Smooth with the slightest heat on the finish.
Lingering taste of vanilla cream and a bit of candy corn.