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Compagnie des Indes Dominidad 15-Year rum

Compagnie des Indes Dominidad 15-Year

Caribbean | Aged

7.1/10 (7 ratings)
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7 Compagnie des Indes Dominidad 15-Year ratings

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Posted almost 4 years ago by Marc Cardinal from Belgium with 401 ratings

This first small batch of La Compagnie des Indes is made from a blend of three single casks, a barrel of Dominican Republic 15 years and two drums of Trinidad and Tobago. The noze is fresh with spicy notes. Fruity in mouth with mango and woody notes. The final is a little bit straight with a grassy side and a long finish.
Real rate = 7,5

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Posted 27 days ago by Hesel from Denmark with 63 ratings

Th rum is very dry with a bit of fruit with a nice long taste.

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Posted 12 months ago by Joola69 from United States with 2651 ratings

Enjoyed a bottle of Compagnie des Indes 15y Dominidad rum while in the Finnish wilderness. Nice and unique bottle and label design. Golden color. Plenty of oak and some cherries to your nose and palate when neat sipped. Dry burn at the end. Surprisingly no sweetness at all for a rum hailing from the Dominican Republic.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Tigix87 from Germany with 7 ratings

Nice Amber color, wodden Smokey at First then fruity (gooseberry).
Absolute surpreme rum

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Posted about 2 years ago by Jesper Lindegaard from Denmark with 3 ratings

Nice blend, easy to drink and as always a god solid product from CDI.

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Posted about 2 years ago by Rene Rum from Switzerland with 355 ratings

Schönes Bernstein im Glas.
In der Nase, Vanille, Holz und Früchte sind sehr präsent.
Im Gaumen nicht sonderlich anspruchsvoll, etwas Früchte, etwas Karamell, etwas Vanille, irgendwie ein wenig verwaschen und ohne klare Linie.
Im Abgang ganz ok.
Ein Rum der für sein Alter sehr wenig Charakter aufweist, eigentlich schade.
Für einen Nachmittag beim angeln sicher angebracht.
G+R F LU 18

Beautiful amber in the glass.
In the nose, vanilla, wood and fruits are very present.
Not very sophisticated on the palate, some fruit, some caramel, some vanilla, a little bit washed out and without a clear line.
In the finish ok.
A rum that has very little character for its age, actually a pity.
For a fishing trip in the afternoon certainly appropriate.
G + R F LU 18

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Posted almost 3 years ago by HunterRomario from Czech Republic with 298 ratings

Alkohol: 43 %
Původ: Dominikánská republika, Trinidad
Aroma: Agricole styl. Míza, suchost, sláma, slaměnky, dřevo, čerstvé dřevo, lak, piliny, kůra sloupnutá z klacku. Přes tu suchost se občas přelije nasládlost mléčných karamel. (84 b)
Chuť: Na jazyku působí olejnatě. Suchý, velmi suchý. Agricole míza, travnatost, syrové dřevo. Lakový dojem. Pro mě až brutálně suché. (74 b)
Body: 79/100
Shrnutí: Ochutnávali jsme s kamarádem pět různých plnění od Compagnie des Indes. Diminidad 15 yo měl vůni s chutí hodně dobře sladěnou, i přes ten velký bodový rozdíl v mých poznámkách. Ta urputná suchost mi chuťově nesedí. Ale kdo vyhledává hodně suché rumy, měl by ochutnat.