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Nine Leaves Encrypted rum

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6 Nine Leaves Encrypted ratings

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Posted 8 months ago by Uuukey from Japan with 15 ratings

ノージング : 初めは蜜蝋。空気と触れ合うに連れたっぷりのカラメルをかけたサルタナレーズンとドライイチヂクのカップケーキのような豊かな甘み。時間が経つと洋梨やパイナップルの酸味も遠くから顔を見せる。
味わい : 舌に乗せるとシェリーに漬け込んだマラスキーノチェリーのようなリッチな甘みを授かる。 直後、バターを塗った少し焼きすぎたトースト。 甘味とわずかな塩味が絡み合い舌の上でリズムを刻む。
フィニッシュ : ここは暖炉の前。テーブルには焼きたてのアーモンドタルトと放置されたアマレットが入っていたグラス。甘さと香ばしさ、ハーバルな余韻が鼻腔の奥で短いダンスを披露してくれる。

Posted 9 months ago by RonnyDC from Austria with 11 ratings

Tried it in Kyoto, not so bad. :) Good burning, but not too harsh.

Posted 11 months ago by Joola69 from United States with 2555 ratings

Enjoyed a bottle of Nine Leaves Encrypted III Rum while in Tokyo. Unique and high end looking bottle and label design. Golden color. Pure alcohol, oak and vanilla to the nose and palate when neat sipped. Strong and dry burn at the end being bottled at 116 Proof.

Posted over 3 years ago by Peter from Hungary with 91 ratings

i couldnt drink that...too young and harsh and chemical

Posted over 3 years ago by Johannes from Germany with 62 ratings

Somewhat not to my lickings ......................

Posted over 3 years ago by Tomy from Romania with 388 ratings

If you know how taste are sugarcane, this shit is a waste the time.