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14 Ron Roble Viejo Ultra Anejo ratings

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It's the similar with Santa Teresa 1892 but more intensive, not so dry. Excellent aftertaste, intense flavor, vanilla notes and more.


On my vacation last year in Caracas, I sampled the Ron Roble Viejo Ultra Anejo and the flavor profile is very similar to the Santa Teresa 1796. The Ron Roble has a bit more burn at the end, but the flavors are very good.

Ron de sabor intenso, redondo, agradable en la entrada y al final. Madera equilibrada color oscuro y excelente presentacion.

Good aroma, ballanced body but not so complex. Sweet shorter aftertaste.

Agradable ron, color ámbar oscuro y sabor maderado con matices de frutas y vainilla.

It is a really big bouts rum. Great wood taste, dry and robust. His complexity is enjoyable to challenge you to acurate degustation. When I want a strong presence and a long bouquet on mouth, this is my choice

Beautiful bottle that gives an exclusive feeling.
The rum has a nice dark color.
I can't distinct anything special from the smell.
The taste is smooth, I like that. Clean, sweet and a hint of vanilla.

A touch of vanilla. Not too strong, no taste of alcohol. Nice body, aroma and color.

Con ganas de abrir esta preciosodad, color oscuro, 1,75 litros de ron roble ultra añejo Zafra edicion especial limitada a 1000 botellas.

I was lucky enough to have had 3 bottles brought to me from Venezuela by friends and inlaws. During this period I had not yet discovered the quality sipping Rums and primarily drank Burbon or Rum and Coke. Therefore I cannot attest to it's quality as a sipping Rum. At this point though, my experience has shown me that the fine sipping Rums blend into the Coke rather than push through and enhance, so my guess is that this Rum wouldn't make my list of top sipping Rums. However, in my mind one only thinks he knows what a good Rum and Coke is until he has one made with Ron Roble. Unfortunately this Rum is hard to come by as it's only available at the duty free shop at the Airport in Venezuela. Many of my reviews cover multiple offerings of a given Distiller as I'm always looking for both a great Sipper as well as that elusive replacement ingredient for that perfect Rum and Coke.


El Ron Roble Viejo, en este caso el Reserva Exclusiva 2003, es un Ron con 12 años de añejamiento en barricas de roble, una edición limitada con botellas firmadas y numeradas y en presentación de 1, 75 LTS. Es un Ron de gran aroma, con sabores afrutados y de madera, sobrio, de gran presencia e inconfundibles matices.


very few Rums are above this, simply excellent..........................................................................................................

Tiene el sello de sabor de ron venezolano. Me gusta mucho tomarlo con un poco de hielo.


not as great as the Santa Theresa ................