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25 Ron Abuelo Anejo XV Oloroso ratings

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... and very sweet Sherry as for that: This is one for you. I do like sherry, but this rum is too much. Too sweet. It is very agreable to the nose (plums and sherry), but then too sweet in your mouth. There is a hint of dark chocolate, though. Dark chocolate that lingers in your palate for a pretty long time.

when compared to the Luxus sherry cask, it pales in comparison. However, the nose is brown sugar and light sherry. Taste/finish is dry red wine, medium sweetish sherry. 80+

The notes of sherry is very strong, but in a good way. The taste varies from vanilla to sherry and the ride is exelent. I love this rum

Dark amber rum with a nose of burnt brown sugar and figs along with wet oak, tobacco and overripe cherries. A fairly deep character.
The taste is semi sweet at first and medium bodied with notes of orange, cherries, burnt sugar, oak and tobacco. It fills the entire mouth nicely with a lingering sherry finish. The sherry is perhaps a bit overpowering as others have noted, but it’s still a very nice product with character.

Panamanian rum from Ron Abuelo's Finish Collection,
which has been given a finishing period in Oloroso Sherry casks!
Taste of:
caramel, vanilla, chocolate, a lot of Cherry, sherry cask....

Another Abuelo's astounding rum, sweet, aromatic and rich Aroma.


Thank God I'm not an expert... Just been drinking rums most of my adult life and fortunately my palate is not jaded with inteligencia. Therefore I rate this a ten... wonderful aroma, wonderful aftertaste on the palate, and fabulous to share with a close friend which I did. Sip slowly straight at room temperature no ice.

Purchased a sample from for £6.61.

Wonderful nose on this rum sweet sherry and oak. Flavours of chocolate and raisin with a touch of cherry and oak. Very nice!


In my opinion this seemed the worst of the 3 ABUELO XV, however it's not a bad rum, only that to my taste this has a lot of finish in Sherry, and takes away the rum itself.

En mi opinión éste me pareció el peor de los 3 ABUELO XV, sin embargo tampoco es un mal ron, solo que a mi gusto este tiene mucha terminación en Jerez, y quita protagonismo al ron en sí.


Enjoyed a glass of Ron Abuelo XV Oloroso Sherry Cask edition while vacationing in Amsterdam. I'm surprised Ron Abuelo team did not choose a slightly different bottle design from their regular rums. At least the label design is a bit updated from the usual. Color is very deep reddish brown. You get very strong sherry flavors to both nose and palate. Its very unpleasant for my palate. This is quite a sweet rum so hardly any burn at the end, but its simply way too sweet. My ranking for Special Edition Abuelo Rums is Napoleon (8), Tawny (7), Oloroso (5).


N- Lush of hefty oak for up front aroma, dominant sandalwood lingers on with nutmeg and white fruits seeping thru. (19/25)

P- Burning jo-stick fragrant with tropical muskiness, sweaty ripe white fruits, tannin and moist wood. (18/25)

F- Short, compote of sourish dry citrus with under ripe fruit. Wet ligero cigar leaf and sandalwood. Highly oak oriented. (18/25)

Balanced- An mild aged rum that may be hijacked by a dominant and vigorous cask. (17/25)

Weighted Rate:- 72pt

— at The Rum Bar KL.


Un rhum particulier, sans rondeur ni longueur qui rappel beaucoup les tanins.

Mooie rijke en volle smaak met een lange afdronk. De rijping in oloroso vaten (sherry) heeft deze rum echt goed gedaan.


jedine XV ktore ma trochu oslovilo bolo Tawny, ostatne nic moc. nieze by tawny bol nejaky zazrak. za tie peniaze slabota 7/10. cisto chut 7,8/10

I like my rum to have sherry, port, zinfandel, oak etc notes on it, but even I find this way way over the top. I recently had the Valdespino rum (with Valdespino being a Sherry producer, and the rum used coming from Abuela) which was no way nearly as dominated by sherry. I like Panamanian rums but I think that the standard 12yo Abuelo is the one for me as I find this too sweet.I would like to try the Cognac finish, but TBH, the overworking of this rum puts me off.

I have a very simple test as to how good a rum is - would I buy it again? The answer to that is "no".

EDIT - having had the bottle open for a few months, I have gone back to it and find it nigh on undrinkable. Such a shame as rarely have I been so disappointed by a rum.

Un rhum très rond et très riche de les saveurs! Belle longueur en bouche! J'ai adoré!


Dieser Rum ist sehr schwierig zu bewerten.
Habe Diesen am Gin + Rum Festival in Luzern verkostet.
Möglicherweise habe ich mich mit diesem Rum zu wenig auseinandergesetzt.
In der Nase eine fruchtige Frische.
Im Gaumen Karamell, Toffee, eigentlich lecker.
Im Abgang für mich etwas zu rauchig.
Ein spezieller Rum der Zeit braucht. Nicht für Jedermann.

This rum is very difficult to evaluate.
Have tasted this at the Gin + Rum Festival in Lucerne.
Perhaps I have too little time with this rum.
In the nose a fruity freshness.
In the palate caramel, toffee, actually delicious.
In the finish for me a bit too smoky.
A special rum takes time. Not for everyone.

A beautiful product that would certainly get a better rating if the xeres flavor wasnt overtaking the overall experience.
Very round, smooth, easy to drink.

J'avqis déja testé des sherrry finish mais celui-là n'a pas a rougir. Un goût matûre rond, puissant avec un rétro délicieux!

su nombre dice mucho añejado por 14 años en barrica de roble blanco americano y un año en barril de coñac este rum se hace presente con notas fabulosas de especias definito uno de los grandes por solo 65.00 dolares

This a is a good rum. I'd rate it above the Abuelo 12, and below the Abuelo Centuria.

A semi-sweet rum whose taste includes sherry, spice, leather, oak, and cacao. Seems a tad harsh for 40%abv.

Definitely a good rum, but it's not quite top shelf for me. I think the Abuelo XV Tawny is better.

molasses. sweet.
i smell oak, grape, chocolate and passionfruit. a mighty fruit note at the front.
i taste different notes of fruit and some oak. chocolate in the back, some raisins. vanilla. still the fruit is leading.
5/10 - add 5 points if you love sweet rum.
a perfect rum for a sweet rum. the fruity note is different from the rest of the abuelos. sometimes i´m thinking of artificial fruit. in compare to the 12 the XV is rounder, fuller and smoother. fruitier but also more polarizing!

First rum from the Abuelo ' Finish Collection ' I have tasted. In the glass or in the mouth, the first thing which punchs you in the face is the sherry bunch of flavor which unfortunately overtakes other ones.
This rum is sweet, too sweet from my point of view. Provided in a beautiful packaging, this Abuelo can be a good gift for Sherry lovers who want to discover the rum world softly.

Really great rum, that is has a really nice overall quality. Sweet but not to sweet, so may layers. And the taste just stays in your mouth for a long time. You can for sure taste the Sherry influence on this one - really nice. The Tawany version is just a litter touch better Integrated ......... try it.