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14 Diplomatico Botucal Mantuano ratings

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Na mňa príliš veľa aditív, karamel, sladký, viac ako 2-3 poháriky za sebou som nezniesol.

The smoothness makes this rum very drinkable. The taste of alcohol is very single. The taste of vanilla is prominent and makes this a sweet rum.

Nose sweeter than taste, well done. Very spicy with roasted nuts and aroma of full-bodied wine. Further, dark, mature fruits and berries. Cacao and vanilla, short finish.

I really liked the taste of this rum, but it in not very subtle. it has a lot of flavor. It disappears quickly. For the price a good rum.

Tried the Botucal Mantuano in Caracas last year and it makes a decent rum-and-coke drink for you, but this rum is too harsh for neat sipping experience. Go straight to the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and be blown away with how good that rum really is.

The aroma is heavy, sugary and slightly insolent. It slowly unfolds: barrel, tobacco, lemon, vanilla, toffee, alcohol. It scorch the palate, throat and more. Sweet, little bitter, mutually with chocolate. Very reminiscent of cognac and very drinkable. I want to continue, but like any sugary drink the dosage is necessary.

Fruchtig, Vanille, würzig, kurzer Nachhall. Preis/Leistung sehr gut.

I thought the mantuano was only a new name for the reserva but then I realized it is more complex, maybe even a bit smoother than the reserva, really suprised, great rum. Obviously its not a reserva exclusiva, but superb for mixing as it is not that sweet as the reserva exclusiva. It is a very good value for the price (about 16 euros here). I would give it a 7.5 but for the price it must be a 8. One of my favorite mixers

Surprisingly good taste. A typical Diplomatico smell and taste. Much smoother than the Diplomatico Reserva. It's a young version of the Diplomatico Reserva Excusiva. Although I'll stick to that last one because of the full taste that Mantuano misses.

My review for this is the same as my review for El Dorado 8.

Pay the extra for Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva if you want a sipping rum.
Get this if you want DIplomatico with coke etc..

This is another knockout from diplomatico, the flavour is subtle tones of caramel with no afterburn. I still prefer reserva exclusiva but remember this replaced diplomatico reserva which is much improved and a delight to drink on the rocks ...

Ja, der Mantuano ist ein ganz netter Rum, geschmachlich ok, viele Geschmacksnoten aber ehr flach, kaum Nachhall am Gaumen. Ist mehr so ein Mode-Rum. Kann man trinken, man verpasst aber auch nichts wenn man ihn nicht in seiner Sammelung stehen hat.

not bad but is not enough for me. All around it's a good rum but it is no match for Single Vintage


molasses. sweet.
the new star in the diplomatico/botucal series.
chocolate, almond, some fruit notes and vanilla.
artificially and creamy taste, too mild if you ask me. sonds like glycerin.
and vanillin plus sugar.

not my rum. although i think it will be a bestseller.