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English Harbour 5-Year rum

English Harbour 5-Year

Antigua and Barbuda | Aged | 40.0% ABV

148 ratings
Tasty, but not quite great


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148 English Harbour 5-Year ratings

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Posted 6 years ago by hyenik from Czech Republic with 110 ratings

...and surprisingly good for such a young rum. Good tip.


Posted 21 days ago by brooksy from United Kingdom with 1 rating

Smooth tasting. Great go to drink for bars and gathering venues. mixes very well too


Posted 1 month ago by Lukestar122 from Canada with 23 ratings

I bought this one with a totally different experience and flavor in mind, and was kind of shocked at first. The leather was a bit of a mystery until i read another review that mentioned it, and then it clicked for me. " Oh that's what that is!"

I drank this one too fast to really appreciate and analyze it, but it was good, so I'd buy it again.


Posted 1 month ago by Hector from United States with 57 ratings

This one was one of my 1st bottles of aged rum which i got while on vacation in Antigua. It was nice and a smooth with only a little burn. Still very enjoyable.


Posted 3 months ago by Uhyrto from Czech Republic with 92 ratings

Zástupce největší sekce rumů, cca 5 roku staré, lehce sladké, cca 500 Kč atd. Podobně jako chairman reserve.... Tyhle rumy určitě nikoho neurazí ale zároveň taky asi nenadchnou. Mám problém si je zapamatovat a odlišit. Samotné úplně v pohodě pitelné a do drinků luxus.


Posted 3 months ago by rumtrinker from Germany with 28 ratings

To me, this rum ticks most of the boxes. It has an age statement, it is not overly sweet, it says where it is from, price is about right.

And the nose is quite nice. Woody, fruity. And a hint of mouldy cardboard. Which I do not care for at all.
Seriously, I thought the cork had gone bad. But that is not the case, I believe.

Taste is medium sweet (I assume some sugar is added, but not in excess), vanilla, more fruity then I would have thought, pear, cherry conserve, sugar cane. And something like mouldy cardboard or a musty cellar. Very strange and not really that appealing to me. It might grow on me, but so far (about two years) it has not. The bottle has improved with some oxidation overall, but I still get more mould then I would like.
On the other hand, it is a relatively light rum, which still has quite a complex profile. Since it is the only Antiguan rum I tried so far, I am really in no position to judge. But in comparison to other rums that I know, this is quite unique. Which is good.

No idea where people get the whisky analogies from. This rum tastes nothing like any normal whisky. And I only add "normal" to rule possible freaky experimental rum-cask whiskies and the like.

Since everything comes together very nicely in this rum, I assume that it is meant to be that way. And that is fine ultimately. Might even grow on me further. For now, I find it OK-ish, not very good.


Posted 4 months ago by Sorgh from Czech Republic with 15 ratings

Na to, že má jen 5 let tak překvapuje plnou a vyzrálou chutí. Je příjemně ostrý a suchý. Za pětistovku super rum.

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Posted 4 months ago by Just 2thetop from Germany with 20 ratings

Maybe a Speyside whisky drinkers rum. Good but will not blow you away.
Thin at the start the flavours spicy light molasses, vanilla slowly develop and intensify - the oak barrels talking I guess
Also mixes well with cola 50/50
At around 20EUR Germany a good buy for sure


Posted 5 months ago by Gotta from Czech Republic with 5 ratings

Velice průměrný mladý rum. Ve vůni je nasládlý, lehce dřevo, možná i ovoce. V chuti je to podobné, nevýrazné s hodně krátkým závěrem. Podobně mladé rumy od Appleton, Angostura nebo St. Lucia mě baví daleko víc. Láhev už si příště nekoupím.


Posted 5 months ago by strassi from Austria with 23 ratings

it‘s a rather cheap rum, but therefor it‘s a no-brainer. slightly sugared, but not too much. i really appreciated it and you can‘t go wrong with it. for me it‘s kinda insider-tip...


Posted 10 months ago by Todd Shields from Canada with 1 rating

A staple in my freezer. Good daily rum with some mix