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English Harbour 5-Year rum

English Harbour 5-Year

Antigua and Barbuda | Aged

6.5/10 (135 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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135 English Harbour 5-Year ratings

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Posted 2 years ago by Rumaniac from Greece with 7 ratings

An honest & robust, but not harsh rum, although with no special character or something really remarkable about it (but, hey, we are talking about a 5-years old rum, right!?). Spicyness & oakiness in right measure give this rum a warm aftertaste, and its price is a definite plus! A nice surprise!


Posted over 6 years ago by Dustin Doran from United States with 79 ratings

For a five year aged rum I was quite surprised. It was smooth with a hint of spice; woody and semi-tannic with good legs and nice body. Definitely one I seek out.


Posted 2 months ago by Paul from Australia with 120 ratings

well i thought that it was going to b a dark n stormy strong drink
Smells ok and 1st taste it starts out to climbing the ladder in strength then halfway up it petters out
Still not bad and im drunk


Posted 4 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 280 ratings

This rum gets better after some months in the bottle. It's first a little bit harsh.

I get some old celar in the nose, like in the Kirk& Sweeney 12. That's a smell of apricot with wood.
The taste starts also with the old celar, apricot with wood and vanilla. Quite simple taste, there is spice, some tanins and some alcohol in the finish.
Not very complex and young rum but not bad for the price.

Nose: vanilla, white oak, burned sugar, toasted cask, some apricot and peach, old celar
Taste: apricot, white oak, vanilla, soem burned sugar, peach
Finish: spice, some tanins, white oak and apricot

Sweetness: 1.5/5
Fruits: 2/5
Spice: 3/5
Mildness: 2.5/5
Complexity: 2/5
Value (18€): 3/5

Small black

Posted 1 year ago by Duckstab from Czech Republic with 73 ratings

Do 500 Kč dobrá volba - pil jsem dost dražších a mnohem horších kořalek. Celkový dojem je vskutku takový britsky koloniální; pro sledování Pirátů z Karibiku jako dělané. I lahev je taková starosvětsky lodnická; bakelitové víčko to sice drobet kazí, ale pod ním se překvapivě skrývá poctivý korkový špunt.
Dobře vymyšlený, lehký a příjemně pitelný, jen jaksi pořád stejný rum - což ale v téhle cenové kategorii nepřekvapuje. Kupodivu ale obstoji i v bezprostředním srovnání s dvakrát dražšími kolegy, což z těch levných zvládne málokterý (rozuměj - ne, že snad byl stejně dobrý, avšak nejenže nepůsobí jako úplně hnusný, ale dá se jím neurážlivě, ba dokonce vcelku uspokojivě pokračovat).
Nějaké zralejší flašce z ostrova Antigua v podobně rozumné relaci bych se určitě nebránil, opakovat tuhle už ale nebudu - Plantation Grande Reserve, ale dokonce třeba i Pampero Aniversario zahraje za stejné peníze přeci jen podstatně lepší bigbít.

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Posted over 2 years ago by Stefan Persson (PREMIUM) from Sweden with 199 ratings

I’m a fan of English Harbour rum and this one doesn’t disappoint me.
This rum must be the best you can get to this ridiculous low price. I haven’t found anyone that can compete so far.
It has also been on Forbes list of the ten best rums in the world and gold award winner in 2005.

Today there’s only one remaining distillery in Antigua which is the Antigua Distillery Ltd (ADL). It was founded when some local rum shop owners got together in 1929 mainly to streamline purchasing and management of the molasses and to get better control over the production, and three years later the company saw the light of day.
1933 they moved to the new built distillery on Rat Island in St. John. Then they had a 4-column copper Savalle Still. At that time the molasses was bought locally.
In the beginning the owners blended and bottled the rum under own label to sell in their shop. It was first in 1947 they released a joint rum, the Cavalier.
In 1991 they replaced the Savalle still with a new 3-column copper John Dore still, and just three years later the English Harbour Rum was released named after the harbour in the south of the island which Admiral Horatio Nelson and the English fleet used during the 18th century.
Today there’s no sugar cane plantation in Antigua instead the molasses is bought from Dom. Rep. and Guyana. After arrival it’s fermented in open-top fermenters were the added yeast marries with wild yeast.
The 5yo was successfully released 2001.
The included rum is aged in former bourbon and Tennessee whiskey barrels between five and eight years before blended and bottled at ABV 40%.
The aroma is nice and I recognize vanilla, oak and some fruits. In the mouth and palate I recognize the same flavors but there are also some smokiness and spices. The finish which is medium long goes the same way.
Overall a very well balanced rum and a perfect everyday rum to an exceptionally low price.
Pictures: My ADL shelf & My opened bottle out in the Stockholm archipelago.


Posted 5 years ago by Kristof from Belgium with 36 ratings

This rum goes well with cola and I drink it straight up all the time. Simple but good taste!


Posted 3 months ago by Todd Shields from Canada with 1 rating

A staple in my freezer. Good daily rum with some mix


Posted 4 months ago by steveinny from United States with 36 ratings

Great tasting dram. TOFFE. CARAMEL, NOT TOO SWEET. Enjoyable.


Posted 5 months ago by Adrian Adame (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 329 ratings

Ve vůni i v chutí jemný, nasládlý, velké překvapení 👍


Posted 5 months ago by pgrace (PREMIUM) from United States with 32 ratings

Ya know...Its good. Not much to the nose but tastes great with a nice smooth finish of vanilla, light molasses. Obviously not to complex but tasty and easy to drink.