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Schönes sattes Bernstein im Glas.
In der Nase, leichte Düfte von getoastetem Holz und weisen Früchten, ein wenig wie Grappa. Der Geruch ist kaum wahrnehmbar und verliert sich mit der zeit, sehr speziell.
Im Gaumen kommt dann dennoch Freude auf, da treffen die sperrigen Bélice Aromen von Harz, Holz, Rauch und weisse Trauben auf das liebliche, süsse Karamell, Toffee und Vanille aus Guatemala. Eine spannende Entdeckungsreise für die Zunge.
Im Abgang zuerst richtig feurig, gebrannte Creme, Holz, Karamell, Kakau, Calvados, sehr elegant.
Ein spannender Plantation Rum für Agricole Entdecker und Geniesser mit Zeit. Vielleicht eher ein Sommer Rum. 7+

Beautiful full amber in the glass.
On the nose, light scents of toasted wood and white fruits, a little like grappa. The smell is barely perceptible and gets lost over time, very special.
On the palate, however, then comes joy, as meet the bulky Bélice aromas of resin, wood, smoke and white grapes on the sweet, sweet caramel, toffee and vanilla from Guatemala. An exciting journey of discovery for the tongue.
On the finish first really fiery, burnt cream, wood, caramel, chocolate, calvados, very elegant.
An exciting plantation rum for Agricole explorers and connoisseurs with time. Maybe more of a summer rum. 7+

This is a very enjoyable sipping rum. The flavour has complexity, though I must agree with other reviewers: the bourbon casks haven't left much elbow room for the subtler, tropical rum flavours. In fact, I'm planning to get some of my Jack Daniels-drinking friends to taste this stuff blind, tell them it's Tennessee whiskey, and see whether they smell a rat. Having said that, the bottle doesn't seem to be lasting all that long, which always seems to happen with Plantation rums in my cabinet...

This is the new version of the Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala available since 2015. Matured in casks for 3 years in Guatemala, and finished in ex-cognac caks in France. Vanilla is very present with almond, marzipan and honey. Well balanced with cocoa, woody vanilla notes. Elegant finish.


Good rum with fine taste for the very good price. Not the best but certainly not the worst

This rum was not expensive at around £35, which I think is pretty good value for money.
The aroma and initial taste is cognac and oak, which makes sense given the way it is made.
It is pretty smooth, with no more alcohol burn than many rums with a larger pricetag.
There are lovely light caramel notes which segue nicely into a very subtle organic, almost earthy finish, but it doesn't last long.
There is sweetness to this rum ... not as much as Diplomatico (is anything? LOL!) but more than an aged Appleton's. For me, the sweetness is perfect for something you can drink a few glasses of.

I think I will be looking to get some more of the Plantaion label.

Got this as christmas gift. Really loved the taste. And also appreciates that there are no harsh burning in the throat after drinking it. Truly great rum!

Good and enjoyable rum. Smooth in it's own way. The one you open on that not so special day.

Beautiful aroma, very smooth taste, not burning. Long aftertaste with vanilla tones.
Enjoyable partner for long evenings.

Stronger from the start with nice aroma, candied fruit touch, cognac oak barrel trace, vanilla bit, ok.

Honestly, I expected more from this. There just wasn’t a lot going on, it was kind of flat. I know it’s a blend maybe that’s why, but it tastes young for something with Big Age written on it in such big letters.

Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala & Belize offers a lot of exciting flavors and very clear but sweet flavors like raisins, hardly any burn at the end, but a very long and lingering sweet taste in your mouth. I think this Plantation rum would have been spectacular if it would have been aged a few more years. Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala & Belize is still a very long distance away from the amazing Barbados XO 20th Anniversary rum, but comes as a good second best Plantation rum in my opinion.

One of the stronger pices with significant burn during the entire experience. I can not describe the smell as my nose is always getting burnt by the alcohol.

Tasted on my vacation in London. Rough alcoholic aroma, quick alcoholic bitter start then going to gentle smoouthness.

Beautiful amber/caramel colour in the glass. Has that typical Plantation profile that ONLY becomes especially evident when sampled among other Plantation rums; it is otherwise not so evident to detect. I do detect vanilla on the nose. No question, can be sipped straight.

Not yet available at the LCBO, at $40 at the SAQ this is a solid entry in its price range alongside El Dorado 12 (much sweeter) and Appleton Rare Blend 12 (less sweeter).

This is a light and sweet rum not overly sweet for me but noticeable. This is a watching Sci-fi on Netflix sipper not a blockbuster sipper. There are fruit and spice notes but overwhelmingly more toffee, caramel and toasty variations thereof.
Don’t mind if I do...

Marks and Spencer have a good selection. This is a lovely sipper. Not quite as good as the el dorado 12 , but close.

Love this rum, sweeter with vanilla almond and pineapple notes.

Very nice, good vanilla, and nice spicy aftertaste.

What a dissapointment, I dont like this rum.
It taste indeed like gasoline.. (my oppinion)

Приятно щипит язык. Но не жжот. Приятная сладость. Не приторная но в тоже время она ярко выражена. Ром сбалансированный. Сладость после глотка заканчивается несколько быстрее, несколько дольше остаётся во рту приятное покалывание, на языке.

8.0 for now

Приятно щипит язык. Но не жжот. Приятная сладость. Не приторная но в тоже время она ярко выражена. Ром сбалансированный. Сладость после глотка заканчивается несколько быстрее, несколько дольше остаётся во рту приятное покалывание, на языке.

8.0 for now...


I’ve found a few Plantation Rums have a similar smell (including this one). Light, sweet and something along the lines citrus & pineapple.
Light on the pallet to start. Then the spices kick-in and linger for some time.
Overall: 7.5


The color is beautiful golden with dark amber reflexes. The scent is filled with vanilla, coconut and soft sweetheart whole oak, coffee, cardamom and liquorice. Round, soft and elegant. Vanilla tones combine delicious with muskot and soft spicy oak.

Un rhum assez classic de ce que produit la région sans plus ni moins

Brown sugar is in the nose as well as in the body. Further, the aroma of some caramel, vanilla and banana. After a while, some salt appeared, especially on the lips after drinking. Nice one!