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Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala & Belize rum

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85 Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala & Belize ratings

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Posted about 2 years ago by Örjan from Sweden with 60 ratings

The color is beautiful golden with dark amber reflexes. The scent is filled with vanilla, coconut and soft sweetheart whole oak, coffee, cardamom and liquorice. Round, soft and elegant. Vanilla tones combine delicious with muskot and soft spicy oak.

Posted about 2 years ago by Malei from France with 70 ratings

Un rhum assez classic de ce que produit la région sans plus ni moins

Posted about 2 years ago by Mephisto from Germany with 36 ratings

Brown sugar is in the nose as well as in the body. Further, the aroma of some caramel, vanilla and banana. After a while, some salt appeared, especially on the lips after drinking. Nice one!

Posted about 2 years ago by Laurent Lapierre from Canada with 59 ratings

A découvrir, gout vraiment bon, mais l'alcool est trop present, pas cher alors a essayer

Posted about 2 years ago by mattrensa (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 20 ratings

Well purely in the name of research I have opened the signature blend.
Having read some reviews I let this breath and warm up in the glass before trying. Initial aroma on opening was strong rum scents with smokey oak notes, not unpleasant at all, totally different from the natural rum sweetness found with El dorado.
First taste you know it's rum but with burbon/sherry/port notes coming through. Some say it's not dry but I found the oaky finish just right with a dry note at the end. Not much burn as its young and I normally drink 12 to 21yr old rums found the intensity of the finish to not last too long but even after 3 minutes the sweet rum tobacco notes are still there. Sometimes you read a label and think what were they smoking, but this one does what says on the tin.
Is it a classic? No, is a keeper, Yes. Need to try it out in a Freddie G and report back. Would I buy it again, Yes and it's nice to have something different on the shelf in 'me Rum shap'
Good price and value.

Posted over 2 years ago by Charles M from United Kingdom with 126 ratings

Plantation tend to add a good dose of sugar to their rums, and while I do like this rum, I do prefer them to be drier. But it is easy to drink with a gently burn from the alcohol that cuts through the sweetness of the mid palate to give a slightly drier medium length finish. However, the purity of the rum is a little lost. Still it is quite complex and has a nice amount of oak.

What I do find a little interesting from the tasting notes on the back of the bottle. It states that it is double aged in Bourbon and then shipped to Ch Ferrand to be aged in "small Ferrand barrels" - presumably cognac, which gives them their trade mark flavours. However the tasting note states that on the nose there are "beautiful sherry notes" and that on the palate there are "old port notes". Interesting given that the rum has been aged in Bourbon and Cognac casks!!!

This is more a 6½ than a 7, but as the bottle is new and yet to open up, I have rounded up.

Posted over 2 years ago by Rene Rum from Switzerland with 342 ratings

Schönes sattes Bernstein im Glas.
In der Nase, leichte Düfte von getoastetem Holz und weisen Früchten, ein wenig wie Grappa. Der Geruch ist kaum wahrnehmbar und verliert sich mit der zeit, sehr speziell.
Im Gaumen kommt dann dennoch Freude auf, da treffen die sperrigen Bélice Aromen von Harz, Holz, Rauch und weisse Trauben auf das liebliche, süsse Karamell, Toffee und Vanille aus Guatemala. Eine spannende Entdeckungsreise für die Zunge.
Im Abgang zuerst richtig feurig, gebrannte Creme, Holz, Karamell, Kakau, Calvados, sehr elegant.
Ein spannender Plantation Rum für Agricole Entdecker und Geniesser mit Zeit. Vielleicht eher ein Sommer Rum. 7+

Beautiful full amber in the glass.
On the nose, light scents of toasted wood and white fruits, a little like grappa. The smell is barely perceptible and gets lost over time, very special.
On the palate, however, then comes joy, as meet the bulky Bélice aromas of resin, wood, smoke and white grapes on the sweet, sweet caramel, toffee and vanilla from Guatemala. An exciting journey of discovery for the tongue.
On the finish first really fiery, burnt cream, wood, caramel, chocolate, calvados, very elegant.
An exciting plantation rum for Agricole explorers and connoisseurs with time. Maybe more of a summer rum. 7+

Posted over 2 years ago by Janis from Latvia with 14 ratings

Mild aroma of nuts, caramelized cane. Taste is smooth in all stages, wodden notes, choco nibs and some herbal vanilla/stevia blend in lower notes

Posted over 2 years ago by Graham Davie from United Kingdom with 53 ratings

The Plantation name generally speaks for itself and guarantees a superior rum. I’m sorry but this one is without doubt is the biggest let down so far.
Very little nose, no taste of anything, no burn, in my opinion nothing to recommend it at all.

Posted over 2 years ago by Ales from Czech Republic with 54 ratings

Ničím zvláštní vůně s náznakem dřeva. Příjemná chuť, ale ničím zvláštní. Dobře se pije, ale rychle se na něj zapomene.

Posted over 2 years ago by Gegohier from Canada with 11 ratings

A nice sipping rum.

The bottle appears to empty too quickly

Posted over 2 years ago by Krobbe13 from Sweden with 87 ratings

Billig och jättegod, kryddig choklad lite spritig och ruffig.

Posted over 2 years ago by Michael King from Czech Republic with 50 ratings

Nic zvláštního, ale nic špatného. Rozhodně budu preferovat nadále Plantation XO 20.

Posted over 2 years ago by Dan-Fix from Sweden with 113 ratings

So yet another rum from plantation! I just love their rums. But this one the Gran Anejo Guatemala & Belize just didn't do it for me. Nice bottle in a beautiful box though. For the nose it's very oaky and smokey, like a bourbon whiskey. The taste is oaky and rich of roasted spices. Didn't think it was a smooth rum, rather the opposite. More a whiskey then a rum. Mayby it would have been better to age it longer. Let it breathe! But still must say that it's so cool that the taste is so different from rum to rum. That makes the chase after the perfect rum so much funnier.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Jonny Olsson from Sweden with 162 ratings

As always let it breathe before. Could feels a little bit oaky in the beginning but aftera while that disappears. Godd price and therfore a lot for your money.

Posted at The Rum Bar KL almost 3 years ago by Terence from Malaysia with 56 ratings

Spicy and sweet cinnamon roll with icing sugar. Same time, it has fruitiness of peach, plum and ripe papaya (not a fan of papaya) yet earthy towards to end on nose.
Fruity on palate too. There are honey, canned pineapple, canned peach and thick vanilla syrup with slight earthy flavor or does it make sense to say burned vanilla syrup?
Short to medium finishing. Dry finishing with tannin which reminds me of bourbon.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Myrthe from Netherlands with 31 ratings

A lovely rum with woody notes and a bit of a sting. The green apple taste makes this rum truly unique and enjoyable!

Posted almost 3 years ago by Pierre from Canada with 86 ratings

I was expecting a simple agricultural rum but I ended up with a fresh elixir with a hit of green apple. It is still rum mind you, no doubt.

Posted almost 3 years ago by Nicolas Dufort from Canada with 19 ratings

Très abordable pour un plantation une finale avec des notes d'amande
Un rhum très boisé excellent à déguster dans n'importe quel occasion

Posted about 3 years ago by guewen from France with 97 ratings

Encore une réussite pour ce rhum, l'alliance de la mélasse sur la sucrosite du Guatemala et de la puissance et du côté plus sec de Belize fonctionne à merveille. On se retrouve avec un profil aromatique très intéressant, doux, fruité, sur la banane, le fruit sec, et sans avoir trop de sucre. A découvrir absolument.

Posted about 3 years ago by Duckstab from Czech Republic with 72 ratings

Hodně ovocný, lehký, hezky zabalený a překvapivě levný rum.
Osobně mi přijde výrazně zajímavější, než třeba rovněž guatemalská Zacapa (do 23y včetně - dražší jsem nezkoušel), ale to jistě může být čistě věc vkusu.
Podobně jako Relicario jsem i tuhle flašku lehounce nadhodnotil s ohledem na poměr cena (momentálně cca 600 Kč) / výkon + adjustáž. Vynikající a originální dárek - v hezké krabičce, chutově nepochybně vcelku obecně přijatelný a přitom neběžný (= v Tescu to nemají).
Avšak i zcela bez ohledu na cenu má tenhle rum pro mě zdaleka nejlépe vybalancovanou chuť vanilky ze všech vanilkových rumů, jaké jsem kdy pil. V kombinaci s příjemně nahořklým koženým pytlem plným tropických dobrot skrývá spoustu postupně se rozvíjejících a překvapivých tónů, z nichž ani na okamžik nevykoukne nějaká nepříjemná pachuť (jaká na mě kouká třeba z Presidente úplně furt).
Prostě ideální společník na celý večer...
A v každém případě experimentujete-li s produkty firmy Plantation, tenhle je prostě povinnost!

Posted about 3 years ago by Henri from Finland with 16 ratings

Really good sweet and full flavor. Strong but not too strong.

Posted about 3 years ago by Markus Lehto from Finland with 32 ratings

Berries and freshness on the nose. Smooth, strong and nice.

Posted about 3 years ago by AlexMo from Russian Federation with 130 ratings

Excellent exterior. Noticeable smell: stand out marmalade, orange and tobacco, after them sugarcane, prunes, alcohol. Bright taste: alcohol burns the tip of the tongue, throat, in general it is a pleasant burning sensation-tingling with numbness of the tongue, bitterness, interrupted by sweetness, acid, vanilla. Tasty, but incompleteness.
The weight spreads throughout the body, the tongue becomes stiff. Positively-hard. Later the sugar will make itself felt by the noise in the head.