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El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year rum

El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year

Guyana | Aged

El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year rum is crafted from 15 to 25 year old rums that are then blended and married together in bourbon oak casks. Prior to blending the original batches are distilled using 4 unique stills - the Enmore and Diamond Coffey stills, the Port Mourant double wooden pot still, and the Versailles single wooden pot still.

The bottle of El Dorado Special Reserve 15-year was inspired by the the old hand-blown flasks used by sugar planters on the banks of the Demerara river.

8.1/10 (760 ratings)
Now this is some good stuff


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760 El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year ratings

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Posted over 4 years ago by LucMichaud from Canada with 20 ratings

Toujours aussi excellant! les rhum eldorado ici nous offres un rhum très fin et bien sucre...du bonbon!


Posted about 2 years ago by C. F. from United States with 29 ratings

Excellent rum. Light and clean all around. Vanilla and floral notes.


Posted about 2 years ago by Jiri from Czech Republic with 2 ratings

Výrazně sladší,než 12yo. Chuťově vyvážený. Stojí za ochutnání.


Posted about 2 years ago by Peter from Canada with 11 ratings

This is good rum, but the 12 year is better IMHO. If you want the best bang for your buck pick up the 12 year old.


Posted about 2 years ago by Joe from United States with 37 ratings

Very lush. A little pepper morphed into a deep rich mouth feel. A lot going on here. Tried it neat and with a drop of water. Both ways worked well.


Posted about 2 years ago by filovo from Czech Republic with 176 ratings

rozhodoval jsem se zda dát 9 nebo 8. nakonec zvítězila 8čka, ale je hodně vysoká.
překvapení po mém zklamání z 12tky.
sušené ovoce, ostřejší chuť, ale vyvážená sladkost
jantarová barva


Posted about 2 years ago by Martin Fink from United States with 10 ratings

As much as I like the Diplomatico, I think I prefer the 15 year El Dorado. The taste has only a mild sweetness with a wonderful spicy finish. It lies lately on the tongue but has a warm silkiness about it as it goes down. This is an excellent Rum for the novice or connoisseur.


Posted about 2 years ago by Glenn from United States with 20 ratings

Comparable to Doorley's 12, a little more sweet, a little less oaky.
I'll keep this around for special company but I don't think I'll splurge for this again since I've consider something I deem similar almost the same for half the price.


Posted about 2 years ago by Dwight Firestine from United States with 1 rating

This is a nice special occasion sipping rum that allows you to enjoy it slowly.


Posted about 2 years ago by Mike Pooch from United States with 38 ratings

I came to sipping rum through being a tiki cocktail fan and mixologist. My good friend Mark who was mostly into sipping and made the occasional Mai Tai told me his favorite was El Dorado 12. Well soon enough I discovered it was a Demerara, and used it in my mixes to great success! Demerara and Jamaican are the Yin and Yang of tiki drinks and El Dorado is a dual purpose sipper and mixer. I bought a 5 year El Dorado for mixing and am almost done with the 12 year which I compared tonight to the 15. The 15 is definitely a bit less sweet and has a more cognac type taste which is very smooth and has hints of vanilla, oak and fruit. I usually like rum with a big bourbon style ice cube and feel it brings out flavors a bit more than neat. I would probably stick with the 12 for mixing and neat sipping and reserve the 15 for sipping only.


Posted about 2 years ago by Rob Pettigrew from Canada with 22 ratings

This was my intro to really good rum. Smooth, sweet, notes of honey, oak and dried fruit. And just add ice to drink straight. I've used it in a Mai Tai but I think it is almost a waste it is so good straight.