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El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year rum is crafted from 15 to 25 year old rums that are then blended and married together in bourbon oak casks. Prior to blending the original batches are distilled using 4 unique stills - the Enmore and Diamond Coffey stills, the Port Mourant double wooden pot still, and the Versailles single wooden pot still.

The bottle of El Dorado Special Reserve 15-year was inspired by the the old hand-blown flasks used by sugar planters on the banks of the Demerara river.

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This rum when you get a good bottle is fantastic. It honestly deserves a 9. However, I've purchased 4 to 5 bottles of it and you can tell a difference in taste from bottle to bottle. This is obvious with it being aged 15 years that there will be some differences, but some of the bottles almost have a chemical taste to them. Not sure what does this, if it is in their aging process or what. If you take the gamble and get a good bottle you will no doubt enjoy it. One of the finest rums at it's price point.

This rum offers the full experience; excellent aroma, smooth rich taste, great mixer & sipper. Personally this is the first rum i've come across that I can sip, comfortably, on the rocks. Truly great, my rum of choice, and go to gift.

The colour is medium depth of gold. In nose it is nose packed with dark coffee, candied orange, almonds, dark chocolate, pepper and rich vanilla.
On the palate it has a beautifully rounded with a great spread of flavours across the mouth. Flavours of smoke and oaky spice, of course a consequence of 15 years aging process, as well as rich fruit develop slowly over time. The finish is long and smooth.

Was able to grab this when the state shipped two bottles to the local wine and spirits shop as a special order and the guy who ordered it only wanted one. I think it's one of the last bottles in PA. Anyway, pours a deep mahogany color. A little alcohol on the nose but I also pick up dark fruit. At first taste I get a candied orange flavor along with some pepper and cinnamon. After a while that fades a bit and that dark fruit returns along with tobacco. Nice depth of flavor on this one. I expected it to be a bit sweeter based on many of the tasting notes I read but very nice nonetheless. Slight warming of the throats upon finish without the harsh burn. This bottle won't last long.


This is another one i would reserve to be drank by itself

Nicht ganz der Weltbeste, aber nah dran.
Herrlich samtig weicher Körper, nicht so süss wie der 12 Y.
Alle Rumaromen schön ausgewogen, ein wahrer Genuss
zu jeder Zeit an jedem Ort.
Jede weitere Beschreibung überflüssig, trinken !

Not quite the world's best, but close.
Wonderful velvety soft body, not as sweet as the 12 Y.
All rum flavors nicely balanced, a real treat
at any time in any place.
Any further description unnecessary, drink it !

This is a decent Rum and I can see how many will like this. It is sweet but still has some character and spice. All in all well rounded. However it doesn't blow me away. It does exactly what a Rum in this price class should do and I think this is why it has become such a stable for many. My personal taste is towards Rums that are less sweet but all in all a recommended Rum.

Edit: My tastebuds seem to transform each day. I've warmed up to this a lot more and now give it an 8 instead of a 7. Despite the rum being on the sweet side, I don't find its sweetness overwhelming, it's a rich and complex tasting Rum.

I love the el Dorado 12 year. The 15 year on the other hand seems like it was over done. Instead of rum to me it tastes closer to a cognac and if that is what you are expecting it would be a great cognac, but my expectation with rum is rum.

Chuť, vôňa, dojem všetko za 9.
Doposiaľ najlepší rum čo som pil. Jeho chuť je presne pre mňa, trochu výraznejšia a drevitejsia ako el Dorado 12. Za mňa lepší rum. Ako Zacapa 23.

This probably the best rum available in the $40-$50 class. A go-to favorite for sipping.

Nose is sweet and licorice with cherry and molasses.
Lots of fruit and sweet on the tongue with cherry, vanilla, citrus, licorice and brown sugar.
Finishes smooth sweet then with a slight touch of dry.
This smells and tastes like a rum old fashioned.
I like this so much that I want to give this an 8, but it is a bit too sweet and lacks the depth of a 15 year old. Still a very good sipper.

This is the first rum that really got me started to look at rums more for sipping than as something used for mixing cocktails. And even though I've tasted many great rums over the years, this is the one that I always come back to when I'm wanting to taste something truly great. It's starts off sweet but soon adds a much more complex flavor profile as it lingers. Yeah, I know that there's some extra sugar added but I don't care as much about in this case. Plus, like almost all of the other El Dorado rums it's very affordable for what you're getting. It's truly special!

Great aroma, full body taste, best served on the rocks.

Now this is rum! The initial taste is sweet and smooth but it has so much depth as well. It has a thicker mouth feel with only a hint of molasses, honey and oak. I'd put this with the sweeter rums and definitely in my top five so far. Drink it neat or with one or two rocks.

Smooth as can be while still full flavored. Great sipping rum

I tried this after I bought 3 different rums to see what I like. The other 2 rums had a much more pronounced aroma and since taste and scent are bound together this rum left less of an impact than the other 2 during the tasting. I can say, however, that when we came back a couple of hours later it was the El Dorado I poured another glass of and I got a better feel for the taste of the rum.

A darker colored rum. Very little after burn but you do feel the alcohol in a pleasant warming of the chest. Very mild aroma and taste. Very smooth, would be a good sipping rum for someone who doesn't like stronger scents or flavors. It's mild flavors may not make it a good mixing rum. Very mild floral and brown sugar taste, the mild taste is kind of surprising considered the dark color.

Found the 15 yr after a lot of searching and was, at first, impressed but not blown away. This has changed with each new tasting. Quickly this rum has surpassed all others for its smoothness and flavor. Yet to try the 12 or 21 yr but this is a truly impressive rum

Nice taste with a mild taste, elegante flavour. Perfect as a avec with coffe and a piece of cake.

El Dorado 15 is one of my favourites sipping rum more Woody flavor compared to the 12yrs old but same great taste, this rum make the perfect married with cigars. I you never tried is time for you to do it.

One of the best rums I have ever had. Not too expensive at around $50 and worth every scent. Ripe tropic fruit and a little bit of smoke start you off with a smooth toasted molasses finish. If the gods of Greece had to pick something other than ambrosia they would certainly pick this.

Un rhum rond, fruité et légèrement sucré. Bref un rhum comme je les aime qui donne vraiment envie de tester le 21...

Another quality rum from ED. Not as sweet as the 12 yr, and honestly a totally different animal. Quite fruity and well balanced. The finish is long and lovely. Leather and black licorice (which is a first for me). Definitely a keeper!

I really don't care about the colour. I could drink it straight in the dark and it would still be amazing. I have sailed all over the world and tried different rums in 79 countries, and never have I found anything comparable to ED 15. It is a smooth, mellow drink with a great finish. I'm not much of a rum expert as far as identifying flavour nuances, but I do know what pleases me and this is it. I personally keep it in my freezer and drink it straight in a chilled glass. No ice.

Middleman you ask? Well the 3 aged rums from Demerara are undoubtedly fantastic sipping rums, but the 15yr is my favourite. I like to compare it more to its older brother with the sweetness and wood flavours. The nose of current, and mincemeat. I let it sit and open up. The aromas of fennel, walnut, and clove come to profile. Take your time with this rum and you will truly enjoy it!