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El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year rum

El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year

Guyana | Aged | 43.0% ABV

El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year rum is crafted from 15 to 25 year old rums that are then blended and married together in bourbon oak casks. Prior to blending the original batches are distilled using 4 unique stills - the Enmore and Diamond Coffey stills, the Port Mourant double wooden pot still, and the Versailles single wooden pot still.

The bottle of El Dorado Special Reserve 15-year was inspired by the the old hand-blown flasks used by sugar planters on the banks of the Demerara river.

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832 El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year ratings

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Posted 7 days ago by Jojorhum from Canada with 16 ratings

Un rhum qui ne vous laissera pas indifférent!
La maîtrise de l’art de faire du rhum !
C’est exquis! ☺️


Posted 12 days ago by AZMark from United States with 10 ratings

Sip neat. Dark, sweet, spicy on the finish. Will try with a cigar. Recommend for the collection.


Posted 12 days ago by Berry1998 from Netherlands with 11 ratings

After tasting the 12 year (which was awesome) i decided to try the older brother. It has the El Dorado smell to it, powerful and sweet. The taste is a lot to take, it has a sharp edge with spicy and herbal notes. Overal a great rum, if you tend to like sweeter rums (as i do) stick with the younger 12. If you like some more kick, you should try this


Posted 17 days ago by kudzey (TASTING CLUB) from Poland with 25 ratings

Thanks a lot, Vomi, for sharing a sample with me. This is my first encounter with El Dorado, I had high expectations as the DDL is the heir of the legendary Guyanese distilleries which produced the mythical Demerara rums.

The aroma is not too intense, somehow similar to the Pusser's, composed of Guyanese molasses, nail polish remover, honey and apples. After some time i sensed lemon peel and warm dry wood.

In the mouth the rum is thick and syrupy. Initial sips strike with a mixture of sweetness and peppery spiciness. At first I thought these two sensations were in balance but this pair overwhelms the other tastes. One can sense blood and metal, followed by some warm woody notes with honey, Demerara sugar, toffee and molasses. The finish is just a lasting sweetness with bitter notes of honey and molasses.

The overall experience is quite disappointing. Although this rum does have some Guyanese character, it seems that it was diluted down to 40% using sugar syrup instead of water. I hoped that the aroma and taste would be richer. It's not a terrible rum but tasting a sample prevents me from buying the full bottle.

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Posted 20 days ago by Thomas from Norway with 3 ratings

Wonderful taste, well balanced. nice sweetness and a long-lasting aftertaste.


Posted 20 days ago by Guillaume from France with 10 ratings

Il n'est pas mauvais en soi mais je lui ai trouvé un goût de réglisse assez désagréable (forcément, je n'aime pas la réglisse).

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Posted 1 month ago by Robindv5 from Netherlands with 8 ratings

Lekkere rum redelijke prijs en mooie fles. zacht op de tong en en lekkere na smaak.


Posted 1 month ago by Hector from United States with 57 ratings

This is a decent Rum and I can see how many will like this. It is sweet but still has some character and spice. All in all well rounded. Can be a little pricey but well worth having in you collection

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Posted 1 month ago by filipec from Czech Republic with 155 ratings

taste - 7.5/10
smell - 8/10
sweetness - 8/10
price/value rating - 7/10


Posted 1 month ago by Djmillard (TASTING CLUB) from United States with 20 ratings

I received a bottle of this as a Christmas gift and enjoyed it thoroughly over several months.

This was one of the first aged rums I tasted, and it left an impression. Dark molasses flavor, more complexity, slight bitterness, and more of an overt bite compared to others I was drinking at the same time. Frankly, it was probably too good for me at the time, and I'm eager to pick up another bottle of this (or the 12 Year) at some point once I'm more attuned.