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El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year rum

El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year rum is crafted from 15 to 25 year old rums that are then blended and married together in bourbon oak casks. Prior to blending the original batches are distilled using 4 unique stills - the Enmore and Diamond Coffey stills, the Port Mourant double wooden pot still, and the Versailles single wooden pot still.

The bottle of El Dorado Special Reserve 15-year was inspired by the the old hand-blown flasks used by sugar planters on the banks of the Demerara river.

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720 El Dorado Special Reserve 15-Year ratings

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Posted 2 days ago by Duckstab from Czech Republic with 72 ratings

Zatímco mladší brácha mě věru nijak nedojal, tohle je úplně sklenka rumu! Vůně nic moc (pro můj vkus příliš štiplavá), ale ta chuť! Ne každý panák, ale každý lok chutná jinak (a všechny dobře), takže v jediné flašce máte vlastně nějakou stovku různých rumů. A to se i za tu nekřesťanskou tisícovku vyplatí.

Posted 5 days ago by Keith Brockmiller from United States with 26 ratings

Seriously good rum. This was my 2nd choice when my plantation 20th anniversary was sold out. I didn’t expect to get more of what I like the plantation for. Now I drank the whole bottle and don’t have a review 🤪

Posted 9 days ago by SveinMagnus from Norway with 21 ratings

The El Dorado 15-year old is a clear favorite among the regular El Dorados. It has a deep spicy dark caramel flavour and is both more balanced and more complex than the others. A very good rum!

Posted 11 days ago by Hotvw1 from Canada with 37 ratings

I had some of this around a fire last night we were comparing this one and zacapa 23. I preferred the zacapa but everyone else liked this one. It’s good and has a great oaky flavour but has that alcohol bite the zacapa 23 doesn’t.

Posted 11 days ago by HotSpicyDisco (PREMIUM) from United States with 14 ratings

I keep coming back to this as my favorite sipping Guyana. It doesn't break the bank and has some of the richest flavors of any rum I have tasted.

It's the only rum I can get my bourbon snob friends to appreciate.

Posted 18 days ago by Michael Loggies from Netherlands with 50 ratings

First moment of taste is very sweet, followed by Vanilla/Oak.

Posted 21 days ago by Stephan from Canada with 14 ratings

This is good rum. A more refined version of the 12-year. 8/10

Posted 24 days ago by pghiran from Romania with 4 ratings

The best I've ever had until this point, and the rum that made me want to actually try more. After tasting this one, I'm definitely keen on trying the 21-year old version. Your mouth gets filled by a strong sweet flavor but not too sweet, just the right balance.

Posted 25 days ago by Midway from Sweden with 7 ratings

Really like this one, it’s a rather sweet rum but it’s partly offset by the 43% alcoholic strength. I tend to keep a bottle of this one or it’s less pricey sibling (12y)

Posted 27 days ago by from Denmark with 14 ratings

Very taste, great aftertaste. Not too sweet or not too strong.

Posted 29 days ago by TempleOfSunset from Italy with 32 ratings

This rum is really a complex and contradictory one: quite different compared to 12 yo, still a lot of added sugar (~35 g/l), same defect of sugar in the end of the bottle. Flavours of dried fruits, nuts, prune, orange peel, an harsh afterburn that reminds a notorious single malt whisky, with this particular note that is prominent and drier and less sweet and smooth than 12 yo. Good choice overall.

Posted about 1 month ago by Belin from Slovenia with 2 ratings

Strong smell, nedd time to open up
Will show first a small burn of alco. When warmed up it returns the right tasre

Posted about 1 month ago by Docsarvis (PREMIUM) from United States with 27 ratings

This is definitely a complex sipper. After a couple of decades of tasting fine rum I am starting to realize that Guyana may not be my favorite source. Could be the demerara that doesn't work for me. Having said all that I can see how some would love this rum. Definitely a quality rum. I believe great rum needs some alcohol bite somewhere. The bite in this was more of a chomp on my pallet. There are tremendous flavors within but I could not appreciate them fully as a result. For me this finish was too short and heated.

Posted about 1 month ago by Gnu from Norway with 3 ratings

Anbefales, ikke favoritten, duft av vanilje og god fat aroma.

Posted about 1 month ago by MickeEng from Sweden with 6 ratings

This is one of my best rum's, maybee even better than the Zacapa...well...hmmm...sweet (but not to much) warm and just totally awesome rum!!! Buy!!

Posted about 1 month ago by GigiTOP from Slovenia with 11 ratings

A must buy rum...great taste...fat body...excellent aroma...great price.

Posted about 1 month ago by Nathan French from United States with 20 ratings

Lots of character. Depths of raisins. Darker in flavor than the 21.

Posted about 1 month ago by Pollux from Canada with 116 ratings

C'est un beau rhum à déguster seul. Ne pas servir cela avec un accompagnement.

Posted at Guyana Marriott Hotel Georgetown about 1 month ago by Uwpaleoman from United States with 1 rating

Beautiful golden color, and complex on the nose and palate. Perfect balance of warmth and sweetness. Mellows further once the icecube melts. Great sipping rum. Locally in Georgetown, a bottle runs about $55 USD, whereas the 12yr is $35 USD and 21 yr is $110 USD. So bang for the buck, go for 12 yr.

Posted about 1 month ago by Kasper Meijer from Panama with 29 ratings

Really loving this brand. It's sweet but sophisticated. Will explore more types of this brand for sure!

Posted about 1 month ago by Walkee from Czech Republic with 7 ratings

Love El Dorado rums. Sweeter (definitely not too sweet!). Great mild rum with longer afertaste. Great sipping rum for me.

Posted about 2 months ago by mamajuana from United States with 148 ratings

I really think this is a great rum for anyone. My father never drinks rum and he loved this said it was very smooth. I thought it was really well balanced and well nuanced and yes quite smooth.

Posted about 2 months ago by thx1104 from United States with 1 rating

Sorry, but this tastes very similar to three year old rums that I have had. It just does not taste like 15 year old rum.

Posted about 2 months ago by Adam Arbus from Canada with 17 ratings

Very good rum but still not as good as the 21 yr. probably like Zacapa 23 for the same price.