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The first thing that comes to my mind when nosing this rum, is an old wooden shipdeck and big ropes. I pick up pretty heavy notes of wood and tar, but also a lot of spices like aniseed, black pepper, cloves and nutmeg. More discretely, notes of orange marmelade and caramel also peeks out. As it lands on my tounge, the wooden notes explode, but not in a particular dry way. The taste quickly transition into the spicy aniseed, and tar notes followed by a buttery, oily and nutty caramel, which work damn well, countering the initial spicy explosion. Cut the big pricetag in half and this would be a 10.


I'm a fan of authentic British Royal Navy rum, and man, this really exhibits the Demerara contribution to that classic flavor. Port Mourant is also the obvious source of that deep dark burnt molasses aspect to many of the El Dorado blends. For me, a lot of alcohol on the nose, but also the burnt caramel. Spicy hot on the tongue. Some fruit in the mids. Smouldering dark finish with anise.

Purchased a sample of this potent sipper from Master of Malt.

This 1999 Port Mourant had a powerful oaky nose. Sweet and incredibly oaky it almost takes your breath away good there's rich fruit dates and raisin on the finish.

Last 2 drinks for tonight were back-to-back testing of 1999 Port Mourant versus El Dorado 1993 Enmore. Both have a very nice bottle and label designs. Both are very expensive, so the bar is high. Port Mourant is closer to deep brown whereas Enmore is almost amber. Port Mourant has a combination of tar and rubber to the nose. Pepper is the first one to hit the palate followed with the burn from 61.4% alcohol. Interesting to try out, but I will stick into sweeter aged dark rums going onwards.

nez complexe bouche changeante tres interessante
rhum de guyanne britanique

Amber color is good, and is very aggressive from start to finish. Very much burned caramel and not smooth at all. Very hot and spicy.

Good balance, a little sweet and very tasteful and smooth.

je pravda za takto silne rumy zriedkavo pijem ale toto bola tragedia a vidno ze zafungovala psichologia, co je drahe to je dobre. podla mna nepitne. vobec neviem aku to ma chut, alkohol kruto prerazi uplne vsetko. nieje to % alkoholu, pil som aj tvrdsie a boli hodne lepsie. Serious improvement needed :-))) 3/10. ppl the price doesnt make it taste better :-P

EDIT: druha degustacia nepriniesla extra zmeny, ale snazim sa najst nieco pozitivne na tomto rumu. nastup je relativne ok, aj ten alkohol mi uz tak velmi nevadi ale to telo a dozvuk, ako by som pil spotenu kozenu sedacku s postruhanym drevom, mozno v opacnom poradi. posunul som o malo svoje bodovanie ale viac ako 4,6/10 nedam. mozno ked mi nebudu uz dostatocne fungovat chutove bunky. tento rum nezachrani ani chutovo slusny ovocny chvost, ktory zenecha prijemnu spomienku na pre mna nie prijemne chut pred nim.

Smagte den kl. 23.00 til en festival, så hukommelsen er lidt sløret, men husker den som en ganske glimrende rom, men prisen er ret høj...

It is certainly my favorite of this family 'rare collection". In the nose, there are notes of anise, licorice but especially this particular smell of wood moist like trees after a heavy rain or the bridge of an old boat after a thunderstorm, the same notes on the palate with the licorice and always the wood. A beautiful attack in the mouth with astringency. The finale is magnificent all in complexity with a festival of aroma. If the price was not a brake, it will be a real 10 but for me the real rate is : 9,5

Ook deze rum is top! Zeer zacht voor een abv van 61,4℅. Een iets vegetale smaak (gras?) Met verder specerijen, kruidnagel, peper en hout.