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Plantation Barbados Grande Reserve rum

Plantation Barbados Grande Reserve

Caribbean | Aged

6.4/10 (150 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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150 Plantation Barbados Grande Reserve ratings

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Posted 5 months ago by Philinarium from Russian Federation with 24 ratings

Аромат - лёгкий, коньячно-фруктовый, с примесью сахарного тростника, мягкий, но не выдающийся. Вкус тоже с коньячными (всё же это фишка Plantation - довыдержка в коньячных бочках - и лично я не сказал бы, что мне она нравится, хоть я и люблю коньяк), фруктовыми и древесными нотками, но резковат и сильно чувствуется спиртяга, которая остаётся в послевкусии.

Aroma is light, cognac-like and fruity with some sugarcane notes, smooth, but nothing special. Taste is also cognac-like (well, it's a special feature of Plantation - additional ageing in cogniac casks - and I can't say I like it very much, although I like "real" cognac), fruity and oaky tones, but it's rather harsh, spirit presence is high and stays in aftertaste.

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Posted 6 months ago by Patricebru (PREMIUM) from France with 31 ratings

Rond sans être trop sucré, un bon Plantation, j'aime beaucoup

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Posted 6 months ago by Andreasx from Canada with 25 ratings

A nice smoother smell then the 3 star. This one has a great taste, nice and smooth with a long pleasant aftertaste. Quite enjoyable neat.

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Posted 6 months ago by tortemd from Germany with 54 ratings

Sehr günstig und dafür schon erstaunlich gut. Für Einsteiger gut geeignet.

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Posted 7 months ago by Isegal from Germany with 81 ratings

Price wise really good, more for mixing or to take it to a party and dont care about it, if it is gone

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Posted 7 months ago by Domstadtkerl from Germany with 39 ratings

Has been my first Rum and a superb entry into it. Can drink it pure, but I would rather recommend it for Cocktails.

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Posted 7 months ago by Montal from Romania with 11 ratings

Warm flavors of oak, candied oranges, dark chocolate, tobacco leaves and a splash of pepper
Plantation brand is above average

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Posted 7 months ago by dejvix from Slovakia with 23 ratings

Vôňa nie je výrazná, farba svetlá, fľaša pekná "reprezentačná" (asi aj dôvod prečo som si ho kúpil) :). V chuti je cítiť dub (až bourbon - po zrení v sudde), trošku vanilku a pre mňa akurátnu jemnú nasladlosť. Na konci to prechádza až na jemné trpnutie jazyka, úst a hrejivý pocit :) Rum som kúpil za 17€/fľaša, neurazil, stojí za ochutnanie, ale napr. Pampero Aniversario mi prišiel zaujímavejší.

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Posted 7 months ago by Vikkii from United Kingdom with 5 ratings

It's ok. The actual taste is fine. It just smells really odd which ruins it for me.
Probably wouldn't buy it again there's a lot of other rums at this price which i like a lot more.

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Posted 7 months ago by sulohanuri from Finland with 27 ratings

It´s fine sweet daily rum. Taste is little thin and short but good. Color is not very dark.